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The NES (my cousin's NES to be precise) was the one that pulled me into it all, but the SNES is the thing that had me buying game magazines and whatnot.

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Started with NES, Genesis and SNES but it was the N64 that I remember really getting wild with it. Mario 64 blew me away then and now.

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NES and PC for me. Wolfenstein 3D and Mario with Zelda.

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And a game called something with 'Mover' specifically.

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The Famicom, when I saw Contra for the first time after playing on a black and white Atari for ages it was like a religious experience for me.

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The NES. We had a computer, but it was the NES that got me hooked.

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Also the Game Boy Color, i Played for what seemed a lifetime. That damn Pokemon.

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NES. I had a 2600, but after suffering through that damned Raiders of the Lost Ark game( a game that required 2 controllers to play, and we only had one, so to select items, I had to switch the controller to the other port, then switch back to use it, then switch back to drop it, then finally switch back to continue moving........WTF???????), Contra,Castlevania, and Ninja Gaiden(Ninja Gaiden.....you insufferable bastard!!!!) had me reading Nintendo Power in the grocery store whenever I could sneak away from my parents.

Its been a downward spiral of obsession ever since.

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By that definition PS2 was when I got way into this side of games.

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A 286 PC, on which I played California Games and Police Quest. I was 6 and barely knew any English at the time, so I basically had to teach myself in order to play the latter. Shortly after that my parents bought an NES.

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Probably the first PlayStation. I remember reading video game magazines about the latest Tekken previews and Resident Evil 2 reviews and what not. I think I still have a few of those CVG magazines lying around somewhere.

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Atari 2600, would of been Commodore 64 if my older brother allowed me near it. I wanted to play Operation Wolf so bad, one could argue just watching my brother play made me a gamer.

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Playstation One was my second but easily a console i spent way more time with playing games like final fantasy, and whatever else i played but don't remember right now, it ended up sucking me in and making spend crazy amounts of time into it and getting really in depth with a bunch of games on it where as i don;t think you could really do with allot of the games i had played on the sega megadrive since they never did tend to get all that complex as games in general other than moving to the right.

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Apple personal computer and NES.

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December 1943.

Colossus, the world's first programmable electronic digital computer. Thanks Tommy Flowers, Max Newman and their respective terms.

You're welcome, entire human race.

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I initially started playing games on an NES, but I think the SNES is where I passed the point of no return.

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Game Boy Advance.

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PS1 for me, that system blew me away and I really began playing games as much as I could. I started to spend alot of money on games and even buying magazines to see which games were good or coming out in the near future.

Previously I had played some NES, Genesis (Mega Drive) and of course PC but PS1 really got me into gaming

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While I did have an Amiga and a bunch of cool games for it that I did like playing it would actually have to be the Playstation.

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Famicom. Good times

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My dad bought Wolf3D and sat down and made me play it - since he couldn't figure out vidyagames. I was 10 at the time.

Pretty sure it was all downhill after that...

Edit: Had an NES and SNES before Wolf3D - so maybe it was earlier? I remember being blown away by Super Mario 3, and Super Mario World was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had...

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Probably the Game Gear. I remember the first games I played being Sonic and Fatal Fury.

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This is going to show my age a little, but my Sinclair Spectrum back in 1985 is what truely made me a gamer, hours and hours spent playing Dizzy and terrible arcade conversions of Afterburner and Outrun only made me want more. Then came the NES and it was downhill from there ^_^

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My first game experience was Microsoft Flight Simulator on my parents DOS machine. I spend hours with that game and other titles such as: Raptor, Canon Fodder, Pinball Dreams and Lemmings.

My first own console was a SNES and moved to N64 afterwards.

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Easy. NES.

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I started with the NES but the real deal for me was the Gameboy. That thing was a beast.

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It's the NES for me. I had played arcade games occasionally but having a NES at home was exceptionally convenient. A lot of great gaming memories from that box and some terrific game music as well. From then on I HAD to own at least one system per generation while dabbling with the PC whenever I could.

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the NES. Did have an Atari 400 but didn't have alot of games for it like i did with the NES.

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Ps2 probably, I might have gotten into the news and review part of gaming late in ps1 era, but not too sure. Ps2 is a safer bet.

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My dad owned a NES when I was born, so that. I started really early and haven't looked back since.

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SNES for sure.

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@rafaelfc said:

While I played a considerable amount of Atari 2600 games (at a very early age), it was the NES (nintendo entertainment system) that hooked me hard, I played every game that I could put my hands on for it (I used to rent an unhealthy amount of games)

Same here. Was given a Atari 2600 when my older cousin got a NES for Christmas.

Many many years latter I game my old PS2 to my fiances younger cousin to carry on the tradition.......and the little shit never even played it.

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PC, back in the days of Wizardry and Ultima 1...

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My older brother's Colecovision.
Zaxxon, oh yea.

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The first Playstation, no doubt. I played SNES and Nintendo 64 at friends, but my first console, and the one that got me hooked, was a PS1.

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I played a lot of DK64 & 1080 snowboarding on my n64 but I really got into gaming after buying my original xbox. Mechassault 2 came with it and it was the dopest shit I had ever seen! I think I knew gaming would be a big hobby of mine when I was online reading previews of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

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I bought this book, so arcade I guess. I played years of 2600, but I wasn't aware of any magazines or fandom of any kind.

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@sergio said:

Atari 2600.

This! I played it when I was 2. I think my mother has a pic of me playing Phoenix on the console, with me staring up at the screen. I might have to see if she still has that pic.

Then it was the NES, and I was sold after it! It's in my blood to be a gamer!

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@thehbk said:

So, not the first game system your played or owned, but what was the first system that you had where you felt like a gamer, reading reviews, taking the time to consider your purchases and not buying a game because the box art looked cool, actually knowing when a game was coming out?

By this description, it would probably be the PC, because before 2011 I had no access to reviews of games outside of the odd magazine. So my basis for buying a game was whatever one appeared to be the most appealing in the store and word of mouth. If I was to take gamer as when I started playing a lot of video-games, it would be the PS2.

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For me It's have to be the Sega Master System with out a doubt. I played a lot of Atari 2600 at my grandparents but I fell in love with the Master System.

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The PS3

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Manic Miner on the sinclair spectrum 48k

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SNES! Love me some DKC