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The next generation is just around the corner. I don't see myself getting an Xbox One or PS4 right out of the gate. I'm slow to adapt big new products (just got my iPhone 4 this year) and I like to wait to see what software library the consoles will have once they gain some footing.

I traded away a bunch of my games to get as much credit from Amazon before the "bubble" burst with the official announcements of the newest consoles. I traded away games that I figured I could get a comparable version for my PC or were probably better on the PC anyways. Some were even favorites like X-COM (which I just bought on the Steam sale). So many games these days are cross-platform and very few are either party exclusive or even CONSOLE exclusive.

Which games will you be keeping because you don't think they will be or are represented on another platform?

Oddly enough, many of my selections are 3rd person action/adventure games.

Shadows of the Damned (360) - A unique game which was a console exclusive.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (360) - Great atmosphere, console exclusive.

Bayonetta (360) - quirky, weird, console exclusive. (It's genre successor, DMC, has a good PC version).

Enslaved (360) - pretty good action/adventure with a one of a kind story.

I'm still playing Skyrim, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and my XBLA titles. Even though I am not actively playing them I'll be keeping the 4 games mentioned above simply because they are unique to my 360.

Let me know if you guys have any other favorites that'll stay rooted in your collection.

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Everything, i never sell any of my stuff and with most of it on steam now anyways it doesn't really affect me. I just dont see the appeal of selling all that stuff though.

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I'd imagine there might be some "Trade in six PS3 games from this list in exchange for a PS4 game!" offering from Gamestop, which I could fall for...if I would have even five console games that have come out during 2011-2013. But as it is, I probably just keep them in my shelf, because I'm too lazy to sell them off seperately and probably wouldn't get too much money out of 'em anyway...though Last of Us - Joel Edition is too nifty to trade/sell away, so I guess I'll keep that one at least...and Guitar Hero games, since noone takes those. Hmh, guess I don't really have any favourites...bummer.

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@sanity: Dude, some of us don't have a lot of cash on hand. So when Amazon is going to still give me $20 for Forza Horizon, I'm sending it their way.

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Blur because there will never be a proper sequel.

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@sanity: Dude, some of us don't have a lot of cash on hand. So when Amazon is going to still give me $20 for Forza Horizon, I'm sending it their way.

Oh im not saying theres anything wrong with it, i just honestly i think i have under 50 ps3 and 360 games at this point anyways and id rather keep em then sell them back for a third or less of what i paid for most of them. I understand where your coming from, but i like looking at this stuff down the line and most of the games older then a year you are lucky if you get 10 bucks for now days.

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Everything. Why would I get rid of all the stuff I took so long to collect? For christ sakes I've got first run copies of games you can't find in print anymore. I'd be insane to get rid of them for a few measly bucks. I mean I've still got the original packaging for Bioshock on 360 Limited Edition with the Big Daddy still unopened. I've got Limited Editions of Death Smiles with the Box and Faceplate I've got other things that are harder to find like first print copies of Dead or Alive 4, Ninety Nine Nights , hell I even have a weird silver disc version of Halo Reach that Microsoft sent out to select people to test their new disc format.

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All of it. Obviously.

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Every single one that I bought.

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All of it. I find having a large collection of games supper appealing. Whenever i'm short on money I just swap games with a friend.

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I'm not keeping anything. I can't stand having a big clutter of games, and I don't want boxes of them stored, either. The only thing I hold on to is comic books. Boxes and boxes of comic books. ;)

To each their own, right? If I find that I feel real nostalgic about a few games I'll get them and the system again down the road. So far the only system that I've done that with is the Sega Master System. I've got a soft spot for that system and its games.

I tend to buy every system that comes out, but once I get tired of them I sell them. I've paired down to just the 360 this gen, and I'm so ready to get rid of it and pick up a PS4.

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All of 'em. Mostly because the majority of my games are superglued onto my Steam account!

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Physically I've gotten rid of most of my Xbox games because I either own them on steam now or will own them on steam in the future.

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All of them. The real question for me is what games will I keep the cases for.

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All of it.

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all in the bin..dirty console game cases cluttering up the place,its 2013 like crazy get with the times.

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All of the ones I still own - especially console exclusives like Red Dead that will never show up elsewhere.

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None. This generation for me has been play one game through then sell/trade it in. The only games I have kept are guitar hero/rock band. I guess I am just not as attached to this generation as opposed to the snes era (which I own and have several games for). Plan is in the spring trade in my 360 and the few games I have for my next console.

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All of them.

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All of them, why get rid of them?

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All of them?

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I'm going to melt them all down and turn them into a giant plastic duck.

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I don't get rid of any of my games, even if they suck.

