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Poll: Who gets knocked out next gen? (156 votes)

Microsoft 6%
Nintendo 37%
Sony 3%
Ouya 53%

Many are saying that the upcoming next-generation console war is going to be a blood-bath and that someone is going to get knocked out of the hardware market. Who do you think is going to get knocked out?

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This could have been a multiple choice poll.

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Sony, their VITA sold poorly and they don't seem to know who their core demographic is in the western world.

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i'm not voting until microsoft makes an announcement. pardon the expression, but it largely depends on how brass their balls are. replace alec baldwin with steve balmer and you can pretty much imagine the scene in redmond.

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I couldn't imagine a more pointless poll.

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Nintendo can't make a relevant system to save their damn lives recently, so I'd say they're going out soon. Maybe not completely, but I doubt we will be seeing new hardware from them in the long run. I think the industry has just moved on to other things. Games wise, there will always be a new Zelda and a Mario game for as long as people keep buying them.

The Ouya looks like it's dead in the water. I doubt it will be able to keep up with the other brand/systems that have been around for over a decade now.

Sony messed up bad with the Vita, but they seem to be doubling down on the PS4 - focusing on the core gamers and trying to correct what they've gotten wrong on the PS3. We'll just have to see how that works out.

Microsoft seems to be doing the exact opposite with the new Xbox as Sony is doing with the PS4 - Microsoft wants the next Xbox to be a multimedia machine (the "Box" in the living room, like they've always wanted) and they are progressively moving away from the core gamers and moving towards everything else that they can monetize and make money off of. This shift is evidenced by the current push on the 360 to put an emphasis on ads, music, movies, and everything else besides games. IMO, this is going to push a lot of people away.

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Surely if we had the evidence to say that at least one console manufacturer is going to get knocked out, then we'd already have the evidence for which console manufacturer that's going to be. I don't think it's a safe assumption that anybody is going to leave the race this time round, but I could see the Ouya falling, and I guess there's an outside chance Nintendo might fall.

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Ouya shouldn't even be a part of this pole. That's not a thing.

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Next-gen? None of them, not even Sega just suddenly disappeared, it was only after numerous large scale failures. It's going to take a lot more than one, slightly under performing console that still turns a profit to get rid of Nintendo and even although Sony is struggling, the Playstation department is doing very well.

At a guess, I could see Microsoft throwing in the towel, but brand recognition and a place in the living room seems more important to them than actually making money from the Xbox.

The Ouya, I assume is there as a joke, it's never going to make any kind of large scale impact or even begin to compete with the big three. It's just a jumbo Android phone for those who want to emulate SNES games.

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Haha, Ouya could only wish to be in the same league as the others.

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I didn't even consider Ouya to be there. I voted Nintendo.

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Ouya because who really gives a hoot about it. This however might be Nintendo's last console however so in a few years we'll have to wait and see.

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I don't count Ouya. I voted Nintendo, but only from home consoles. Also I really just want to play Nintendo games without buying a Nintendo system. But I probably will... Stupid Bayonetta 2...

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I didn't count the Ouya. Of course that thing has no chance against the giants that are Sony and Microsoft. I voted Nintendo though because so far they aren't very sucessful with the Wii U and it's their fault.

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Of those choices, Ouya.

Honestly, I don't have the same doom and gloom point of view that everyone else does. I think the big three are going to keep on trucking.

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All of them, because mama said so.

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I choose....sandwich.

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I added a pointless video to a very pointless poll.

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I think Nintendo needs to step up, or they're going to start falling.

#20 Posted by Bollard (6531 posts) -

Oyah doesn't even deserve being mentioned on the same sentence as those 3.

#21 Posted by fauxical (60 posts) -

Nintendo had a good run but it's time to throw in the towel. There is no shame in being a third party developer for the other consoles.

#22 Posted by Demoskinos (16434 posts) -

I think Nintendo finally realizes that it wants to be a software company and bows out of the hardware race

#23 Posted by Excast (1287 posts) -

I honestly can't imagine another home console from Nintendo. The Wii U was just released and it is already a fading memory. The thing is going to be woefully underpowered a couple of years from now and it doesn't have the same gimmick that the Wii had to keep it somewhat relevant.

