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#1 Posted by PooQuiz (6 posts) -

Out of every single GTA ever made, which character (that you run into or play as) is your favorite? Name your top 3 :)

#2 Posted by AlwaysAngry (3004 posts) -

I only have San Andreas; it's the only GTA game I've ever played. 
Sooo...Carl Johnson I guess. Other two would be Sweet and Ryder. I'm no incredibly far into the game...

#3 Posted by ThePaleKing (613 posts) -

The FBI agent James Woods played in SA.  
As for main characters, Tommy Vercetti. 

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@ThePaleKing: Indeed Tommy Vercetti is so awesome! I wished that in San Andreas we could have run into an older version of him!
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#6 Posted by Gabriel (4129 posts) -

Tommy V.

#7 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

Nico. By a mile.

#8 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

Up until San Andreas i never really liked a character (those from 1, 2, 3, Vice City were quite uninteresting) 
from San Andreas:  

  • CJ
  • The old hippie who has a van and asks you to set his weed field on fire
  • The Jennifer Lopez bitch (girlfriend)

from IV:  
  • Brucie is hilarious
  •  Lil Jacob was uber kewl and high
  • Brian
#9 Posted by Shadow (5108 posts) -

That dude from Vice City Stories (forget his name)
#10 Posted by ThePaleKing (613 posts) -
@PooQuiz: Yeah, he was indeed awesome. Especially after the silent protagonist in GTA3, hearing Tommy make those snide remarks when he got missions was great. "Who does that guy think he is? Now I have to dress like a chump as well as hang out with them!? I like this shirt..." 
#11 Posted by Yummylee (23197 posts) -
@Ahmad_Metallic said:
from IV:  
  • Brian
I freakin' hated that prick, personally. ;P
#12 Posted by PooQuiz (6 posts) -
#13 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
@Abyssfull said:
" @Ahmad_Metallic said:
from IV:  
  • Brian
I freakin' hated that prick, personally. ;P "
haha.. it was a lovehate thing for me :P he was silly and entertaining
#14 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4994 posts) -

Probably Toreno.

#15 Posted by Siepher (267 posts) -
@Gabriel said:
" Tommy V. "
#16 Posted by Stefan (576 posts) -

 Tommy Vercetti @MysteriousBob said:

" Nico. By a mile. "

I don't see how that is even possible, to me GTA 4 was the worst game in the franchise except for GTA 1 I guess . Well but that's my opinion. I really liked "Mr Lance Vance Dance"
#17 Posted by Cwaff (1316 posts) -

Only really played GTA4 properly so I'll just say my favourite from that.
Bruice for sure!

#18 Posted by Kazu666 (150 posts) -

Played all GTAs, only good thing about that game was Little Jacob, as for the other games, Woozie was awesome and you just gotta love Tommy.

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@Stefan said:

"@MysteriousBob said:

" Nico. By a mile. "

I don't see how that is even possible, to me GTA 4 was the worst game in the franchise except for GTA 1 I guess . Well but that's my opinion. I really liked "Mr Lance Vance Dance" "
Welcome to the world of a opinion; respect it. My favorite is Nico also. His dense personality and his cynicism about America is excellent. By the end with his overall thought on America, it's a reflection of the underlying themes and commentary that are present throughout his journey.
#20 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Well, I was going to say Fernando Martinez, the DJ of Vice City's Emotion, but since you only want people you meet or play as, I'm gonna have to pick someone else. Alright, I'm gonna throw down a list of my nominations then pick a winner.
Tommy Vercetti
OG Loc
Wu Zi Mu (AKA Woozie)
Niko Bellic
Roman Bellic
Brucie Kibbutz
Juan Garcia Cortez
Cesar Vialpondo
The Truth
Yeah, okay, I think Niko gets my vote.

#21 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2734 posts) -

Phil Collins.

#22 Posted by ProfessorEss (7674 posts) -

...totally forgot about Lazlow when I made my top 3 :P

#23 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

 Since you never actually meet Lazlow I have to say Donald Love, Wu Zi Mu and Mike Torreno.
I agree with duder that GTA4 is the worst in the series although Chinatown Wars gives it a run for it's money.

