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Poll: Which of the following games will you buy?? (133 votes)

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 44%
Batman Arkham Origins 34%
Battlefield 4 32%
WWE 2k14 4%

I was going to spend my leftover game money on a PC version of watch dogs, sadly it got delayed and I got an xbox 360. Im not getting black flag due to the fact that Im still on the second assassins creed game. Im a wrestling fan and the wwe game has an awesome roster but the graphics are a bit outdated. Battlefield 4 looks amazing on pc and will be the same on next gen consoles. The batman game is also the same formula that made the first 2 games remarkable. All of these games basically continue the traditions of the last ones and add a few tweaks.

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None of them. I too was down to get watch dogs, but obviously that ain't happening now.

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maybi bf4

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I already got Batman and played through it. Pretty good, except for all the issues it's having. The BF4 beta kinda turned me off to the full version. ACIV holds absolutely no interest for me, as does WWE 2k14.

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I'll be picking up Assassins Creed and Battlefield for the Ps4 launch and I'll probably wait to get Batman at a discounted price.

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Just Arkham Origins. Still have to catch up on the AC games, not really a big wrestling fan anymore and I don't have the itch to play a multiplayer FPS at the moment.

I was going to pick up Watch Dogs, but we all know how that ended.

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Where is the none option?

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Already purchased Origins, don't regret it for a second. I want to get both BF4 and AC4 on launch day for XONE.

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I'm not even considering thinking about possibly buying any of those...

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AC4 is my next game, love love love love ships in AC3

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None of those listed for me, either. I'm still debating canceling my pre-order for a next-gen system. Watch Dogs was my backup plan if no other game struck my fancy, and now that it's gone I can probably just wait it out (probably wouldn't be disappointed with the PC version of it, anyway).

If you're looking for a suggestion specifically for your 360 and "had" to buy one, I'm no wrestling fan, but all of those other games are going to be comparable to the PC version. While that might be true for BF4, if you have friends on XBL, it still might be the one to get.

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I'm in no rush and new versions will be out before you know it. I would get AC4 if I was getting a new console at launch.

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Origins is rad if you are up for some more Batman. I'm really enjoying it. AC IV is probably going to be the big PS4 game I get at launch.

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Personally: None. If I had to choose for you: AC:Black Bag

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@tobbrobb said:

Where is the none option?


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There was a chance of me getting either BF4 or AC4 on PS4 when it came to it but I think I'm getting one or both free from work :)

Kinda slim pickin's at launch.

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Hang in there, WWE 2k14.

Of those four games, only Batman Arkham Origins (not Blackgate) is a potential purchase.

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Nope, none of those are even remotely being considered for purchase. I probably wouldn't even play them if I got them from PS+.

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Im sure they are going to be really good and i will buy them all except(wwe), but not til next year when they are discounted.

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I got Batman as you can find PC codes for it on ebay for under $40. Got one yesterday for $29.

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The top one, I'll get Batman when its cheaper, hopefully the multiplayer is still alive and well at that point.

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Batman when the price drops to like $20.

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None at the moment. Waiting for X-COM: Enemy Within and Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition.

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Batm'n is coming down the pipes as I type. I'm sure I'll get 4ss4ssin's Creed and B4ttlefourld at some point as well.

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The only possible buy at some point would probably be BF4, other then that I will pass. Not interested in this Batman game because it just comes off as a cash in on the series. I haven't paid much attention outside of AC4 but lost interest in it because it seems like they are taking the ship stuff from 3 to make a quicker sequel. And Wrestling games have been bad for a long time.

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Renting AC4 and Batman, buying none.

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None. I currently have Batman in my possession through renting it and I'll also rent AC4 for the PS4, but I'm not buying any of those.

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I'm not sure when I'm getting my PS4. I'm leaning towards getting one shortly after christmas. Depending on whats out i might get AC4 and BF4. But aside from that, i dunno.

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Assassin and Batman is very similar and WWE games are not good for me (maybe because I don't like WWE anymore) and BF4 is also very good so if you like an open word action game buy Assassin or Batman but if you say i want to spend my hour on multiplayer with a good FPS then buy BF4

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None of those interest me, at all, sadly.

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Battlefeild 4 on Xbox One, maybe watch dogs. I may rent batman.

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Maybe Battlefield 4, but in reality, I don't really have crazy amounts of time to play Multiplayer games for 100's of hours to get all the unlocks and junk that they have for them. That is why I kind of more preferred the whole "halo" way of having everything from the start basically. I don't mind CoD and their leveling systems, it's just that all games have turned into that... :|

I am kind of interested in Batman, but I have not even had the time to pick up the Arkham City, so I suppose I can find that now for under $20, and by the time I am finished with that in like a year, I can pick up Origins for $20 as well. It's not that I don't like them, I am just not chomping at the bit for a new Batman game either.

If anything, I more see myself playing more SP focused games just due to me not having wide gaps of time to invest in a multiplayer game.

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None. Not interested in any of those.

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I'm waiting on Dark Souls 2. I was working on Demon Souls on PS3 but my system went down. I got Batman coming from Gamefly today, no point buying it.

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Probably none. The most interest I have in any of them would be Arkham Origins, but I haven't even played Arkham City yet.

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None of those.

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AC4, WWE 2K14, and Batman Arkham Origins.

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I enjoyed being an assassin so, Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag

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Maybe AC4 and Batman later, but not right now.

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Batman: AO I'll get at a later date but the others I don't see myself enjoying those since I'm burnt out from the AC series and I'm not a mulitplayer fan.

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BF4 once the Xbox One is out, AC4 and Batman when they're around $30.

#43 Posted by jdh5153 (1034 posts) -

Battlefield this week, Ghosts next week.