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I will say Dead Space 2. It is because those zombies will attack you in everywhere form the darkness, you just couldn't predict what will jump on your face in the next second.

Dead Space2 is the scariest game I've experienced ever.

Which is the scariest game to you? Share your ideas with me please.

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I think shi* is fair game to change into puppy. What do you guys think?

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@mb: Yes but only because censoring a few letters (or in this case one) out with stars is the stupidest thing ever and makes no real sense.

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@mb: Hey, MB, use "scare the hell out" is better, rite? BTW, which is the scariest video game to you bro, tell me what you think :)

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@steadyingmeat: It is alrite, but thanks. Yeah, letz get back to the topic :)

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At one time i would have said Silent Hill due entirely to the atmosphere of that game, but it has been usurped by Amnesia because while Silent Hill's atmosphere was at 10, Amnesia's is at 15, just super oppressive.

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Yep, I can't handle Amnesia 1 at all. Even after watching multiple playthroughs of it, I still can't play that game.

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The first 45 minutes or so of Fatal Frame had me hesitant to even keep progressing through the game. Unfortunately repetition and getting comfortable with the game and its tricks sort of muted the scares as the game went on.

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Fatal Frame.

The thing that scares me most about that game is my inability to get a handle on controls. It results in me fumbling during every encounter... or rather the first encounter.... I've never made it past the first encounter..

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Almost any horror game. The only way I can consume horror games at the moment is Spookin'. But I can play Stalker just fine, even though it scares me... although I can't play it now because it sets my plenty-powerful laptop on fire for some reason.

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The entire Fatal Frame series. The tone, atmosphere, and premise behind those games just make for some terrifying ghost stories.

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Amnesia gave me nightmares every night for about a month D: What an absolute masterpiece for being so evocative.

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@sgtsphynx: Yup, Amnesia is the top 5 in my mind, but I laughed a lot when I was playing this game, because I was watching this guy's gamethroughs at the same time, It's super fun, you should watch it.


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System Shock 2......holy fuck

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System Shock 2......holy fuck

I had to quit playing that due to how much it got to me back in the day.

Most of the games that scare me are going to be the typical horror games. Silent Hill, Dead Space, Amnesia, Outlast, etc. I am very good at immersing myself into any horror game I play and am the type of person who gets myself worked up over nothing sometimes to the point of being scared even before starting one of the games up, it's great and I love it.
And I love the first Condemned and most of the sequel (the end started to destroy some things for me) they set up such a good atmosphere of utter depression and hopelessness, stuff like that really gets to me, where everyone on the planet or at least those left alive are just angry or sad, no one is happy anymore, you are just trying to survive in the world but what the hell is even the point of doing do if everyone is just so miserable.
Horror like that, really gets to me, just bleak shit. It's awesome.

Also when I was a kid, Deep Space Nine - The Fallen fucking terrified me, those god damn almost unkillable robots that stalk you in that game, euhg, they scared me so bad, they were the xenomorphs of their time I tells ya!

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Pretty much any horror game. I got through Dead Space 1 and 2 ok because they had lots of tells. You could go into a room, see all the vents and prepare yourself that after flipping a switch something bad would happen.

But stuff like Amnesia, Outlast. Just nope. Nope. I downloaded Outlast when it went up on PS+ and I've never even launched it.

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@zolroyce:they set up such a good atmosphere of utter depression and hopelessness, stuff like that really gets to me.

I totally agree with you, mate. Those utter depressed/hopeless scenes always make me feel very excited!!

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Basically, bugs and gigantic eyeballs. I couldn't play the Wind Waked for the longest time because of the one-eyed moth you had to face (not to mention the octoroks that would all of a sudden just STAND RIGHT BEHIND YOU).

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I can't think of one whole game that scared the hell out of me but I can recall plenty of scary moments in games. I still remember freaking out in the middle of the night when I was playing the ending to Famicom Detective Club and Higurashi. Some other examples would be Ravenholm in Half-Life 2 and that piano in Mario 64.

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Dead Space 1 literally made me tremble with fear. I was in my mid teens when I first played it.

Outlast scared the hell out of me more recently.

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Don't think any game I've played has out-right scared me (beyond 'jump scares').
However, a couple have given me the creeps due to their atmosphere. Alan Wake was one of them. Never scared me, but I found the game's atmosphere creepy which only added to the game.

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From a perspective of just sheer terror, amnesia and outlast will make you wet yourself. I just wished they held up to multiple playthroughs, sadly once you know the patterns of the monsters and how to take advantage of them the games lose a lot of their magic : / From a slow burning/non jump scare perspective it would have to be silent hill 1-3 and the first half of 4, sure they had jump scares but they were more about worming their way into your brain and making a home there.

