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I've actually just started playing it on pc (Dark Souls 2). Second to that I'd say Destiny. Something about that game seems real promising.

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IA/VT Colorful even though I'm excited about Under Night In-Birth finally getting a console release.

// Can't believe I forgot Transistor.

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Below from Capy

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Also Dragon Age Inquisition, by a laaaaaaaaaaaandslide. I love Bioware games, and this sounds like everything I could ever want and more *^*

Honorable mention also goes to Tales of Xillia 2, Persona Q (I would say Persona 5, but since the chances of us seeing an english release this year are nearly nonexistant, I'll think of it as a 2015 game), Child of Light, Massive Chalice, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney,

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Probably Watch Dogs since it's coming out soon.

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Hmm I don't know man. I'm one of those weird people that haven't bought any of the next-gen, or I guess it is current gen now, consoles and I only have a laptop so PC gaming isn't really an option for me.

I'm just catching up on all the last gen games I missed and I imagine I will probably buy a PS4 in half a year if I can afford it. By that time there will probably, hopefully, be a couple of interesting titles released. So I'm just waiting for the great games to come out.

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@castiel: i also have not bought either of the next gen consoles (sorry Wii U), but mainly because the only super interesting game on either of them that is an exclusive is Infamous

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I'm not quite sure about the Destiny, it looks like Halo 4.5.

For those JRPG fans, I strongly recommend X and bayonetta 2.

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@howypan: Bayonetta 2 is hella japanese but is not an RPG in the slightest

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It's probably Destiny. Transistor is second place.

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@turboman: I like the game mode of Transisotr but wat is this game talking about?

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Now that The Witcher 3 has been pushed to next year, it's definitely Dragon Age. I so fucking love both of the previous games(and everything else Bioware has ever done) and still trust them to deliver something I'll find incredible.

And I'm going to throw down a list of other games that I'm really excited for, because there isn't enough positivity on the fucking internet anymore: Child of Light, Transistor(this next month is going to feel soooo long), Tales of Xillia 2, Wolfenstein, Murdered(I don't even know what the hell this game is, but whatever, it's probably great. Ghost Cop Shogo McDoogle), The Evil Within(I think it looks fun, even if some impressions from PAX were less than enthusiastic), Dangonronpa 2, Alien: Isolation, Batman, Persona Q, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Mega Suplex Whatever, Dying Light, MASSIVE CHALICE, Assassin's Creed Unity, Bayonetta 2, D4, Hotline Miami 2, Pillars of Eternity, Tales of Hearts R(so damn excited that they're porting over more Tales games), Valiant Hearts, The Order: 1886, X, Quantum Break and Mad Max(those are this year, right? Probably?), Kirby 3D, Drakengard 3, Watch_Dogs, Civlization Beyond Earth.

That's a pretty meaty list and we haven't even had E3 yet. This is such a great fucking year.

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really the only 2 on my radar so far.

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@friendlyphoenix: OMG, I could not imagine how many hours I should spend on those games per day!!! play or die!! Btw, Dragon age one is awesome, 2 is quite disppointed becasue weapons are less powerful, story line is short and Morrigan is missing!!

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It might be Smash Bros. on WiiU, loving the roster and it should be a tonne of fun. Bayonetta 2 and Destiny are up there.

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Dragon Age Inquisition. I will be buying a ps4 on October 7th.

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@hh: tatz my man!

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@corruptedevil: Bayonetta is not an RPG. It's a spectacle fighter, or a character action game. It's not an RPG in the slightest

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I'm with you, OP. If I had to forgo every other game this year to get to play Dragon Age: Inquisition, I'd do it without batting an eye.

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@shortbreadtom: Hey dude, can you explain the definition of action rpg. I think there are 4 main elements of an action rpg game.

1, Characters.

2, An adventure game.

3, There isn't physical skill challenges, but instead puzzles to be solved and items to collect to progress in a non-linear gameworld.

4, A heavy focus on the action elements in combat.

Bayonetta certainly has those elements. Tell me wat u think dude.

