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Which game do you want to see

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I would love to see another Onimusha game.

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  • A new Okami outsourced to Platinum with Hideki Kamiya as director.
  • A new in-house Devil May Cry.
  • A new in-house Lost Planet.
  • A new Ghost Trick or other non-Ace Attorney adventure game directed by Shu Takumi.
  • A Zack & Wiki sequel.
  • A new Mega Man Zero with high-resolution hand-drawn graphics.
  • A new Street Fighter with high-resolution hand-drawn graphics.

Yes, I'm a dreamer.

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A new Strider game.

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Ghost Trick 2...actually, I don't really want a sequel, I just wanted to point out that Ghost Trick is amazing.

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A new Onimusha game would be great! I wouldn't say no to a new Okami either.

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Oh also God Hand.

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New Dragon's Dogma, or confirmation that Deep Down is the new Dragon's Dogma. What with the games having the same graphical "theme" and both being DD it is pretty believable but yeah.

A new strider would be nice too.

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Dino Crisis reboot: Because dinosaurs on next gen technology = OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

Power Stone: One of my favorite fighting franchises evar. I'd honestly be okay with a lazy digital rerelease with online play, but apparently Capcom isn't re-releasing any classic fighting games for a while. Poop.

A new series of Mega Man games similar to X and the Zero games: I have an entire concept ready for a new Mega Man series. I might have to give Capcom a call.

Okami sequel: The graphics man.

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Onimusha, Dino Crisis and a new Dead Rising.

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Resident evil revelations for vita. The excuse they gave for not porting it (the vita being a handheld slightly inferior to consoles) was absolute bullshit, since it started out on 3ds. I know it won't sell gang busters, but porting it won't cost much, and it will almost definitely make a profit, because the few vita owners that exist are the corest of the core gamers who would salivate at a good resident evil on handheld. I guess an alternative would be a good resident evil game on vita then...

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More Dragons Dogma or at least a game that advances the ideas put into place by it. Also more Devil May Cry. I don't care if its Ninja Theory or Capcom I just want more Dante.

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A new Ghosts and Goblins/Ghouls and Ghosts game as a downloadable (Xbox, PS4, PC) with HD sprites. I'll take 3D models though. I just want a new one on a system I actually have (the PC).

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A new game with "Street Fighter" in the title on the Wii U. Last time a Nintendo home console had a Street Fighter game (excluding Virtual Console, of course), was SFA2 on the SNES.

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I'm primarily excited to see what they do with Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. For my underdog pick, I still will always hope for something that's either related to Final Fight or Strider.

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A sequel to Dark Void would be wonderful for me and 5 other people. (That is, one that learns from its mistakes and improves on its strengths)

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A new Asura's Wrath, or something in that vein of craziness.

A new DMC would be nice, even with the current version. Despite hate from a portion of the fanbase, the game itself is quite good.

A goddamned MegaMan game.

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A quasi-reboot of Onimusha in some form would be welcome. Really loved that franchise, I'd love more titles modeled after Onimusha 2's story branching system.

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After googling a list of capcom games I have come to the conclusion that these are the Capcom games/series I have fond memories:

  1. Breath of Fire
  2. Power Stone

I have yet to play this, but I think I will enjoy it when I do so Dragons Dogma gets an honourable mention.

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Outsource the original Devil May Cry series to Platinum Games and let Hideki Kamiya work on his creation, namely Devil May Cry 5.

And Street Fighter V, obviously.

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i would like: darkstalkers 4 (never going to happen) breath of fire 6 (never going to happen), rival schools 3 (never going to happen) etc.

even a new marvel game coming out seems incredibly unlikely.

street fighter V is probably the best place for me to place my hopes/dreams.

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Onimusha, and that is IT.

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I don't know. A new Final Fight?

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I would love them to revive the Megaman Zero Franchise. Certainly the story has ended... but what about a whole new story, like another new Zero and a Ciel who's now grown up in her 20s?

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All the Capcoms!