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@demoskinos: They're crapping on the VIta with the 3DS, though. Even if the WiiU becomes some sort of monumental failure (and it would have to be worse than the Gamecube, which they survived), wouldn't it make sense for them to keep the handheld division going?

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How about "no one"? Every single generation there has been the same topic and people doomsaying left and right. "Many are saying" What "many"? Your friendly neighborhood soothsayer? You will find this "many" proclaiming any thing you want on the internet including but not limited to the claim that people are being tinned in underground factories to get rid of overpopulation.

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I could see one or more leaving the dedicated video game console format for something like a Steam service but I highly doubt any will leave the market.

#27 Posted by natedawg_kz (260 posts) -

i'd imagine Nintendo but they could still publish their games on other platforms. l would love to play pokemon on my PlayStation.

#28 Posted by Miketakon (533 posts) -

Ouya because it's stupid

#29 Posted by Nightriff (6472 posts) -

Well out of these options Ouya, that is just a joke "console" don't understand how anyone is excited for it

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You know the Ouya is based on near 2 year old phone hardware right? (Tegra 3) Shouldn't be in the poll.

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Ouya is dead in the water, but things look real bad for Nintendo and the WiiU. Maybe they will have some kind of new awesome handheld that makes people care again, but for home consoles the curtain is closing.

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Lol Ouya. I hope it's Nintendo. Their hardware is never interesting and the only reason people buy them is to play the first party games and maybe one or two third party games. I would rather them just be putting out Nintendo games on everything. Plus that would bring me one step closer to seeing my dream of a Pokemon MMO on PC.

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Realistically, all 3 big guys, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, will be able to hold out in one way or another. Ouya is the one that is up in the air since it needs a long lasting revenue to keep going where the others do have.

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All of them. Sega are returning with a vengeance... revengeance.

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@mirado: Thats the interesting question though. Kids now days are drawn to iPads and Tablets. Not saying that everyone who has a 3DS is a child but obviously its a large percentage of the market. They might keep it going but I'm not sure if we even get another generation of hand helds the way the mobile market is now.

#36 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (475 posts) -

If it's anybody, it's Nintendo, but that doesn't turn them into a 3rd party. I think they'd just stick with innovating in the handheld market.

#37 Posted by TAFAE (190 posts) -

I seriously doubt the Ouya is going to offer any sort of competition to anybody, the market for playing smartphone and tablet games on your TV from the OS that is not leading in the smartphone and tablet games department seems very small. If this device had the iOS library, maybe this would make more sense, but I still think the market for playing quality smartphone and tablet games on your TV is pretty small.

If anything is going to happen to Nintendo, they'll stop making living room boxes and just do handhelds from now on. Maybe if things really go sour they'll only release them in Japan where they sell like crazy anyway.

If anything happens to Sony, it will be a result of the rest of the company going down, not their games division. They beat Microsoft everywhere but North America during this gen despite the lackluster first two years after launch and worse online features and they currently seem to be interested in getting things back to the way they were during the PS2 era. Even if all of the features of the new console don't exactly pan out or nobody wants to use them, the new platform seems to be both powerful and easy to develop for.

If Microsoft's going to be the one to leave, it will be because all of the rumors we've heard about the new Xbox requiring an always on internet connection and blocking used games are true. If people just aren't willing to connect their consoles to the internet, they lose something like 40% of current owners right off the bat. If on top of that the console doesn't play used games, GameStop wouldn't stock it or the games and it would basically be suicide. Even if it just means that every single game requires a $10 "used game pass" payable directly to Microsoft I still think they'd crash and burn based on how much GameStop would hate them. I seriously doubt Microsoft is going to go so hard in that direction though, I can't believe they wouldn't realize what kind of shit they'd put themselves in if they blocked used games.

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Putting Ouya on your poll is a total cop-out. It's useless now.

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I don't think the OUYA is on the same level as Sony and MS next-gen offerings. I'd make the argument that "next-gen" Nintendo hardware isn't on the same level as other new consoles.

That said, it would be really interesting to see Sony or MS topple and pull out of the console hardware market.