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Bayonetta is seriously not an RPG. This is worse than when people call Zelda an RPG.

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The frequency of 'dude' and the insistence that Bayonetta is an RPG is making me all kinds of suspicious...Every kind in fact!

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Yeah this is kinda weird... But hey, atleast X is 100% a JRPG

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Deadly Premoniton is my favourite JRPG.

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Persona 5 or new Dragon Age

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Let me introduce myself first, my name is Howy and I'm new here, very appreciated for the comments, thanks guys !!!

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I like how this was an answerable question.

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@razielcuts: Sorry, I've been talking too much, letz bring it back, watz your most anticipated video game of 2014?

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Persona 5

The Order: 1886

Hotline Miami 2


Mario Kart 8

Super Smash Bros U

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Sunset Overdrive

Murasaki Baby

Maybe some party games like #IDARB, Sportsfriends and Crawl.

And nothing else. Maybe more after E3 and Gamescom, but I doubt it.

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@howypan said:

I'm not quite sure about the Destiny, it looks like Halo 4.5.

For those JRPG fans, I strongly recommend X and bayonetta 2.

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(That was absolutely fabulous, go Bayonette!)

Anyway back on the topic at hand. As of now I look forward to Wolfenstein and watchdogs.

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Those Nazi bastards must pay in so much blood, time to make somebody scream.

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Dragon Age Inquisition for me too. Given the reputation of the series I was expecting this to not be a popular option. I hope my PC will be able to handle it, because I'm not planning on picking up a PS4 this year.

A bunch of Indy games are certainly on my radar: Below, Shovel Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, Broken Age Part 2 and Transistor.

...Actually, my true most anticipated game of the year is the WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor. No other game this year compares to how I check mmo-champion every day just for a tiny peak of something new from the alpha. I even resubbed a couple months ago thinking it would be close to out by now. That was before it was delayed to the fall...

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I thought it would be Watch Dogs, but that has changed. I'm not seeing anything on current gen consoles which excites me. This'll maybe change after E3, but at the moment it's Ultra Street Fighter 4

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I'm not currently excited about any upcoming game. I suppose I'll buy a 3DS for that Persona Q game maybe. I'm more excited about the potential of digging into the 3DS back catalog.

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I know there's a whole bunch of great games coming this year, but Wolfenstein Nazi Beatles have my full attention at the moment.

@tom_omb said:
I even resubbed a couple months ago thinking it would be close to out by now. That was before it was delayed to the fall...

I don't think it was delayed at any point, since WoW expansions have regulary come out near the end of the year and this one isn't even in an open beta yet. That said, it is silly that one has to wait for that long without any additional content, especially when Blizzard at some point last year (I think) stated that they wanted to keep the players happy by providing more content than in the past. Over 6 months of nothing new isn't my definition of that...

But yeah, I think I would also include WoD in my Top-5 list at least. It'll be good to see those wooden player models getting updated after having played nearly eight years or so...

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It feels nutso that so many people are excited about the new Dragon Age once it seemed like the whole internet swore off Bioware after Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3. Good to see that clearer heads are prevailing, I guess? Inquisition looks great.

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I think Destiny has the potential to be the best thing this year. But honestly, not going to lie Hastune Miku Project Diva F 2nd way high up on my list this year of things I've been enjoying. I'll most likely end up buying it 3 times this year once the english release comes out and I buy the Vita and PS3 versions of that.

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Dead Light, dragon age and super smash bros are certainly highly anticipated. Persona is next year in the west.

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Shin megami tensei 4. Hehehe... hehe... heh.......

Right now it's probably Legend of heroes: trails in the sky chapter 2. PLayed the first one about a month ago and it was so damn good.

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@howypan: Well... it doesn't really come down to what anyone thinks. An RPG involves levelling up, skill allocation, an inventory... Action focused combat or puzzle solving have nothing to do with RPGs, although they can be in them. Bayonetta is a spectacle fighter or character action game, with an in depth combat system based on combos and special moves, outlandish and extremely stylish fighting, and over the top action

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The Division, in the unlikely event it doesn't get pushed into 2015, which it will.