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Mine was Prince of Persia for the original Game Boy. I must have finished that game more than 20x when I was a kid.
What about you?

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unimpressively it's probably PvZ. Finished it on iPhone about a dozen times and have now completed the campaign on my laptop another bunch of times too. Its incredibly easy to play whilst watching movies / TV.
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Probably The Secret of Monkey Island.

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Pokémon Red, probably. Or Yellow.

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Portal- I've finished it 3 times^^

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Curse of Monkey Island, for sure.

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Halo for the original Xbox

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Baldur's Gate II. 
I've replayed that every year since it was released. 

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Hmm I think it was some Crash Bandicoot game that I beat like 4 times. 

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Fallout 3 somewhere around 12 times i think...

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Probably Chrono Trigger, what with it having about 12 different endings. The hardest one to get is totally badass, as it's just you and Marle. You need to take the other portal at the Millenial Fair at the start of the game during New Game +.

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Probably Max Payne 2. Great atmosphere.

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Pokemon GSC 
Beat Gold, had the battery death bug and fixed, beat gold again. Bought Crystal, beat Crystal. Needed to trade Pokemon from Gold, battery died yet again, beat Gold a third time.
So, 4 times in all. Count HGSS and make it 5.

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Mass Effect 1.  Finished it 3 times, started it 5 with a 6th on the way soon (new PC copy).  I tend not to replay games, but I wanted a lot of options for ME2.  I may ahve also finished KOTOR three times, too but it's been so long since I played it originally on the Xbox I can't say for certain.  I know I beat it twice (1 good/1 evil) and I know I played additional games after that but I can't recall if I played any of them through to the end again.  
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Resident Evil 4. Unlocked everything, including except the hand cannon on the GCN, then played it again on the Wii and got everything INCLUDING the hand cannon.
And then I just did absurd playthroughs, like one where I only used the IRL and another in which I only used the starting guns.
EDIT: Oh wait, Starfox 64. Yes. Technically that.

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Half life 2. Id say around 7 or so times. Each time with its own reason. New computer, mod that allows co-op, achievements, hard mode, fake factory, etc

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I've played Mass Effect 1 through from beginning to end about half a dozen times, Mass Effect 2 I think 4 times, umm.... Arkham Asylum like 4 times, Grandia 2 a whole bunch of times I don't even remember, The Sands of Time like a dozen times (Warrior Within and Two Thrones probably 5 or 6 each).  After that it's miscellaneous fighting games (and WoW) and such but those don't really count. 
So for the games I can actually remember, it's probably The Sands of Time.

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Probably the original Mass Effect. I finished it 8 times.
In the end  I rushed through the game in about 6 hours, but it was still fun.

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I beat Star Fox 64 at least 30 times, taking the alternate worlds as much as possible and getting the better ending most of the time. It isn't much of a feat though that game is only a few hours long. 
Max Payne 2 would probably come second because of all the mods. I played the hell out of that game, and I will still play more!

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The original Bionic Commando, I don't even know how many times, 20? 30?
I don't think anything else is even close, maybe Super Mario Brothers, or MegaMan 2.
That will most likely be permanent as I'm pretty confident I will never do that with games again.

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How do you define finished really?  I could say I have finished Tekken 3 dozens and dozens of times and would make sense on the right context hehehe.
Other than that, I would say Halo 1 was my most finished game.  Well over a dozen times throughout various difficulties and once or twice on local coop.  Those were good times when Halo was a fresh console experience and the franchise was novel.  Also making sense with the title as you actually explored a Halo ring throughout the game, which I will always remember as an entertaining experience.

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Jak 3. I'm close to or a little over 20 playthroughs on that game, plus getting all the precursor orbs.  
If that game was on current game systems I would have S-ranked it a couple of times.

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I'd have to say a tie between Pokemon Red and Mass Effect 2

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Pokemon Blue..I can't recall the number of times I've finished that game, at least 20 times maybe. I would do quick runs and use the missingno trick and would finish the game (beat the elite 4)  in probably 10-12 hours depending on how long I took the breaks.

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Starfox 64 
That game is awesome, and I think I might try to go for gold medals.

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The first Jak and daxter I think, or the third one. Other possibility is Sands of Time, played through that a bunch trying to speedrun it. Only managed 4-5h while the current record is 2h. Also Castlevania SoTN. All of these games should be at about 8-10 times each.

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Starfox 64 oddly enough

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elder scrolls: Oblivion / Fallout 3
finished them about 5 times each.

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All kinds of Mario games and whatever got intp my fingers when I was a kid. Also a couple of 20h+ games like Mass Effect 1, Terranigma and Gothic 2, completed them all about six times :-) oh and Diablo 2 of cause!

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Don't really remember how many times I've play through them, but I know I finished Max Payne 2 and MGS1 the most times, somewhere between 5 to 10 times, I think that Vice City(not 100% off course, just storyline) is a close "second", cause I finished it at least 5 times as far as I can remember.

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For me, it's gotta be either Metal Gear Solid 1 or perhaps Half Life 2. I played the hell out of MGS as a kid, and I still to this day find myself coming back to Half Life 2 often. The game is just overflowing with atmosphere.

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Don't think I've played any game more than twice, but that list of games has become quite long actually. So I don't have a game I've finished the most. The game I've spent most time with though, becides WoW, is probably Fallout 3, with Mass Effect 2 on a close second.

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Dungeon Siege 2 - 8 times

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Metal Gear Solid 3 and Half life 1&2. Those Half Life games never get old.

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final fantasy 7
played it to much

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Quake 2  or  Mario 3 a ton of times.
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Monkey Island 2. I play that at least once a year.

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ME2 has got to be the winner for me at 4 times.

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Zelda: Ocarina of Time .... I don't even want to know how many times I have completed that game.

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Mario 64, god knows how many times by now, 120 stars every time

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In no particular order:
-Rome: Total War
-Grim Fandango
-Planescape: Torment
-ToZ: Windwaker
-ToZ: Majora's Mask
-ToZ: Ocarina of Time
-TES: Morrowind

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Mass Effect 2.

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It's definitely the original Kingdom Hearts. I played that game so much, the disc eventually broke. I was stuck in the Coliseum, and the overworld wouldn't really load.

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Half-Life 2 around 5 times, Mass Effect 1 3 times, Limbo 3 times.  I think that's it.

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Super Mario Bros. and the original Star Fox. Wait, I probably beat Mega Man X more times than those games combined. 
When it comes to more recent games, I've completed Mass Effect six or seven times.
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@mylifeforAiur said:
" Portal- I've finished it 3 times^^ "
Hehe, same here-- it's definitely the XXI century game I've finished the most times ^^
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Morrowind. More times than I can count.

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It's almost certainly The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  When I was young I would spend more or less every weekend at my friend's house and we would beat the game while alternating dungeons.  On top of that, I played that game a lot on my own.  I estimate that I've beaten it more than 50 times.