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I'm keeping everything I've still got now just because I have so much tied up in digital content that getting rid of any of these consoles would be an act of insanity. I was about to trade in my 360 or try to sell it before I remembered that is still the console I like to mess with RB/GH on and that I have at LEAST 80-100 dollars tied up in digital tracks.

DLC and XBLA/PSN games are goddamn devious in retrospect.

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All of them, they are on my Steam account.

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Alone in the dark- Fun game that suffers from bugs, and an ending that made the game feel pointless. I mean you had a bad and a worse ending. I remember being so fucking pissed at how stupid the ending was.. I just hate thinking about it sometimes....

Wolfenstein- A cool sci-fi fps shooter that was fun and exciting to play, though the game would have been better if it was open-world.

Reason why I'm not trading these games. Is because I won't get much trade value out of them, and besides I do still find these games to fun to play.

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The Uncharted games, various Halo games...basically anything I can't get on PC.

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I will keep every single one of them.

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All the ones I own.

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I never get rid of games, and I only buy games again years later when they have been improved in some drastic way (such as a HD collection); simply being a better version on PC isn't enough. I care more about my personal saves than I do about the relative quality of that version of the game. Plus I'm very sentimental, so I don't think I could bare giving a game away.

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I won't get rid of the games I loved this generation. Games like:

  • Dead Space 1 and 2
  • Nier
  • Silent Hill: Downpour
  • Alan Wake
  • Deadly Premonition
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  • Uncharted 1, 2 and 3
  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Fallout 3
  • Heavy Rain
  • The Darkness
  • Fable 2 and 3
  • Silent Hill HD Colection
  • Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City
  • Alice: Madness Returns

And the last purchases I'm going to get, mainly:

  • Fable HD
  • The Last of Us
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All 30-something 360 games i own. Hell I'll probably be getting a PS4 this fall, but I'm keeping my 360 hooked up to my TV as well.

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None. For me Gaming is a hobby that involves collecting and keeping good libraries of games.

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Cool. Thanks for the posts. I used to have a larger library of games but then I moved into a 500 sq foot house with a girlfriend, dog, and two cats and decided that I didn't necessarily need all that shit. I really like my sealed big box copy of Planescape Torment.

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All of them, but that comes with the qualifier that I re-bought most of my 360 games on PC already and wound up selling a lot of my old 360 games because I have better versions of them. I will, however, be keeping a hold of my 360 and its exclusives. As much as I dislike some of the practices surrounding the Xbox, even before the reveal of the Xbone, games like Halo 3 and Gears of War hold some pretty good memories for me. I still dig those out and play them from time to time.

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Nothing for the 360. Worst console I've ever had. Crackdown, Mercenaries 2 and Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands were the only good games of the hundred I've had and they're already sold. If you're counting the Wii then all the usual suspects stay. Zeldas + Mario Galaxies. Wii version of Forgotten Sands is also great. And I sold it.

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All of the ones I bought.

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I never ever get rid of any of my games. I'm a collector at heart, I guess that's why I buy so damn many and then never play them. I'll buy copies of pre-owned games I don't have never intending to play them, just to add them to my collection.

It's as of yet not quite as out of control as my comic hoarding abilities however.

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All of the games I have. Amazon and EB offer terrible trade values, and I dont have the patience to eBay.

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All of them.

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I am gonna keep everything. I will probably pack away most of my games though and leave a few notable games out that I want to some back to and play again. Uncharted 2, Halo 3, Gears 1you know shit that I might want to put back in one day.

I still have halo 1 and 2 out and psychonauts from the original Xbox and God of War 1 and 2, GTA San Andreas, Beyond Good and Evil and Burnout 2 I think for the PS2. Hell I still have FFVII and VIII, crash bandicoot, abe odyssey and exodus and Rayman out for the original playstation.

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Way too attached to my games to give any of 'em up. STAYING ON THE SHELVES FOREVER.


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I think all of the current types of games will be represented on the new consoles. Unfortunately, I don't think there will really be anything new on the new consoles, though. Just prettier games with more shit going on -- but not new paradigms or concepts.

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My copies of Oblivion and Bioshock would be sacrilege to part with. Planning on keeping them all though.

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I don't ever sell my games, but if I were going to get rid of most of them?

I'd keep my uncharted series+lastofus, Red Dead Redemption, Ghostbusters and Heavy Rain.

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Keeping 'em all, and plan on buying more well into the next generation, and then some. 8-)

PS4 looks fresh, but I have no problem with waiting a year or two.

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All of them.

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If I don't see myself ever wanting to replay a game, I usually sell it. If I keep a game from this generation, its either because it's one of my all time favorites, it's really replayable, it has some sort of sentimental value, or it's difficult to find.

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Console games? Red Dead Redemption, Beatles Rock Band... I guess I would keep Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw and Vanquish if I owned them.