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Safari.  Cuz Ima Junglar typa guy.

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Firefox, no significant reason.

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Internet Explorer because I've always had it and don't care to change.  It works well for me, although others seem to have problems with it.  Oddly enough I'm the only one of my friends or family who can keep a computer running without any problems.... just saying.

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Firefox, sometimes Chrome.

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Alternate between Safari and Firefox.

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I use Internet Explorer because I hate myself.

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Previously I used Firefox, but since a few weeks I only use Chrome. Mainly because it boots faster and has the same functionality.

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IE and when I check my email, Chrome. 
Both are sweet, it's just less of a hassle it seems to play a GiantBomb video via IE. This may have changed since I last tried it, but I remember for me it wasn't as good via Chrome.
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Firefox, but I'm thinking about giving Chrome a test run soon.

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Safari, the only thing that'd get me to use another web browser is I hate that Safari's only default search is Google. 
Glims fixes that, so I'm not stuck using Google, so I use Safari for everything now.

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Chrome. Now that it has extensions alongside its other benefits, I see no reason not to use it. Unless you have one very specific add-on you NEED, in which case, it's likely coming.

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fire fox but iv never herd of half of these

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Simplistic yet awesome. 
Only had to add 2 extensions to it to make it work for me: 
Twitter thingy and Gmail thingy. 

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Chrome is awesome.

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i use fire fox.

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Firefox, because of the high level of customization. Chrome's a nice substitute if you can't use Firefox, for some reason.

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Right now I'm using Chrome.

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Whats with all the Chrome in here?  Is it really that good?

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Firefox, mainly due to adblock plus and mouse gestures

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I switch between Firefox and Chrome. I'm never satisfied. 

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firefox, just switched back from a monthlong trial of chrome. chrome has some nifty features (syncing across computers for one!) but there's so much jank. i had issues where youtube videos wouldnt load on the first load of a page and all sorts of other junk. the lack of a built-in RSS feed reader like firefox does was also glaring :\ 
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chrome all day. 

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Dropped fireofx and with with chrome. Firefox sunndly was having massive issues. Not saving book marks. Resetting all addons.  
Speaking of which.. 
Any Good add ons for Chrome?

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Firefox, havent had any problems with it.. yet

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Firefox, very simple and it works.

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Firefox. I just find it a lot better overall.

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i used firefox for a while but then tried out google chrome and havent looked back. its pretty slick