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50 Cent

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*Cough* Toad.

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@ScottyHawkeye said:

In the years of research

7. Etzio The Assassin


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@ScottyHawkeye said:

In the years of research I've looked to see who the best character is here are names that are common

1. Batman

2. Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

3. Master Chief

4. Joker

5. Spider-man

6. Sam Fisher

7. Etzio The Assassin

8. Venom

9. Scarecrow

10. Didact

who is it?

I don't think you did any research at all. Hell, half of those characters are better known as comic book characters, rather than game characters. Oh, you also don't know how to spell Ezio. Lucky for everyone in this thread I have done some research. Actually, it is more like I remember who kept winning those greatest character of all time tournament polls on Gamefaqs. Granted this is more of a popularity contest and doesn't prove they are "the best," whatever that means. You kind of completely failed to explain what it is you are talking about. What criteria are we suppose to judge anything on? Don't know. Anyway, here are the three guys who always ended up at the top. If you want to know who the internet loves the most it is going to be one of these three.

umm... lucky us?