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Both great Questions.
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"Isn't that right, Zack?" was expected after the first few times. "Aha! Is this our chance?" somehow caught me off guard every time it happened, and continued to be hilarious for it.

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AHA.. is THIS our chance?

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No one wins against Chie :D

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People who think a badly pronounce line is better are crazy! Isn't that right, Zack?

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Isn't that right Zack?, Isn't that right Zack?

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both are awsome but persona 4 is more awsome 

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York has nothing on Chie.

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@CaptainObvious said:

Sorry that wasn't to "OBVIOUS"
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Morgan for the win

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I'd have to go with zack.
now creepy raper guy is beats them both

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I...I can't choose...I love them both....aaaagh!!

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As if there is any debate:

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I started playing Icewind Dale II and you can record your own voice sets, so naturally my battle cry is "AHA! IS THIS OUR CHANCE!?".

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I'm going to have to side with Zack on this one. As for an endurance run as a whole.....P4 poops all over the DP ER and then some.

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 I think the read on "Aha! Is this our chance?" pushes it over the top.  It's just so bad in a game with some pretty solid voice acting.

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They were both good and bad for their own reasons. I think I enjoyed watching the DP one more because I got two ER's for the price of one and always got a couple hours of video content every day, while the P4 one always sucked when you sat down for your daily dose of ER only to find out it was only a 10-15 min episode. As I said though, I can't pick one over the other because they each had their own pros and cons.

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AHA! Is this our chance was funnier cos the voice acting was so weird on Chie. It was funny cos they'd screw with the pronunciation so much.

AHA!... IS this.. OUR chance??

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Aha! Is this our chance, Zach?

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@dungbootle said:
" Aha! Is this our chance, Zach? "
The best of both worlds!
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@Chirag4 said:
Aha! Is this our chance to get bent, Zach?
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What a hell...

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B, because you can hear it every time.

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"AHA! Is this our chance?"


Puts a smile on my face every time I hear it :)

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I personally enjoyed the story and stuff of Deadly Premonition more, but the Persona 4 ER is the better one. 

Still though, all ERs are awesome. 
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I haven't watched the Persona ER and probably never will due to its extreme length.

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@Siphillis: Even better from the perspective of a first time player:   

Persona was ok the dialouge dragged on for so long I found myself skipping through to the good commentary.DP on the other hand was interesting all the way.
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Isn't that right, Zach?

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Funky Student.  Period.