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Puzzle Quest 2.

I preordered Puzzle Quest 2 on Steam, because I loved the hell out of the first one, and reviews for the sequel were reasonably positive. And you know what? Fuck all those reviews, Puzzle Quest 2 is an awful abomination. Apparently it's the same developer, but you wouldn't know it. It ripped out half of the systems (crafting, capturing cities, taming monsters to turn into mounts/to steal spells from), and replaced them with basically nothing. The story in the sequel is nonexistent. Instead of having cool craftable gear that has a variety of effects, all of the gear just adds to a simplistic defense stat, and all of the weapons just do varying amount of damage, and the character don't have any sort of weapon proficiencies. It is terrible.

So yeah, never preordering games again after that.

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Halo 2

Loved it for the first week, hated it the second. I've had varying opinions on it since, but more often than not I'm of the mind it wasn't that great. But yeah, it taught me not to get super hyped up for a game before release, and now all these years later, I don't even bother reading up on games before they're released.

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@artisanbreads: buying a game on amazon early because I want release day shipping, or steam because I want to preload is a shitty practice?

Ninja Gaiden 3.

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Final Fantasy XIII. Boy, was I pumped for that game. I took only 6 hours for me to realize it is boring as hell.

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Street Fighter X Tekken

After trying it out at NYCC, reading impressions, and watching previews I was sooo pumped for this game but that hype quickly died when I started to really play it. Combos were incredibly dumbed down, cast was unbalanced, matchmaking took forever, bullshit gems, throws were underpowered, and matches very often ended by timeout. I know SF4 and the updates still get a lot of hate but they're nowhere near a big a train wreck as SFxT.

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@blatantninja23 said:

@artisanbreads: buying a game on amazon early because I want release day shipping, or steam because I want to preload is a shitty practice?

Ninja Gaiden 3.

The system is shitty.The stuff you mention, plus all these extras they now give out for preorders, that all sucks.

I don't think people should preorder either from the consumer angle but hey, I get those bits. But I think your example of game kind of proves why it's a shitty thing to do as a consumer often, doesn't it?

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I pre-order most of the games i want, and the only time ive been severely disappointed was with Assassin's creed 3.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Bought into the hype videos way back when and pre-ordered for 30e, now thats not even a full prize pre-order yet i was very disappointed.

Next to that AC3 comes to mind, was such a let down.

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I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of Warhammer Online back in 2008. The first and last game I ever pre-ordered.

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Driv3r or whatever way the spelled that nonsense. I had just back from a holiday the day it came out so I didn't see any reviews and assumed it would be at least decent if not amazing. That game was a broken mess, it would constantly hard lock and some of the glitches although funny just showed how the game was shoved out the door. I remember returning it the same day I bought it and the guy in the store said that a lot of people did the same thing. Basically haven't pre ordered any other game since getting burned so hard by that game.

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The only games I've ever pre-ordered was MGS4 and Ni No Kuni. I've played through MGS4 at least 10 times and I stopped playing Ni No Kuni after 12 hours.
So Ni No Kuni I guess.

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Vexx. I was 11 at the time, super psyched to get my hands on it, and bugging my parents constantly about taking me to get it. I made my dad wake up early to take me down to the gamestop, and when I finally got it home, I hated it. Played it for a couple hours and had my dad take it back.

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My first pre order was my last and sweet baby Jesus i was burned by the PS "classic" Fighting Force.

It was a toss up between that or Tomb Raider and its safe to say the wrong decision was made.

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This one's easy. Fable 3.

Stopped pre-ordering after that.

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The only game I've ever pre-ordered was Duke Nukem Forever. I didn't really think it was that bad of a game, but I also didn't think it was that good of a game either.

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Can't remember the last game I pre-ordered...

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@artisanbreads: I'll be totally honest. Even after the bad reviews of NG 3, I still would have bought it because I still needed to experience it for myself. I am a terrible person.

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Homefront. Fuck Homefront and everyone who helped shit it out. And fuck my stupid self in the past for preordering it. My shame is forever etched into my TF2 inventory with my dumb Genuine-quality Soldier hat.

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Duke Nukem Forever. I had to see it...

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@artisanbreads: I'll be totally honest. Even after the bad reviews of NG 3, I still would have bought it because I still needed to experience it for myself. I am a terrible person.

hahah oh well. I didn't want to see what they had done to my Ninja Gaiden. I had seen enough pre release.

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Gotta be Brink.

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I have never pre-ordered a game. It's never been a problem to swing by local electronics shop on release day or day after release day.

In the spirit of the thread, most anticipated game that turned out to be horribly disappointing: Mercenaries 2.

I would list Ninja Gaiden 3, but I can't honestly say I was really looking forward to that one. It was clear in early preview trailers that the game was going to be poor.

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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

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Darkspore. I wasn't expecting much, and I was still disappointed.

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I don't think I have been super dissapointed by a game that I pre-ordered, becuase I guess I only pre-order games that I am pretty sure I will love.

Gears, Mass Effect, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and, Halo, DeadSpace are the only series I can think of that i have preordered.

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@hiono: This game looked great in all of it's trailers and hype videos. The art design to it was beautiful, they made customization look great, the freedom of movement was a great idea, and they made it sound awesome in every single way somehow. But once I got the game, I beat it in one sitting and I fucking hated it. Every damn miserable second. I don't think I'll ever buy a game from that studio again.

I may be over-reacting but I got wrapped up in the hype pretty damn good then got hit in the nuts. Sorry for the rant duders.

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Dragon Age Origins, I was stuck listening to dialog for so long that it bored me. So I took it back and got a refund.

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I don't pay sixty dollars out of my salary on a gaming experience before it's released, I care about my money, I don't pre-order.

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Coming into this thread I figured that without a doubt I would go with Duke Nukem Forever as the pre-order that disappointed me the most, but after reading through the pages and seeing a few posts mentioning Brink.. good lord, yeah, Brink.

The DNF pre-order was purely fueled by nostalgia and the very slim hope that it wouldn't be terrible. Brink on the other hand was one I was incredibly excited for at the time.

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Assassins Creed 3

I really loved that series, but with AC3 it lost its magic somehow. The story and setting had so much potential but they didn´t use it. It is really mysterious, because until today I can´t explain why it felt so "heavy" playing it. I finished it somehow, after a big break. The end felt so wrong and cheap.