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I get a bit bored of the environments of Fallout, and I'm so used to guns from shooters that I find it a nice change to go swords and magic in ES.  Both excellent franchises though.

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I couldn't find another poll or post about this topic so I thought I would start one. 
If there is one feel free to delete this mods.

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I liked Fallout 3 and currently enjoying Fallout New Vegas but I have a feeling I am really going to like Skyrim when it comes out.

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Wasn't there a thread on this already? And Oblivion, duh. 
EDIT: Well, I was kinda right. This thread was on the first page of the General Discussion which is rather similar, but I guess not the same entirely.

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Fallout, all the way. Oblivion bored me to tears.

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Elder Scrolls. I don't like how depressing and disgusting Fallout can get. 
Also I like green over brown.

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Both franchises are great, but I suppose I'm more partial to the whole post-apocalyptic thing. 

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Hm... I like Morrowind, dislike Oblivion.  I like Fallout 3, dislike New Vegas.

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Fallout 3, being the only Fallout I've played, just didn't do it for me.

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Elder Scrolls, I tried multiple times to play some Fallout 3 but I just couldn't get into it.

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It's a tie for me.

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@zyn: I foresee you will love Skyrim and love the next Fallout.
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Elder Scrolls.....

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While in The Elder Scrolls you can find new and strange things all around from different races and such, in Fallout you already know everything about the world since its the same one we're in except nuked.

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Fallout 1 & 2 are some of the best games I've ever played. I loved Morrowind and liked the others.
So Fallout.

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I think both are awesome, but my craving for a huge fantasy world in skyrim  is strong right now, so Im gonna say Elder scrolls

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Well Morrowind > Oblivion > Fallout 3, but they're all great games. I haven't played New Vegas yet.

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I like them both equally, but differently.  I like Fallout's mythology more, but I really like the world that Bethesda created for the Elder Scrolls.

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To me, nothing can even touch a good Fallout setting. 
It's been too long since i've seen a proper fantasy world. Except the Witcher.
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I like Morrowind the best out of both franchises
I liked Fallout Vegas better than Oblivion and Fallout 3, but Fallout 1 is better than all 3.

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Question is not clear enough. Fallout 1 & 2? Hell yeah, all the way, still playing both and will be till the Kingdom Come.  
But Fallout 3? I'll stick to the Oblivion with swords in this one, just because F3 is ugly as shit, even if it has it's great moments. How is it that F1&F2, even with their old 2D isometric engine could have terrific locales, well thought out enviroment and variety? NCR doesn't look anything like the Den, Junkyard is so much different than Boneyard, and Glow or Sierra Army Depots are great examples of designing with style and atmosphere. In F3? Almost every settlement looks exactly the same, and ruined Washington (especially metro stations) is just boring as hell. Oblivion at least differentiated it's vistas a bit - snowy mountains here, some green plains there, and cities were pretty distinct in architecture. The only locations I fondly remeber from F3 and which stand out are the Oasis, "newbie town" Megaton and Tenpenny Tower. Mybe you can count DLCs as something new, but still, first impression is not nice. Especially when you compare it to the awesomness of comparing backwatered Shady Sands and Brotherhood's bunker. In F3 such contrasts are not well presented, even the Pentagon looks like some shitty mall you find near Megaton.

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Elder Scrolls.

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I also like both franchises equally and I can't even directly compare the games, because they are so different.

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I play Fallout 3 before Oblivion, and I liked it a lot more. SO, that.

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Like i said in OPs previous topic, post apocalypse always wins.
Thats not to say that medieval fantasy atmosphere doesn't rock as well, both are great franchises.  

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@Yoghurt:  You're right. I think of I should of re phrased the poll to be "Which of the current Bethesda series do you prefer"
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 The Elder Scrolls. Not interested in stunted FPS gameplay and the post apocalyptic thing.

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I don't know how anyone can prefer Fallout over Elder Scrolls, but that's just me. I struggled to do absolutely everything possible in the fallout games to cap over 100 hours on my playthroughs, Elder Scrolls games I barely had a problem considering I could at least warrant a reason as to running through the game multiple times along with their seeming to be more to do.
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Fallout. I never got into Oblivion.

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I'll say Elder Scrolls. Fantasy is a far happier setting than post-apocalyptia.

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Hard choise is hard, but in the end I would go with Elder Scrolls.

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Gotta go with Fallout 3 myself. The post apocalyptic wasteland, vats system and different weapons and people I loved. Environments got quite boring though, too many subways and brown wasteland everywhere. Oblivion I have never finished. I hated doing the Oblivion Gates, thought they were all terribly boring, and hate the combat mechanics and utterly ridiculous levelling system of the game.

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While I really love both more I can say, I think TES wins, if only because the post-apocalyptic setting can get old after 100 hours. 

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They both are awesome games for sure, and its hard to rate them against each other because the one I play when I want a sweet open world RPG with guns and the other when I was a fantasy version. But if I had to pick I would probably go with The Elder Scrolls, I just like the area and lore behind the elder scrolls. 

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I don't like fantasy that much.

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I've always taken sci-fi over fantasy in all things, but I really enjoy Elder Scrolls much more than the Fallout Series. I never played New Vegas though.

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I've played the shit out of both series, but ES has to take it for me. I like swords and magic what can I say...

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I played Fallout 3, but I lived in Oblivion.

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Elder Scrolls is really good. 
Fallout is fucking amazing.

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Elder Scrolls. Fallout is really, really good game and you should get 3 and Vegas if you haven't got them or played them. But Elder Scrolls has a larger variety, and I loved Oblivion and Skyrim looks beast.

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You mean real Fallout, or Bethesdas Fallout? Because to me Fallout 3 is like an intricate Oblivion mod made by a Bethesda dev team.

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@animateria said:

I don't like how depressing and disgusting Fallout can get.

That's exactly why I prefer Fallout. I love the bleak solitude of it all, just you against a harsh and barren world.


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I enjoy Fallout's setting over the Elder Scrolls in general, however I much prefer Skyrim to the Capital Wasteland or Mojave Desert.

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41% of people are stupid.

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They are both brilliant but something about the world of fallout really ticks with me so fallout all the way

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I'm more into guns and the post-apocalypse setting, then the fantasy setting with spells and orcs/elves.

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I abhor generic fantasy. Fallout all the way.