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Does it count if they are intentionally annoying? I really hate those "fans" in Gothic (Mud) and Oblivion (Adoring Fan).

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And then there is always Noober from Baldur's Gate...

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The mechanic from Valkyria Chronicles was awfully grating. In fact I hated just about every character in that game. OH, but that fucking reporter lady, yeah she's definitely one of the worst.

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Putting Mario and Luigi on a list like this is like putting Mickey Mouse on a list of worst cartoon characters. What's wrong with you?

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Those kids from Lost Odyssey most annoying characters I've ever seen in a videogame. Every scene they are in they are the most horrifically grating anime cliché kids; and in the end I had to quit the game, which I was enjoying, because I couldn't take them any more.

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Tiny Tina is easily the worst character I've ever encountered in a video game

Fuck that character

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@damisterchief said:

Tiny Tina is easily the worst character I've ever encountered in a video game

Fuck that character

Exactly what I came here to say. FUCK TINY TINA.

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With the upcoming release of Metal Gear Rising, it should be noted that Raiden no matter how hard Konami tries has always been and always will be a terrible character.

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@strife777 said:

@immortalsaiyan said:

@benspyda: @strife777: @fredchuckdave: I must be one of the few who not only had no issue with hope but liked him. He may of been my favorite in the game. Him and Lighting. What is everyone's issue with him?

From what I remember, he's an immature, whiny, selfish little kid driven only by his unjustified desire for revenge towards Snow. It wasn't even Snow's fault his mother died, but he just had to blame someone.

Okay, his mother just suddenly died. ANYONE ANYONE who loses someone suddenly is going to be an emotional wreck and grasping for answers not to mention a 15 year old kid. Hope blamed Snow for his mothers death because he needed SOMEONE to blame because he couldn't cope with the fact that she was gone. Seriously, what do you expect the kid to do? Be like "Lol, my mom died guyz"?

After he reaches his character arc and deals with the death of his mother emotionally he starts to change as a person and you see this change in FFXIII-2 where he is a entirely self-confident driven individual.

I'm not saying the character's motivations don't make sense, but he's not good as a main character. Bullies at school normally have really horrible homelives but it still doesn't make them nice people to hang out with.

Maybe the kid from Ni No Kuni gets over his mothers death a little fast, but it makes for a fun character who isn't just moping through the entire game.

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Rico from killzone has got to be one of the most annoying characters ever. All his constant yelling and other stupid bs he did was just annoying as all hell.

I'd like to submit "every character from Killzone 2 ever" is the worst character ever. That whole game felt like it was written by a 14-year-old, and I couldn't even tell you any distinguishing traits of any of the characters, beyond "Rico has ADD and can't just sit still and instead has to fucking shoot people and make everything worse". Rico might actually be the best character from Killzone 2, because at least you have any feelings about him at all. What could you tell me about, I dunno, fucking Garza? Or Sev, even?

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the fucking harbinger from ME2, whose only power is the ability to irritate you to death with his idiotic soundbytes. consider my ass whipped, i cannot play those sequences without sliding the voice volume to zero. fuck you shitware.

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For me, it is a toss-up between Serra from Fire Emblem and Nanami from Suikoden II.

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I cannot get past the fact that both Mario and Luigi are on this list and Tiny Tina is nowhere to be found.

I'm greatly questioning your judgement, sir.

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Mario and Luigi? And no Raiden? No internet for you, sir!

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Cole from la noire main character should be like able

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Blue Dragon's Marumaro. From the first time I heard him speak I knew Ihad to mute the volume every single time there was voiced lines.

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@mwng said:

The worst.... or the best?

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She may look beautiful but she couldn't be any more flat as a character.

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Yeah FF13 contains 5 of the top 10 worst characters ever.

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Matt Hazard. Nothings worse than a 2nd rate Duke Nukem.

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Matt Hazard. Nothings worse than a 2nd rate Duke Nukem.

Nothing is worse except for Duke Nukem himself.

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Tiny Tina was my immediate thought. I can't remember ever actually disliking a video game character other than her.

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Tom Nook

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@iburningstar: Noober isn't voice acted, you can skip his dialog and he gives you some easy XP. Noober rocks, in my book.

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I would had go with Dante, but Vanille is a much better choice.

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Never have I seen a more stereotypical, Mary Sue like character.

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The penis in Stroker.

Edit: Gotta chime in with my love for Tiny Tina to balance out all you whiners who don't understand humor :P

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Shao Khan always was and will always be complete and utter bullshit!

Character design is terrible, let alone fighting him is an exercise in being annoyed and trying desperately to cheese the AI, ugh.

Fuck that dude!

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You've forgotten Waluigi ... that guy was invented for Mario Tennis ...

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Edge Maverick and the entire rest of the cast of Star Ocean 4. It almost feels like the writers went out of their way to make these characters as stupid as possible and to purposely include every single cliche of bad anime ever. What Edge does in the "earth" section may quite possibly be THE dumbest thing I have ever seen in a game. Not to mention that Edge Maverick is probably the worst name I have ever heard as well. There's just nothing good about him, at all.

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Mario, Luigi and Johnson? This just screams troll thread all of a sudden.

Throw my vote in for any character from Sonic. Especially Silver.

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@lornhg said:

You've forgotten Waluigi ... that guy was invented for Mario Tennis ...

And Luigi was invented as a player 2 Mario. I'm not saying either is a good or bad character as I've never been all that invested in the Mario franchise, it's just I've never understood the disdain people have for Waluigi.

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It's a tie between Tiny Tina and Claptrap.
Gearbox knocking it out of the park for shitty characters.

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The S and Z block in Tetris.

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Lightning. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that character.

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The worst are Navi and Rico. They are both annoying beyond belief, I also was never really a fan of Master Cheif either. He has zero personality and just feels so generic, I don't understand how he is so popular. But at least he's not annoying.

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The worst game character is every character in every motion-controlled dancing game ever made.

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Baby Peach for Mario Kart Wii ?

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I don't really get all the Tiny Tina hate. I was laughing my ass off during that section of the game. Maybe I just like shitty things....nah.

For me, worst characters would probably Navi, Steiner, and your gay friend in Enchanted Arms.

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I like Ashly Burch, so I want to like Tiny Tina. She really was a simply awful character, though.

Jude Maverick from Wild Arms 4 was the second one to come to mind. The kid who did his voice over work sounded like nails on a damn chalkboard.

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This is some bullshit. You have both Mario and Luigi, but not a single Sonic character. Are you even trying?