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Amnesia by far. Got about 30 minutes - 1hr into the game and had to call it quits.

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Resident Evil meeting Doberman fort the first time.

System Shock 2 and Silent Hill had their moments too.

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I find it very difficult to be legitimately scared in a video game nowadays. I don't think jump scares or grotesque violence is scary, just annoying and stupid. I love horror that is unsettling, and stuff that has great atmosphere. Here are some games that were very effective in getting me scared.

Year Walk. Wow so perfectly unsettling.

Condemned: Criminal Origins. Specifically the whole mannequin sequence.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

Dead Space. Not the second one.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I never finished it (because i had seen a lot of the game before i played it) and the part that stood out to me was the first water sequence.

One sequence in Resident Evil 4, when you encounter those tall spiky dudes that can regenerate their limbs. The sounds they make are super unsettling.

Here are some horror games that I loved, but weren't necessarily frightening.

Siren: Blood Curse. The story becomes so crazy and impossible to wrap your head around, it made me want to play through it twice to understand what was actually happening.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Very good atmosphere, and great use of the wii remote. I never finished it because i came across a game breaking bug and I never saved the game, nor does it autosave.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Super neat sanity effects, though they don't really work nowadays. There was one effect that did get me, where when I hit pause to save the game, it took control of the menu and began deleting my game. It was one of the most frightening moments in my gaming history xD

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I don't play horror games, but Ravenholm did freak me the hell out back when Half Life 2 came out. However, I've played like 120+ hours of HL2 somehow so I kinda have everything memorized and Ravenholm is just an annoying level now.

The closest somewhat recent games would be Dark Souls 2 (mostly the half jump-scares where something I didn't expect suddenly appears behind me and takes a few swings...then the fear turns to angry punches, lightning bolts or sheets of fire) and the STALKER games.

First time I went into the Bloodsucker village in Shadow of Chernobyl...first house, looted it, turned around and saw that fucking wavy invisible outline thing which turned into an evil tentacle face thing that attacked me...I got back to a neutral base a few magazines lighter. Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat haven't been as bad though, but there's still some unsettling shit in those games.

But hey, at least I can shoot back. Main reason I never play pure horror games.

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The atmosphere it creates just makes the game so tense. I had to quit playing like 4 hours into cause I honestly couldn't handle it.

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Dead Space. Tried to play it and spilt tea all over my lap when I jumped. Scared the crap out of me. Never again.

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When I was younger I played Fatal Frame 2, and it was really creepy.

However, I'm going with the typical answer of 'Amnesia'. That game was just something else man. I know a lot of people quote the water monster as the scariest part, but that is NOTHING compared to the prison. You're in pure fucking darkness the entire time, and there's monsters patrolling the tight corridors searching for you. Man that part was horrid. There was also a bit later on where nothing happened to me for close to a half hour and I stupidly let my guard drop, and then I entered the morgue and there was a jump scare that was so unexpected that it actually caused me to shout in surprise, especially since it was a new monster that you haven't seen up to that point.

I managed to beat Outlast, and I did think it was pretty damn freaky early on, but it just got less and less scary as it went on. The enemy AI was way too easy to exploit, and there's invisible walls everywhere that the enemy just can't get pass. The first hour or so was really good though.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Legend were both scary to play because I never knew when my computer was just going to crash. I wish I knew why it caused that, because I thought they were half decent games.

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I feel like after Dead Space 1 Dead Space 2 was kind've a cakewalk for me, it numbed me to it's horror, not sure if that says more about me or the game :P I found Bioshock 1 scary for the same reasons but then once I got used to it's ways I adapted to it.

One of my first real chilling moments that sent shivers down me were the penguin like creatures in Silent Hill 1, when you'd shine your flashlight on them they'd scream and disappear, that would scare the B'Jesus out of me.

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Played the alien Isolation demo at Rezzed this year and didnt even make it to viewing the alien before i took off the headset and noped out of there.

Probably because i was exposed to the first two films waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young and now have a pretty gnarly fear of the xenomoprhs (despite knowing they aint real)

But they nailed that amnesia tension then amped it right the hell up with the setting.

Outside of games that aint out yet? Silent hill 1 and 2 were terrifying and the very first 'zombie cgi clip' from resident evil one when you leave the dining hall followed by dog hall shortly after meant i rarely made it past the first 30 mins in that game

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I got about 5 minutes into Fatal Frame and couldn't take it. That scared the shit out of me. As I've said before on here, something about J-Horror ghosts freak me out like crazy.
Silent Hill was always kind of messed up too.

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Outlast might be the scariest game I've ever played. The only thing that comes close is Condemned. Those are the only games in which I've had to stop playing because I couldn't bring myself to continue in certain areas (the department store in Condemned specifically). I thought Dead Space 1 and 2 were terrifying, but Outlast and Condemned are on a whole different level.

