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With Ryan and our go-to replacement host Jeff both out next week who do you think will be downing the shot?!

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them icy t's

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Dave. The world needs more Dave Snider.

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I don't know who will, I hope for Dave or Will but any of them would do a damn fine job.

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It's most likely going to be Alex. 

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Self Respect.

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Who ever hosts, we all win!

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Cool Baby

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I hope Vinny will! Drew seems to be able to handle the control room.

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Just curious, but where are they going?
I'm rooting for Dave or Will. Or Vinny, but that won't happen.
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Cool baby?

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@CrazyChris: Vegas, for DICE.
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@ZombieSpace said:
" them icy t's "
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You know, I really want Dave to host it. MY FAV!

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Matt Bodega and Lemon storm the offices to host the Happy Hour.  By popular demand.  So that Ryan Davis can come back the week after pissed off out of his mind.

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Possibly Brad, but a Dave show wouldn't hurt, either.

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I think Alex is probably the best at hosting after Ryan and Jeff.  
actually wtf, i don't know why i said that.  totally Will. 

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I'm betting Alex or Will. They seem the most hosty.
Vinny will probably be behind the scenes but Vinster hosting would be my man crush dream come true.
Or Rorie. All puppies, all the time.

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I think Will and Alex are the only ones able AND willing to do it.

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Alex, Rorie or Will. I can't picture the others hosting for some reason.