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Which game(s) in my list should I play next? (94 votes)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 9%
BioShock Infinite 33%
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition 37%
Dishonored 19%
Dota 2 5%
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 3%
Max Payne 3 9%
Overlord II 2%
Prince of Persia 9%
Psychonauts 14%
Saints Row: The Third 23%
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion 6%
Supreme Commander 2 3%
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne 5%
Trine 2 2%
The Walking Dead 34%
The Witcher 2: Assassins of King 29%
Mass Effect 3 17%
The Sims 3 4%

Hey guys,

Like many of you I'm sure, I keep buying games on Steam / Origin but from lack of time and/or motivation, I end up with a ton that I haven't even played. So I've gone through my list of 140 games (47 of which have more than 5hrs of playtime) and identified the ones that I haven't touched and interest me. Which one (ones) should I prioritize?

I'm thinking BioShock Infinite, Dishonored and The Walking Dead. Dark Souls is also tempting. And The Witcher 2 (I started The Witcher, got about 5 hours in and liked it). And Mass Effect 3.


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Whatever you do, don't play Bad Company 2's single player...that is not a good thing...

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If no one has spoiled the ending of infinite you should play it.

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@beachthunder:One less game on the list. Although I'm suprised - I remember hearing the guys of GB saying good things about the SP. Or what is the first Bad Company that was good?

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Bioshock Infinite is overrated. Walking Dead on the other hand is deserving of all the awards it got. I'd play that first, then Prince of Persia.

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That's a lot of game to get through. I'd definitely make a start on dark souls because I think it works best in smaller sessions, for me at least I certainly couldn't marathon it. I'd avoid sims and maybe dota cause they have the potential to just eat all of your time. Rage is skippable. SR3 is fantastic and not that long if you boss it through the main story. If it was me I'd be trying to play them all at once which is why I don't get that many finished.

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I am so envious of you being able to experience all those games for the first time. I'd say The Walking Dead for sure, it's not incredibly long but oh man.

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Bio Infinite

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It got shafted on votes in the poll, but Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is only like 4-5 hours long, if you want to find the time to just blast through it in like 1-2 sittings. It's pretty good.

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I think Trine 2 is terrible compared to Trine. Not sure how well the expansion did to change that but I wouldn't keep my hopes up.

I assume Prince of Persia refers to Prince of Persia (2008). That is a fantastic game that you can play through in a couple sittings. I S ranked it in 3 days due to a glitch in how it calculates some of the trophies.

And of course Dark Souls is great.

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If anything, play Bad Company 2, so that you can get done with the MP.
Would suck if you waited even longer, maybe there won't be as many players on the servers then.

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I didn't expect Dark Souls to have much support, but I think Dark Souls is a unforgettable experience. I liked it initially then found it boring (hit a wall).

Came back to it a bit later after buying PTD edition (which meant I needed to start over again) and was absolutely amazed by it. Truly amazing the way it infers its story and lore as opposed to long exposition. Amazing gameplay, environments and atmosphere, story, music and it's a game which still has (a lot less due to the community now) mystery in it and intrigue as opposed to a lot of games now which everything is essentially known after a few days.

I think it's a game you should play now. If you need help, there's a tonne of resources to help you and give tips such as Vegeta Dark Souls videos and you have people like EpicNameBro to help piece the lore together. So you're not truly alone in the game. You'll have Dark Souls reddit as well tonnes of other places to help.

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Thanks everyone. Surprised to see Dark Souls being #1 but it's a good game indeed, especially once the visual fixes are in place. Extremely frustrating (gargoyles are the bane of my existence at this point) yet rewarding.

Dark Souls / Walking Dead / BioShock Infinite. Good top 3

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Trine 2 is really beautiful, charming little game that doesn't really take too much of your time. It's fun, and clever and you will have fun exploiting a lot of it's janky physics.

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Dishonored might be my favorite game of the past couple years, but there's a lot of quality stuff on that list. Start playing!

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Witcher then Prince of Persia.

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Thanks everyone. Surprised to see Dark Souls being #1 but it's a good game indeed, especially once the visual fixes are in place. Extremely frustrating (gargoyles are the bane of my existence at this point) yet rewarding.

Dark Souls / Walking Dead / BioShock Infinite. Good top 3

Oh you wait... even after 4 or 5 playthroughs, there's bosses I find tough but Gargoyles is something I do about 10 mins into a playthrough now quite easily but when you look back (you'll get there) you'll see how manageable these fights are. I really hope you get there, I understand people not liking it and finding it "cheap" and stuff, but if you get past it, you'll see how amazing it is. I hope you but you've got a real solid top 3.

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If you mean the one from 2008, I definitely recommend playing Prince of Persia.

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@vaddixbell: Fiiiiinally got past the gargoyles - should have upgraded my weapon earlier. Also, I saw that being human let's you invoke an NPC but just as I was using my last "become human" thing, someone came in my game and I got destroyed. If the gargoyles are part of the easier bosses, pretty sure I'll be swearing a lot more

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That moth-like boss in the forest was the easiest by far - 3 attemps and it was dead. Just gotta let it eat, the poor thing. Yep, I'm hooked!

Thanks everyone

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I put my votes in for The Walking Dead, since it's so short and goes well as a break game to THE WITCHAAA. Er, the Witcher 2, aka the best story-driven, non-party centric RPG of the last generation.

Also - just where in the sweet fuck is Guacamelee!? There's such a 3D bias in this giant list of games bro

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I'm playing through Dark Souls for the first time right now, and after 30 hours I feel it's going to end up being one of my all time favourite games. I love everything about it, the metroid-esque open world, the perfect combat, the levelling system, the environment, the enemies, the fair but hard-as-nails-no-nonsense difficulty; it's all there. It's a beautifully refreshing game in a world of handholding and endless explanation.

Glad to see you're enjoying it!

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Not enough Psychonauts support here. Of the games I picked, that's my favorite.

Other ones I picked are The Witcher 2 (finish The Witcher 1 first, though, if you were enjoying it), The Walking Dead, Mass Effect 3 (assuming you've played 1 and 2, might as well finish the series), and Bioshock Infinite.