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White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. I've hyped this game here before, but take it from a super jaded horror obsessee: That shit is SCARY. It was Amnesia years before Amnesia, and even more terrifying. Sadly, even after years of fan-patches, it's still a buggy mess, but it's so worth it.

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I was was scared when playing gone home

#38 Posted by howypan (28 posts) -

@stonyman65: Fatal Frame is legend, this game can cause heart attack!

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aliens colonial marines

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There are quite a few, some of which don't hold up now that we've all become super jaded to most of the industry's tricks I would imagine. I'm also gonna break it down into a list or I'm going to ramble more than I usually do (Now that is a frightening thought...)

  • Resident Evil (PS1 Version) - This isn't to mock the gamecube version of the first RE game, that is a classic all on it's own, but I mention the PSX version instead because it was the first RE for a lot of us. The classics are all there. The dogs through the hallway windows, Forest getting up after you find him pecked to death on the balcony and so many more. It's atmosphere may have been a little off to most people, but when it set out to make me jump; it usually did.
  • Clock Tower - Yep, Clock Tower. I make no apologies for this entry: Dude with huge shears chasing you through a tower? Seems pretty damn creepy to me. Having played it recently though? Those controls are garbage. Total, utter, trash. Seriously, look at that controller and tell me it looks fun to use. You can't and it isn't! Anyway - I should also admit that the concept probably scared me more than the actual game did.
  • Dead Space 2 - While I enjoyed the first one a great deal, DS2 is where it's at. You take a protagonist who is showing serious signs of trauma from his past experiences, and force him back into a world that seemingly only he knows but can't control. It gets heavy handed at times and that last boss is tragically dumb, but it built a great atmosphere for me. An almost perfect mix of playing as a powerful character in a world that is equally dangerous.
  • Silent Hill - The first and the only one that matters in my mind, SH1 was (and still is) a great game. We all probably know by now that the fog was more a graphical power thing than purely for atmosphere but damn did it work on me. Couple that with the sudden screech from the radio as you got close to someone and it was pure, terrifying, gaming magic to me. I'm sure it doesn't hold up now to certain peeps, but man was it a blast for me to play.
  • The 7th Guest - Sure, it's an adventure game, but it had a great atmosphere and, as you probably noticed, that means a lot to me. Honestly, since I played it over a friends house at the time, I barely remember it now, but the game certainly freaked me out enough to remember it.
  • Clive Barker's Undying - It didn't run well from what I recall, but those that title alone screamed scary to me. It was really just story driven tale of ghostly violence, but it had the right feeling to it all the same.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some but that's really all I have right now. Maybe the rest are hidden deep so I don't dredge up nightmares? Or maybe I'm just getting old...anyway, fun topic, thanks for starting it!

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Dude I get scared playing STALKER, I wouldn't last a second in games dedicated in making people shit their pants.

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I've got kind of weird feelings about these things, I think fear is is a product of the expected jump scares, the atmosphere, a feeling of powerlessness and the impression of infinity from the enemies.

So Amnesia kind of has less of the jump scares but all of the other 3 since the atmosphere is creepy, you are powerless in the sense that you don't beat enemies(including running slower than enemies), and infinity in that there are not a finite amount of enemies and that they are generated without end depending on your fear level.

Dead Space had the atmosphere and jump scares but not the other two so it was on a mediocre scare level for me. I mean enemies are finite so I can feel secure as soon as I clear a room or even when backtracking, in fact the combat system was often so fun that I was begging for enemies to ambush me.

I can't think of a game that has all four criteria, but I think on paper they are like 90% of what makes a game scary. There's also an issue of controls, its an open question in my head if having good controls is just part of the powerlessness index or whether it is its own category.

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have alot of games got me with jump scares?yes,but i dont count those unless they were perfectly executed.so one of the few games i can actually say earned its scares was silent hill.it didnt need jump scares to be scary,because the music did a good job by itself lol.

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Amnesia is the only piece of media that has ever bothered me really. The Stalker games are the only thing to come close other than Amnesia.

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System Shock 2 scared forever.

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Eternal Darkness and Silent Hill 1.

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Amnesia and Fibrillation scared me to death.

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The first two resident evil games and Parasite eve did a number on me.

I don't remember much from them, (aside from the gruesome transformation/s), but I remember the feeling I got from playing..Jeez.

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Fatal Frame...i was little when that came out so...who am i kidding it still scares me "im 24"

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The first 3 Silent Hill games are all scary. All the Siren games are unnerving as fuck.

P.T. was one of the scariest games I had ever played, however that was only true for the first 45 or so minutes. After that it stops being scary and becomes just obtuse. Also, once you know how the game works and what its tricks are it loses all impact. It has no replay value.