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#1 Posted by Darkstorn (473 posts) -

I was thinking about this the other day. I watch hours of GB content per week, but the only video game I've played recently is Bioshock Infinite.

I suppose I just enjoy watching the Bomb Squad fuck around more than playing video games by myself. I think watching TNTs and UPFs gives games a fun, group atmosphere that I find hard to emulate in real life.

Who else here spends way more time on GB than actually playing video games?

#2 Posted by Drebin_893 (2943 posts) -

I haven't played a game in about a 6 months, so definitely.

#3 Edited by SomberOwl (753 posts) -

Me definitely I wish it wasn't this way though. Not to say I don't absolutely love GB, I do. It's just I have a very specific daily routine and it is hard for me to break. I wish I played more games and spent more time playing them.

#4 Edited by Brendan (8282 posts) -

For a while I was, but not anymore. Now I rent games and have played 8-10 since January.

#5 Posted by believer258 (12308 posts) -

I did for quite a while but I started playing more.

#6 Edited by Pkshields (811 posts) -

Depends on the time of year. Currently I'm completely snowed under, so I get my gaming fix from Giant Bomb while I have no time for games.

#7 Posted by Chop (1999 posts) -

I spend way more time here

#8 Posted by Alekss (327 posts) -

depends on time of year

#9 Edited by Fallen189 (5061 posts) -

Besides Dota, I've got too much going on in my life, so I can't dedicate time to gaming at the moment. I had to grow up and games didn't make the cut. Shame, but now I can live vicariously through others I guess?

#10 Posted by Unequivocable (225 posts) -

I was just thinking this same thing the other day. Especially during these down times my GB usage way exceeds my gaming time.

#11 Edited by Shivoa (648 posts) -

I generally watch all GB video content (majority is on my TV while I'm working rather than sole focus) and that stuff really adds up over a week, throw in another 3 hours for the Bombcast (although I can sometimes be found gaming while I listen to that). I doubt there are many weeks when I spend more time gaming than enjoying GB content unless I'm on holiday and even then it's not a certainty that I'll not have some QL up while I relax, play a narrative-free game, etc.

#12 Posted by Gruebacca (576 posts) -

Unless there's a video for me to watch, I don't spend that much time here. I look for videos, and then I check the forums to see if there's something worth contributing to. And then it's game time!

This is something I wonder about game journalists in general. How much time do they spend actually playing games, and how long do they spend writing their columns and chatting with others? As for the Bomb Crew, how much time do they spend on maintaining and adding content to their site compared to how much they play games?

#13 Edited by Nick (708 posts) -

I like to have videos on in the background while I do other stuff, so yeah I'm here more than I actually play games.

#14 Edited by nosebleed (15 posts) -

I do for sure. Most of my free time is spent writing music so games have been going by the wayside for awhile. I do manage maybe about an hour or two per week though.

#15 Posted by Portis (1283 posts) -

I certainly spend more time watching GiantBomb videos then I do playing games. I honestly don't visit the site much, maybe once a week. I watch the videos via the Roku app and read the news via RSS.

#16 Edited by Milkman (17481 posts) -

By a sizable margin, yes.

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#18 Posted by SMTDante89 (2603 posts) -

It varies, sometimes I'm both playing games and glancing at the forums/listening to a video/steam, etc.

#19 Edited by Tireyo (6451 posts) -

Yeah I do, but I wish it was different.

#20 Edited by the47ronin (31 posts) -

For the past 6 months for sure. Catching up on all the premium content I've missed definitely passes my gaming time.

#21 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

For sure, it's not even close.

#22 Posted by Demoskinos (15284 posts) -

*looks at 9000+ posts* Yeah, I spend some time here. I pretty much always have a fourm tab opened up in chrome unless I'm playing something on the PC.

#23 Posted by zoozilla (984 posts) -

Yeah, it's the same thing with me.

Sometimes I think about how many more games I could have finished if I didn't watch any of GB's videos... but that wouldn't be very fun.

#24 Edited by Slag (5056 posts) -

Hard to say.

I often listen to Bombcast/Quicklooks while grinding for achievements. So maybe?

#25 Edited by gla55jAw (2705 posts) -

Just took me a month and a half to get through Tomb Raider. I think I'm going to sell all my games, I'll never play all of them. I also spend hours a day on here haha.

#26 Posted by PillClinton (3301 posts) -

Forums, certainly. Content, not so much; used to, but cut that shit out when I realized what I was doing.

#27 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (1869 posts) -

Recently I definitely have been. I haven't been playing a ton of games for a few months probably because of school. I've had the past couple weeks off between classes, though I didn't seem to play any more than I was during school. It took me over a week to finish Metro Last Light. There's also the fact that there haven't been that many games I've wanted to play so far this year, and there aren't really too many more from now til the end of the year with the new consoles. I've only bought like three or four games this year, aside from several downloadable titles. Those have mostly been keeping me occupied. Giant Bomb allows me to vicariously experience as much of everything else as I want to.

#28 Posted by Zero_ (1977 posts) -

Yep, same here. Last proper game I played was Mass Effect 3, and before that Super Meat Boy. I consume GB stuff way more than games itself.

#29 Edited by jimmyfenix (3753 posts) -

I can get jaded from games real quick so giantbomb and the gym are a great couple of days break when i get super jaded from gaming

#30 Edited by Marokai (3178 posts) -

Certainly. I play games more often in certain times of the year, and I enjoy kicking back to play games for hours at a time, whereas it's easy to just watch a piece of content on and off whenever I can fit it in. Giant Bomb is basically my favorite TV channel.

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#32 Edited by thatdutchguy (1283 posts) -

I let the dudes at giantbomb play the games for me ;)

Getting The last of us though to play myself.

