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I want to see your names : D, I in no way think my name is that great, i just chose it cause i think its kind of funny (I almost chose Rapier, for those who kno what i mean) But i kno that in the early days of a site like this people got first dibs on some of the greatest names, so lets here em! who thinks they chose a great name?

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LOL, Rapier would have been SO awesome.

"Especially if he had a funky ear"


Well, I think I have one of the better ones

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Hulk strongest and coolest name there is.

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i like mine :)

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no one can beat mine :P

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I'll go with Hulky over there.

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Mine is best... it's named after the best song in the world...

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I like mine. I had other names I almost went with but so far I'm satisfied with my choice.

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Me it's my real name :P

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Well, I have reason to believe that mine is the best. But then again I am me.

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Fact: I am the coolest.

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'Jandurin' is the best.  /thread

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I think WhySoSerious has the best name.

I would've went with something more original but people gave me the nickname "Clutch" (I think it looks better with a K) and it's what I do, hence iKlutch.

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My name is my name.

Also, candy is delicious.

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M1 said:
"I'll go with Hulky over there."
Hulk spare you from being SMASHED.
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Jandurin said:

'Jandurin' is the best.  /thread

I phail to agree with this post. :P
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i think my name has to be the most creative. This name is what im know to most of the gaming community as.

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I love my name, it's a combination of my last and first name :P. Actually when I first made my name I thought it didn't go through so I refreshed and I resigned up... but when I went to sign up again it told me my name was taken. I was so mad lol so I signed up with a different name. When I finished I realized I was the one who took the first name haha. Soooo now I have a backup name incase I ever get banned lol..... just kidding I need to figure out how to erase it though:P.

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Mine is because Lepuke was the best player on the Deathskin Razors team in Mutant League Football and because I have been rockin' this name on the internet for 12 years now.

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I remember when I first came up with this username, I didn't like it that much. Now I think it has a sort of charm to it, dunno why though.

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Mine because Joker is all the rage sucka's!

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Whats not cool about phlegms?
It oozes sophistication and awesomeness.

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Everyone here is too immature to not vote for themselves. Myself included.

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Mines ok I was going to go with my real name, Tom but its taken so thought for a second and grabbed Otacon

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I just went with my handle. Yeah, I know, boring.

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Oriental_Jams said:
"Well, I have reason to believe that mine is the best. But then again I am me.
You're so biased...

Clearly my name is superior.

Actually i can't even take credit for it. Thousands of people before me had it so its their fault thats it sucks/is so amazing not only your socks but your pants are rocked off.

Personally i just use it from habbit and the fact that everyone seems to have a different reason as to why i chose it and i love to hear peoples takes on it, mainly because its about my favourite subject.....ME!
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I win.

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I have the coolest name.

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who the hell cares.

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BeefJerkins said:
"who the hell cares.
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My name is easily the coolest and most epic here.

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Me. Me. Me.

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Hulk is the coolest.

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I'm pretty sure I have the coolest name.

I mean, yeah.

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SeriousCat has the best name ever.

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mine is win

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Sorry, but you can't get much cooler than mine.

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I don't think. I know.

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I was going for Grim, but sadly, I was too late.  Luckily, I was able to pick this name up, which is the same as my Zune tag.

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I win this thread.

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My first name FTW?

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Or so you thought


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I'm in the running, even if my movie underwhelmed.......

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I do.


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You guys all are wrong.
My name is far superior, as it quotes the bombcast.
BTW this thread really brings out the ego in all of us..