#24 Posted by Turbofirejames (44 posts) -

Dwayne from GTA4..... i felt his pain. Only character in a videogame that I really cared about. I love the song footsteps in the dark that always played during his cutscenes.
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Luis lopez, yusef, also brucie and CJ.

#26 Posted by applet0n (701 posts) -

Niko Bellic 
Brucie Kibbutz 
Gay Tony

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#28 Posted by JJWeatherman (14795 posts) -

Donald Love. I love that dude.

#29 Posted by MrSnow (1300 posts) -

CJ because of the unlimited customization.

#30 Posted by Eddie_and_the_Fist_Monkeys (86 posts) -

Tommy Vercetti for me but there are so many great characters throughout the franchise, Roman Bellic is another favourite.  

#31 Posted by Gabriel (4129 posts) -

Threads lackin some 
Lance Vance Dance.

#32 Posted by Wes899 (2164 posts) -

Roman and Manny. (Manny is a terrible person, but probably one of the best characters in the game)

#33 Posted by Landon (4134 posts) -

Niko Bellic. GTA 4 is the only one I like.

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Packie and Little Jacob.  

Oh, and Ryder. Ryder was a badass.

#35 Posted by Romination (2823 posts) -

Huang Lee from Chinatown Wars. He was a bit of a cretin, but he was also funny and got shit done.

#36 Posted by DCFGS3 (1084 posts) -

Tommy Vercetti easy, then Lil Jacob and his other Rasta friend, the one who only speaks rasta. Oh and Woozie, fuck he was awesome.

#37 Posted by alsnuts2 (692 posts) -

Packie Big Smoke and Ryder in that order

#38 Posted by AlfredCapone (172 posts) -
@MysteriousBob said:
" Nico. By a mile. "
#39 Posted by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

The one which was lifted from that one crime movie. Yeah.

#40 Posted by Jace (1134 posts) -

Luiz lopez-BOGT
Brucie-BOGT(You really get to know brucie a lot more in BOGT than you did in GTAIV)
 Gay Tony
BUT, I think my favorite, and I don't know why, is definitely yusef from BOGT. His opening line, as racist as it was, was hilarious coming from an arabic dilect. So rich and over the top, but he always had your back. Absolutely great.
As a whole, I like Ballad of Gay Tony a lot more than GTA IV. It's more FUN and over the top. Reminds me of SA more. Like a mix of Vice city and the night life and SA with the craziness. 
BOGT will keep my time for weeks to come. And I've already beaten it.

#41 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3202 posts) -

CJ will kill you with a dildo. Shit is straight gangsta SON!

#42 Posted by Sweep (9679 posts) -

I thought Brucie had a well developed character that was endearing and frustrating in equal measure. He is certainly hard to forget, and his "larger-than-life" attitude seemed to fit perfectly into Liberty City.
Also Packie. That guy was the most fun to get drunk with :D

#43 Posted by Dom (446 posts) -

i like woozie

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#45 Posted by natetodamax (19418 posts) -
  • Woozie
  • Carl Johnson
  • OG Loc
  • The Truth
  • Cesar Vialpondo
  • Niko Bellic
  • Toreno
I think San Andreas had the best characters.
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#48 Posted by rhodric (283 posts) -

Roman Bellic.
Roman: I don't want to die, man! Not like this!
Niko: How would you like to die? 
Roman: threesome on my hundredth birthday? I don't fucking know, you cold bastard!
Classic Roman.
Honorable mentions include Niko, Woozie, Tommy V

#49 Posted by SPACETURTLE (1654 posts) -

OG Loc of course! And the main protagonist in GTA III. Oh and the guy from IV which follows Niko around filming and shit trying to "clean the streets, gangStar-style". Don't remember his name. 
There are generally a bunch of great characters from the GTA series. I could go on about which characters are good and why for  a long time!

#50 Posted by Mono_Listo (439 posts) -

Whoever the vacant and mute protagonist of GTA3 was. He looked a lot like my best friend (which always made me giggle as I watched myself kill him in ever more dramatic ways), and I felt like I was guiding the story more. Also, the other characters I played in San Andreas and GTA4 felt too hackneyed and stereotypical.