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Posted by surgevolt26 (9 posts) 1 year, 26 days ago

Poll: which is looking better street fighter or MK-X (67 votes)

super street fighter 4 Ultra 25%
Mortal kombat X 72%

Witch seems more appealing so far.

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I always thought SF and MK were so very different it's hard to say which is better.

But if I had to choose I'd go with Street Fighter.

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Pretty poor comparison since Ultra is out now and we haven't even seen gameplay of MKX. I guess based off MK9 and Injustice I'd go with Ultra Street Fighter 4; I loved MK and Injustice but something about the fight engine has never made me want to get good enough to be competitive, versus Street Fighter where I'm playing online everyday.

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How do games work to look better? Do you need a ruler, or something to measure the look?

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CG Trailer looks better that sf4

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How is it possible to determine this when we've only seen one of these games?

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all the SFVSTekken stuff is turning me off of Ultra, and then trying to explain to a casual game what all the different versions are when all they want is just Chun Li, Guile and Blanka

MKX could go into the PS2 era of MK games..... and wasn't that bad, those games were fun. The way that trailer played out reminded me of some of those 3d arenas instead of Injustice's interactive stages.... that's just me.

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Well SF4 is an old game now, so it's not a very fair comparison in a way.

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Hey guys, I thought we were only on the eighth Mario Kart, am I right? Right...?

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I completely trust NRS to continue the streak of making fighting games that animate like butt.

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I prefer MK over SF, so MKX for me.

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Guilty Gear.

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Looks alone? They are very different looking. MK has a more traditional look and I personally really dig that amazing look that Street Fighter has going for it. I sadly don't enjoy the game though.

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@starvinggamer said:

I completely trust NRS to continue the streak of making fighting games that animate like butt.

Even the new KI managed to do it better :/

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@starvinggamer said:

I completely trust NRS to continue the streak of making fighting games that animate like butt.

I seriously don't understand why their games have had such bad animation for so long. Even that MKX CG trailer was terribly animated. It's going to look so awkward if the game gets even better looking, but the animation still sucks. SF4 is the complete polar opposite, there is some really stunning animation work in that game and it's worth setting a training dummy to just throw out supers so you can really see the beautiful detail during the super freeze.

Anyway, really odd poll. One an update to a game originally released in arcades in 2008 and the other we have nothing to go by other than it'll probably be like their other games. Judging on that alone, SF4 is still an incredible game. NRS have made massive improvements since the really quite bad games like the PS2 era stuff and MKvsDCU. I do enjoy MK9 quite a bit and Injustice is probably the best game Ed Boon has ever made. But those games do have issues and NRS haven't yet shown they're quite capable of achieving something on that level. So USF4.

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Guilty Gear Xrd.

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too soon to tell. Mjk x isn't even out yet.

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MKX has absolutely no gameplay and you can play USF4 right now, bad poll is bad. Gotta go with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax though.

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Guilty Gear Xrd.

@zeik said:

Guilty Gear.

That's it, show's over, poll finished, nothing more to see. Lock it down, modmasters of the planet Earth!

Oh, and I just noticed this is your first post here, so I might as well say this: Welcome to Giant Bomb! :D

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They should just make street fighter 5 already, this shit is getting ridiculous

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Uh, as MK-X isn't out and USF4 is it's kind of hard to compare.

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@mb Why isn't this thread closed?

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david bowie

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Rival Schools 3

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MKX, just because its a new game and not an update.

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It's pretty hard to compare a game that's currently released with one that is just a CG teaser trailer. That's especially true when there's nothing more than two oddly capitalized poll options and no additional context provided.

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