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Hi All, 
Last night I bought a one year subscription and I wanted to let you  know why. 
I really like what the Giant Bomb and the Tested crew are doing. From time to time I also check out the Comic Vine and the Screened stuff. I really don't only like what the guys are doing I love it!  
I want them to stay in business and I want them to be succesful because they are a part of my life and I don't want this to change any time soon. I am now 39 years old and I have been playing games since  I was 12 years old.
Now I am an adult but I still love games and technology and  I know how difficult it is to keep your company running. 
 The ONLY reason why I bought this subscription is that I wanted to support these guys who make me laugh and feel good every day of the week.
Thanks for reading this, 

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Good to hear. I think most GeeBee's subscribed just to support the Giant Bomb crew; the extras you get along with the sub are just perks!

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@Schnatterfleck: I did it for the same reason. I don't care for any of the perks, except the gold medal lol, but these guys have made me the game enthusiast i am today, and they deserve my support!
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hey guys, can you help me out. i got a paid subscription for a month, but as you can see, its still just with the silver medal, so my question is, what do i have to do to register the upgrade?

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same here. i love all the whiskey media has done so far and i wish them good luck on any and all future enedeavors.

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i think i spend more time on Giantbomb then i do watching TV or just about anything else at the moment. they deserve my support and cash because i suck up a good chunk of their bandwidth i'm sure XD

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Pretty much hit the nail on the head. I only wish I could afford a year's sub but I want Reach hehe. 

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I subscribed for similar reasons. The hilarious antics from the Giant Bomb crew really help me make it through the week. 
Really, the perks are nice (the HD video makes my mouth water) -- but to be honest they could take them all away and I'd probably still give them some cash. They really do that good of a job. 

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To be truthful I mostly only care about Giantbomb and that's why I subbed. Screened and Tested have some neat content though.

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Im thinking about getting a "gold membership". One thing i would like to know before i do so. Whats the mobile site like on the Iphone? I have one of those suckers, and since Apple sucks, flash wont work on it. I am hoping that since the site is HTML5 it will work on my Iphone? If not, i would love it if they would update the Iphone App.

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@skronk: they are in html5 for the mobile version
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@skronk: it's basically the site you see now but in a smaller frame pretty much. not a whole lot different really. check out snide's video walkthrough of the mobile site for more info on it. hopefully that helps ya.
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@suikoden352: Sweet! I didn't even know i could watch videos directly from the site with my Iphone! Just gotten so used to videos not working i haven't even thought about testing it. :)

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 Does anybody know how many subcribers they got? Can't find it on the site but I am sure they'll talk about this during the next podcast.

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@Schnatterfleck: We've had to rely on the whiskey media twitter account for accurate numbers, but now we can only guess some number more than 5,000
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@jimmy5150: Thanks! I hope they reached the 5000 before the deadline and the Bombcast will remain unchanged as they promised.
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@Schnatterfleck said:

" @jimmy5150: Thanks! I hope they reached the 5000 before the deadline and the Bombcast will remain unchanged as they promised. "

 Already happened.
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@Anthony:  Tested is pretty awesome and for makes it worth paying the sub for both sites.  Really though I am broke right now buying furniture for my place and this has come an an inopportune moment for me.  I'l get it some time to show support, but I am a little bewildered. right now.
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@wealllikepie: the silver medal is for monthly subscriptions, the gold is for yearly. 
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Yeah a lot of it was the same for me, I dont care for the features that much. Totally stoked for the shirt though. 
However this worries me, how will they expand in the future if their features arent that attractive? Like can they keep getting support subs forever and continue to grow? 

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Same here. I love what these guys are doing and I want to help them to keep on doing it. Aside from the t-shirt (I missed all other GB apparel opportunities) I didn't really care about the extras. Although, HD video content is pretty badass.

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I want to support Giantbomb as much as everyone else does. So why not pay $50 a year to keep these guys up and running. Not to mention Tested is an incredible site so I'll be supporting them in the process.

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@Schnatterfleck said:
" The ONLY reason why I bought this subscription is that I wanted to support these guys who make me laugh and feel good every day of the week."
While I wouldn't say that was my only reason for subscribing....it was my number one reason.  The GB guys and the Tested guys give me plenty of laughs during the week....and sometimes as we all know those are hard to come by.