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So there are big discounts this week on PSN and bigger discounts for PS+. These two caught my attention:

Devil May Cry HD Collection at $14.69

God of War: Origin Collection at $9.79

I have played God of War's main trilogy, but I have never played any of Devil May Cry games. I do plan on buying the new DMC once I get through my backlog and it is cheaper :P.

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Despite what the fandom might tell you, Devil May Cry has some serious camera issues. It can still be fun but DMC3 at least still has some issues.

God of War isn't completely immune to these issues but it is far better about it. I played the two games in the Origins collection on the PSP several times, they are both pretty good GoW games.

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@believer258: So the HD collection did not fix those issues or is it one of those carry over from last gen when developers were still figuring out how to use the camera?

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Gamer's Game = Devil May Cry.

Roller Coaster Ride = God of War.

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DmC if you like cool stuff, God of War for angry men flailing guts around. Also boobs.

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God of War because it doesn't suck.

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God of War, if not only because DmC HD comes with DmC 2.

We don't want that getting out again.

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God of War is good if you're just looking for a straight up button-mashing action game that's really cool and satisfying. Devil May Cry is more "hardcore", for lack of a better word. Also, since you're planning to buy the new DmC, which is super accessible anyway (I didn't play the other DmC's, but I was able to get into the new one easily), I would probably choose God of War in your position.

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Devil May Cry purely because of DMC3.

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God of War if you want mindless fun and spectacle

Devil May Cry if you want mechanics

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While GOW1-3 are pretty good games, DMC 1 and DMC 2 are not that great so you get better value out of the GOW package.

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God of War collection got me into the GoW games. I recommend that

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I'd go for the one you haven't actually played yet, if it at all interests you. Both series have their strengths and weaknesses, but at least with DMC it's all new and exciting for you. You'll probably get a good idea why people say what they saying about the different games along the way.

That being said, I personally like the God of War games a bit more, but I'm not the hugest fan of either.

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Thanks everyone, I'm leaning towards DMC just to see its mechanics and just how bad DMC 2 is.