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Alright guys, Best Buy is running a buy 2 get 1 promotion right now. I know for sure I want NCAA 13 (football junkie), but I am not to sure about the last two spots. I am looking at Spec Ops, Dragon's Dogma, and Witcher 2. What are you guy's recommendations? Or is there another game I should look at possibly? (Bear in mind, the promotion is for games $29.99 and up.) Thanks.

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Dragon's Dogma and Witcher 2

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Buy three copies of NCAA 13 and give me one.

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I haven't played Spec Ops or Dragon's Dogma, but I have played the Witcher 2 and loved it. I would recommend it if you played the Witcher 1 or, if you didn't (like most people, me included) then I would still recommend it if you dig RPGs. It's got a great, lengthy campaign that'll keep you busy for a while, so it's definitely the most bang for your buck.

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And then give me one.

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From what I've heard Spec Ops is probably the one to leave out of that selection, but it's always hard to answer these without knowing more about the tastes of the person purchasing the games.

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Depends. Spec ops + witcher gives you variety while dragons dogma and witcher nail the same coffin. Either way get witcher 2 and then pick the others. I like both spec ops and dragons dogma

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Apparently Spec Ops has a surprisingly good story that makes it worth a look, or so I seem to have heard. It seems to be hitting that funny Deadly Premonition kind of cult game, where the gameplay isn't so great but something about the story really gets a certain niche demographic going.

I played the demo of Dragon's Dogma and it got on my bloody nerves. The shit dialog, the need to point out every fucking thing, it's just... ugh. I wouldn't touch that game with a hundred foot pole, but then I'm in a minority on that.

The Witcher 2 seems like the eighty hour RPG to be playing these days, but something about the game bragging about its own "mature story" really makes me raise an eyebrow. Granted, I believe that's just on the back of the first one's box, but the series still did that.

So, were it me who were picking the games out I would probably pick up the Witcher 2 and find something other than Spec Ops, because Spec Ops sounds like a bargain bin gem rather than something you'd spend a whole lot on. Instead, get something else.

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@believer258: Witcher 2 is more 65ish hours than 80

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You should definitely lock in Witcher 2. As for the other two, I can't comment on it cause I haven't played them.

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Or just go with Saints Row3.

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Witcher 2 and Spec Ops should be your pick.

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@believer258: Witcher 2 is more 65ish hours than 80

You mean.... 20ish?
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@believer258: Witcher 2 is more 65ish hours than 80

I was taking a wild stab at it - the point was that it's got an RPG's length. In other words, it's bloody fucking long.

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Or just go with Saints Row3.

Don't go with Saints Row 3. Its gameplay is mediocre, its objectives are boring, and its story loses all steam about the time that you land after the airplane scene. It doesn't look particularly pretty, doesn't really sound all that great, and overall doesn't do much to wow you beyond the introductory cutscene. Yeah, it's stupid and insane and all that shit, but that should never have given it a pass in the first place, especially when it chucks zombies and Burt Reynolds into the plot and the player feels no real surprise because hey, that's just something else to add to the list of mundane insanity the game seems to have accomplished.

...damn, my opinions seem to be conflicting with others so much lately. Ah, well, I was asking for it.

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Get Spec Ops and Witcher 2. Dragon's Dogma is not that great in my opinion.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

@mosdl said:

@believer258: Witcher 2 is more 65ish hours than 80

You mean.... 20ish?

Yeah, between 20 and 30 - I was thinking of Witcher 1, my bad.

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Well... to throw a wrench in all of this, just found out that Gamestop is selling Witcher 2 for $40 bucks. Almost sounds like I can get all four games for $40 bucks working it this way. But I have to agree with some of the guys here, I feel that Spec Ops will be going bargain bin soon (going off of the drop prices on digital downloads), and so that makes me wary of using a spot on that.

To those who have played Dragon's Dogma, what seems to be the right price point for that game? I have played the demo, and the controls just felt really off. But that is coming from playing Skyrim and Dark Souls.

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Throwing a vote in for The Witcher 2, definitely. Can't really speak on the other two, but I'd personally go with Dragon's Dogma before Spec Ops.

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If you're at the point where you need to get bang for your buck then skip Spec Ops. The game has a "good" story (but as Jeff said, it's still a videogame story), but it's really short and the gameplay is not very fun.