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I am torn between the 2. both are sony trinitrons. I will also be playing lots of ps2 games. Thanks.

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The bottom one looks like a better actual TV, but the top one looks more "classic". I guess I'd say just go for the bigger one so the CRT technology doesn't blow your eyeballs out the back of your head like it did so many youths of yesteryear.

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Well they are both CRT, I'm torn because I think most older games prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio but I do like to play alot of ps2 games as well. I think most ps2 games are native 4:3 but im not positive. the first one is 35" and the sencond is a 37"

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@reignofevil666: If the TV is widescreen there should be an option on it to keep the 4:3 ratio instead of stretching the image so I wouldn't worry about that.

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They both should be 4:3. Go with the bottom one

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Bottom! Since its bigger and you should be able to change it to 4:3

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The top one. If you're going to fight against modern technology to recapture the old-ass feel of a CRT, make sure it's convex in the center and warps the shit out of your image. Choosing the bottom one would be antithetical to the spirit since it's flat.
edit: And OF COURSE they're both 4:3.

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PS2 shouldn't make a difference, but if you plan on going full retro and playing anything with a light gun (NES, SMS, SNES), they often don't work well with flat screens. I'd go top. More retro, no worries about compatibility.

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I would recommend the bottom TV. Does the top TV even have an S-Video input?

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Bottom TV i guess? I use a widescreen CRT because some PS2/XBOX/GC games are widescreen. Right now with a switcher i have a SNES/GENESIS/GC/XBOX/PS2/DC hooked up to it with a few other retro consoles in a tote next to it but i am in the process of packing them all up and sending them to the garage since i just built a PC for my living room that's specifically made to play all those games (and yes i only play the games i actually own).

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man those are ugly...


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Bottom looks like its better. The only thing the top one has going for it is that it is all black. I prefer my stuff to be all black, having random stuff that is silver is fucking annoying to me

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My back hurts just looking at those things. Only buy it if you plan on never moving it again. You know that bottom TV weighs over 250lbs right?

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If the bottom is an EDTV, which use progressive scan, the ps2 games that support 480p will look better. Otherwise, definitely go with the top.