#33 Edited by JoeyRavn (4996 posts) -

I work from 9 to 3, and I used to have classes at the university from 4 to 8:30 until very recently, so I had very little time to play games... and a lot of time to browse Giant Bomb. And when I'm actually playing games, I usually have a Quick Look, TNT, UF or The Daily Dota on my second monitor.

So, yeah: Giant Bomb has ruined gaming for me. Thanks, Obama Jeff.

#34 Edited by DJJoeJoe (1337 posts) -

Steam says 19.7 hours in the past 2 weeks, that's just Metro though with just recently 2 hours of GRID 2. How much content is on Giantbomb in the last 2 weeks? Steam also doesn't count some games I play that aren't on steam or whatever.

I play all the games.

Put an hour into Brutal Legend, just starting that game on PC. Played a bit of some of the Double Fine Prototypes for a few hours as well. 15 hours was put into Bioshock Infinite, played Borderlands 2 for a few hours to check out the latest added character the Psycho... he uses not guns so that's weird. Played a small chunk of FEZ on PC but I don't think I'm up to try and play through it again fully, have plenty of other games I wanna play first and FEZ is still fresh in my head anyways from it's XBLA release.

I've put hours into Last Remnant in the recent month(s) which adds up to about 1d 2h worth of playtime so far, stopped for new games released recently. Tomb Raider took about 20hours of playtime to get through.

I got bored sometime in the past month and tried to start playing the Kotor games, I put about 45mins into both games for a bit. No more than that though :(

Oh also I played Neverwinter for a few hours, it's an MMO you guys.

#35 Edited by Shaunage (746 posts) -

I do the same.

#36 Posted by RedCream (694 posts) -

I'm fully aware of this for a time so I started to get some more game time recently. It's quite shameful for me knowing that I still have a ton of games on my backlog.

#37 Posted by Picsl (196 posts) -

Not anymore, as I have seen through most of it, but there was definitely a good period after I became a premium member where I would watch 10 times more GB videos than actually playing games.

#38 Posted by MithrilMojo (132 posts) -

Lately, my gaming is just watching Brad play the Daily DOTA.

#39 Posted by MithrilMojo (132 posts) -

Lately, my gaming is just watching Brad play the Daily DOTA.

#40 Posted by Hunter5024 (6070 posts) -

I'm sure that there have been weeks where that was the case, it mostly depends on what's out and whether or not I've had the money to buy it.

#41 Posted by Toxeia (725 posts) -

I'm too busy keeping up with my gamer stereotype of murdering children and puppies to play games.

And actually school, and now looking for work in a technology wasteland (when I have a degree in networking/security) is taking up all my time.

#42 Edited by CornBREDX (6254 posts) -

There hasnt been many good games this year. I am in the same boat, last big game I really liked was Bio Shock infinite.

I even went back to SWTOR because I've been so bored after work.

#43 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6086 posts) -

There are definitely times.

#44 Edited by nate6858 (171 posts) -

Yep. Since college I've lived on my own for a number of years now and the amount of time I spend playing games has become less and less.

I think it's because playing video games has always been a semi-social activity for me. When I was but a wee tyke I played games with my dad; figuring out puzzles in Space or King's Quest, trying to beat Bubble Bobble, or what have you. As I got older I got into Doom and the thing that made it so damn magical to me was that I had other friends in school who were also into making levels for it. Going to their houses, trying out each other's levels and such was a blast.

Through that I got into playing multiplayer Doom, Quake 1/2/3 and Unreal Tournament. Not to mention that by that time we had established a pretty robust group of people who got together for fairly frequent LAN parties. This branched out from FPS games into things like Starcraft and Diablo 2. And even Final Fantasy VII was a shared experience for me .. there were always about 3-4 of us over at my friend's house watching him play and discussing the game and trying to figure out what to do next. It was great.

Since the glory days, friends have gone separate ways as they do. I still have friends that play games, but we've all diverged (both in taste, and geographically) so much that playing games together doesn't really make sense. I could play CoD with some friends, but I don't wanna. I could play WoW with some other friends, but I really don't wanna because I've played that game enough already, argh. I miss the days of puzzling out single player games like Space Quest, or FFVII, or Silent Hill or whatever with friends around. Turns out that was what I like most about video games.

While I still love games and do play them, I just don't play them nearly as often as I used to. That's what I dig about viewing GB content, is a couple of people checking out a game together and generally crackin' wise about it. It scratches an itch that I can't scratch on my own.

#45 Edited by Redbullet685 (6107 posts) -

I would say yeah. I spend a lot of time on here.

#46 Edited by TheHBK (5588 posts) -

Me, definitely. Hoping to change that after I build a new gaming PC next month.

#47 Posted by Rorie (3032 posts) -

Me. But then, I'd hope that would be the case, considering it's my job and all.

#48 Posted by Clonedzero (4196 posts) -

I'll often have spurts between games, like I'll finish up a game and have nothing to play, so i'll eat up all the GB content i can. Then i'll be like "man that game in that quicklook looked awesome, i'll pick that up"

I'll often use GB as a measuring rod for what i'd like to play next.

Hell my two most recent purchases, Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma were both because i was bored and watching oldish quicklooks. Glad i did, cus Dark Souls is now one of my favorite games this generation. Plus thanks to @rorie I didn't die to the bridge dragon lol

#49 Edited by Tobyus (100 posts) -

Well, after purchasing Premium membership. Its more likely now that im downloading all of their content, just to watch them goof around. And therefore, i dont play alot :p i just enjoy them play my games that I own :P hahahaha

GB !!!!!!!!!!

Also, i use GB for everything :)

#50 Posted by kerse (2123 posts) -

I spend a lot of time doing both at the same time, I don't know why but I enjoy playing games and listening to the bombcast or watching whatever video is up that day at the same time.