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I am the best when drunk!

#3 Posted by RobotHamster (4236 posts) -

For everyone who watched this amazingness, who did you find the funniest while they were drunk?

#4 Posted by Leptok (982 posts) -

who's daves sister? 

#5 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -
@Leptok: the one who interview jeff
#6 Posted by Zithe (1056 posts) -

Gotta go with Rorie.

#7 Posted by plop1920 (458 posts) -

Its been a lonngg roaddd

#8 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2532 posts) -

Rorie was amazing.

#9 Posted by SquirrelGOD (517 posts) -

SOOOO hard to decide between Will and Rorie, but credit goes to Rorie.  I don't really agree with his taste in movies (though, I do respect his trivia skills), so going into this I wasn't really looking forward to what he'd be bringing to the show.  But, holy shit.  That man was non-stop entertainment during the after party.  When Ryan took the mic from him, I damn near lost it.  Kudos to you, Mr. Rorie, you have a new fan!

#10 Posted by JP_Russell (1167 posts) -

I actually liked Drew the most.  He usually seems so lucid and perceptive, it was almost shocking to see him stumbling around and maintaining little control of his face's motor functions like that.

#11 Posted by Matt (1072 posts) -

Cmon guys it's easy! Rorie all the way!

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A, B, C & D.  There is no need to be the best.

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Missed Will, everyone claims he is in fact the best.

#15 Posted by Lemoncookie01 (1663 posts) -

  Drunk creepy Will wins.
#16 Posted by NeoGamer (158 posts) -

Dave's Sister was an amazing surprise. She probably drank more than Rorie (even though Will was by far the most wasted of all =D).
But I must vote for Rorie, the man just killed it from start to finish!

#17 Posted by Freek (106 posts) -

It is a tough decision between Will and Rorie.

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I missed most of the show and after-party, but please, God, please tell me that it's archived and/or there are more incredible GIFs out there.

#19 Posted by NathHaw (2848 posts) -

I'm so split, but I have to give it Will.  Rorie, you rock!

#20 Posted by Zinc (207 posts) -

My vote's for Rorie.

#21 Posted by CashBailey (808 posts) -

Will was more drunk, but Rorie was way more entertaining.

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@takua108 said:

" I missed most of the show and after-party, but please, God, please tell me that it's archived and/or there are more incredible GIFs out there. "

Check my link on the page.  Norm archived it. 
...or I guess just click here:    http://bit.ly/9ka4rj
#23 Posted by Atto (35 posts) -

Rorie hands down

#24 Posted by Castro (942 posts) -

How is Rorie not winning? This is an outrage!! Special mentions go out to Ana and especially Will who was really fucking drunk. When I first started watching the party-stream, I was afraid that it would be just a bunch of random people coming up and making asses of themselves. I had no idea that it would be the Whiskey Media team making asses of themselves. I sincerely hope that nobody is fired. Those guys are all stars.

#25 Posted by Damien (1378 posts) -

Looks like 90.5% of GB users didn't watch when Dave's sister was the best thing all over that thing all day.

#26 Posted by cooljammer00 (2302 posts) -

Drew was drunk?  Damn!  I guess I missed that part.

#27 Posted by DanP (45 posts) -

Gotta give it to my man Matt "One Dance" Rorie for the best damn singing and dancing act i have seen all week.

#28 Posted by cooljammer00 (2302 posts) -

Also, Ana claims she wasn't drunk on Twitter.  While it might be a Rorie-esque "Nah, dude.  I'm fine.  I'm drinking water!" lie, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

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I didn't watch the afterparty, but Rorie was absolutely outrageous near the end of TBLLSL. The man is my hero.

#30 Posted by JJWeatherman (14797 posts) -

Rorie bro. Oh my god.

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100% Matthew Rorie!

It's been a long road!

#32 Posted by Stefan (576 posts) -

I picked Dave's sister but Will was great, too. The gif is great btw.

This was his 2nd attempt to disturb the viewers :-D
#33 Posted by HistoryInRust (6599 posts) -

I have a newfangled man-crush on Rorie. So him. 

#34 Posted by Praab_NZ (281 posts) -

I voted Daves' sister, she had Jeff and Dave stupified with her interview of tracksuits and moustaches.
#35 Posted by dvdhaus (371 posts) -

Rorie.  There was a part late in the after party he came back into the Screened chat, mistyped a couple lines and took requests which lead to more singing and dancing.
It's been a long road!

#36 Posted by DukesT3 (1985 posts) -

Will, since he told that cute way too young for him chick that he loved her. 

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#38 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

I wanna be, the very best, like no one ever was. *downs an entire keg of vodka, slurs rest of lyrics*

#39 Posted by dangerousdave (140 posts) -

Overall I enjoyed Will more, but Rorie doing the same dance over and over for the whole night was amazing!

#40 Posted by one_2nd (2388 posts) -

I put other since idk any of those people. 

#41 Posted by Atomasist (2793 posts) -

Will Smith wins in my book, although Rorie is a close second.

#42 Posted by Fish_Face_McGee (494 posts) -

Will.  Just because of when he did a drunk David After Dentist yell at Gary Whitta.

#43 Posted by Hector (3514 posts) -

My vote goes to Will Smith!

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Will, and Dave's sister close second 
Edit: Also 1000 posts :)

#45 Posted by FateOfNever (1863 posts) -

This is a real tough one.  Dave's sister was a good surprise, and Ryan asking random people about their mothers was great, but Will and Rorie were both show stealers.  Drew was pretty good too.  All around, getting to see all of them drunk was the best, and I kind of wish there was an 'everyone' button, but, for individual entertainment, it was quite possibly Rorie.

#46 Posted by Daiphyer (1419 posts) -

Matthew Rorie, hands down. I was really surprised about how loose he got after watching his videos in Screened where he is very professional acting.

#47 Posted by Kornicos (9 posts) -

Close call but Rorie takes it. 
(honorable mention for Dave's sis \../) 

#48 Posted by Etaber (167 posts) -

Dave's sister was great.

#49 Posted by Scrawnto (2496 posts) -

Rorie for sure. I don't think Ana needs to be drunk to be awesome. Although Dave did demand that I give him my life story in 30 seconds. That was pretty interesting.

#50 Posted by GioVANNI (1312 posts) -

I'm all Rorie all the time.