Just about anyway, in rough order of preference

  1. Dragon's Dogma
  2. Street Fighter
  3. Mega Man
  4. Maximo/Ghosts N' Goblins
  5. Breath of Fire
  6. Dino Crisis
  7. Resident Evil
  8. Darkstalkers
  9. Shadow of Rome
  10. Ace Attorney (and AA Investigations)
  11. Onimusha
  12. Power Stone
  13. Strider
  14. Bionic Commando
  15. DmC
  16. Some Shmups ala Gunsmoke or 1942
  17. Okami
  18. Something new

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Asura's Wrath 2

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Dead Rising 3

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for somebody who gives a shit to fix Resident Evil.

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A new IP that doesn't get a rerelease within a year of coming out.

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Dino Crisis reboot: Because dinosaurs on next gen technology = OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

Isn't that the exact reason the series died?

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for somebody who gives a shit to fix Resident Evil.

Yeah, man, what the fuck happened? What a horrible shame that franchise has become. They could have just basically remade RE5 with a new story and different characters and it would have been fine.

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A new DMC. Maybe a street fighter (Get it out early so I can buy it with all the DLC in a year and a half).

I'm interested enough in Remember Me to want a sequel, but there is no way of knowing that it is not total garbage or something so it is a bit early to call.

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@turtlebird95 said:

Dino Crisis reboot: Because dinosaurs on next gen technology = OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

Isn't that the exact reason the series died?

Probably, I've never actually been a fan of the series just the idea of a next gen dinosaur themed horror game excites me.

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New Street Fighter, which is very likely. I really grew fond of Street Fighter this generation in a way I wasn't before, to the point that I actually prefer it now to any other fighting game(and I like me some fighting games). That being said, if they announce SSFV a few months after SFV, I'll be really disappointed.... again.

New Mega Man, which isn't all that likely and probably won't be any good. Mega Man is my 8-bit hero. There's no game on the NES I enjoyed more than a Mega Man game(I think I played 5 the most), but they just haven't made a good Mega Man game since the first Mega Man X games that wasn't just a throwback to the NES era.

How about something new? DmC is cool and all, but I was never a big fan of DMC to begin with, and Resident Evil has morphed into one of the zombies it's trying to depict. I know Dragon's Dogma was new, but I was hoping for something different. I don't know what it should be, but Capcom probably has the second best catalog of games in the industry(after Nintendo), so an old gem might be more interesting than RE8.

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Reboot resident evil, but you know, maybe it actually scary and good. Make it tough and satisfying to beat. DON'T make it co-op for the love of god don't make it co-op. If anything ruins anysense of tension or fear its god damn co-op. Make it hard, really hard. Make it so bitches on the internet go "this game is too hard, it sucks". And for god sakes change the characters and story. Make the company responsible for the outbreak honestly horrified and apologetic to the problem, not crazy unrealistic monsters.

I don't know, i think the IDEA around resident evil games are amazing, but the execution is absolutely awful.

I really hope they decide to reboot resident evil rather than continuing with that clusterfuck of awful story behind it.

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New Okami, Onimusha and Tron Bonne. Here's hoping for a shooting star.

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A proper Street Fighter.

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I would like to see Capcom announce/release Street Fighter 5 midway into the next generation console life cycle. I say midway because Super Street Fighter IV is still alive and kicking.

This dream will most likely stay a dream, but I'm hoping for a Capcom vs SNK 3.

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I would take a new Breath of Fire game over almost any other ip in existence.

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A next gen Dragon's Dogma game that tries to do more to flesh out its world as well as just make it a wider place as I found myself being funneled too much into canyons.

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for somebody who gives a shit to fix Resident Evil.

Mikami's got you covered <3

Besides, from what I'm to understand, Resident Evil was already 'fixed' with Resident Evil: Revelations. In fact they're apparently going to base the direction the series take on how well its console port will sell, so you never know, maybe this inevitable reboot will bring back the spark. Plus Mikami's The Evil Within should hopefully function as some competition to force Capcom to up their game.

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Realistic Answers:

  • Dragon's Dogma 2
  • Dead Rising 3
  • HD Monster Hunter
  • Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat

Wishful thinking:

  • a non-dudebro Mega Man reboot
  • new Ghouls n' Ghosts
  • new Final Fight
  • new Power Stone
  • a "back to its roots" Resident Evil
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Just Street Fighter 5 and maybe a Monster Hunter.