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I played Batman Arkham Asylum and a lot of Arkham City on Hard Mode and didn't feel challenged. I am not a big gamer so I don't think that is the reason.

With Arkham Asylum I didn't have a tough time at all except for 3 parts(the 1st is because I didn't understand what was going on). The 1st being The Stealth section where if you knock anyone out or are seen, the captives are killed, The 2nd was the corridor before the 2 brutes right near the end. The 3rd was The area with the 2 brutes.

Did anyone other than me find these games to be to easy?

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Certainly not me. I found them to be decently challenging, unless my blog on the matter directly contradicts this notion.

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I found them to be just right on hard mode.

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Yeah, they were both pretty easy. I mean, it's not as easy as easy or something, but it's certainly not much of a challenge.

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I thought the difficulty was just right on both those games.

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You're Batman.

Of course it's easy.

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Fairly easy, finished both games on hard without any real challenge. Once you get the hang of the combat system every encounter from then on is straightforward.

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I found them very easy but there's definitely depth there for the people that want it.

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The whole combat system is based around mashing a single button and occasionally pressing another one in a very generous window when an enemy clearly signals that he's going to punch you. Of course it's too easy.

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Combat is really simplistic. I found some of the puzzles provided a decent challenge.

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They're both about as hard as game like that should be. I remember having a bunch of problems with the Harley electric floor fights in the first game, but it forced me to learn to do more than mash meaning I got better at the game. The Robin DLC has a pretty damn challenging room in it though.

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I never thought it was too easy. I think both of the games, Arkham Asylum in particular, had very well designed single player adventures. The way they slowly introduce new items and weapons and slowly gave you more and more enemy's to deal with made the game fun and fresh without getting frustrating.

The games aren't easy, they're just well made.

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I think it's just right. Apparently if you think it's too easy, NG+ mode is for you... they introduce all enemy variants from the start and they're more aggressive.

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I agree with the majority. The challenge in New Game Plus felt just right. Not cheap, not easy.

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I thought that Arkham City got kinda tricky in New Game Plus, if only because sometimes the groups of dudes got so big that it was tough to see some of the enemies, and thus I wasn't able to counter.

But overall...I guess I never really died much, but I also never really felt like I was breezing through it like it was no problem.