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#101 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (2894 posts) -

I like them all, because it takes four fingers and thumb to make a hand.  Too bad that hand doesn't slap this community's face more often.

#102 Posted by Regal (434 posts) -

@cutyoface said:


Then how come Drew is your profile picture, you two-faced cur!

#103 Posted by Rafaelfc (1381 posts) -

i'm not into popularity contests...

#104 Posted by JonathanAshleyMoore (283 posts) -

Jeff, funniest dude to me. If not, then Brad.

#105 Posted by Anund (921 posts) -

Vinny, Drew and Dave. I love the rest of them too, but those three are my favourites!

#106 Posted by Fattony12000 (7520 posts) -

The TriCaster.

#107 Posted by Village_Guy (2635 posts) -

Vinny because Vinny and Vinny means Vinny that Vinny is Vinny for Vinny otherwise Vinny Vinny Vinny real Vinny.

#108 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4632 posts) -

3-way tie.

Jeff, because I find that he and I share a lot of the same opinions. Vinny, because I enjoy that he finds enjoyment in pretty much everything. Patrick, because people stay trying to hate on him, but dude forever stays not giving a fuck.

#109 Posted by Xshinobi (392 posts) -

Jeff mainly because I have justified bad purchase decisions in the past using a similar train of thought.

#110 Posted by Alex (2294 posts) -


#111 Posted by KaneRobot (1681 posts) -

Space Pharaoh

#112 Posted by s10129107 (1184 posts) -

There are about 1000 other IDENTICAL threads and polls. The answer is always Vinny. People should stop making these threads as the question has been asked and answered so many times.

#113 Edited by bananaz (259 posts) -

Patrick is awesome. His Worth Reading articles are smart little internet safaris. I also have a passion for those little indie games and somebody needs to keep track of them. I think of him as the resident journalist, because he's the guy stirring things up by reporting on stories. I love that he angers people, too, because god-forbid somebody has strong opinions on a blog. I am on board with poking at the hornet's nest. Some people need to be challenged, unsettled, and made to think, not made comfortable. Actually, that's everybody.

Otherwise, it's all about Ryan Davis. I first came here because of TANG, so Ryan just represents GIant Bomb's soul to me. I really miss TANG. Maybe we'll see more when another wave of game movies comes out. Remember, Deus Ex: The Official Movie of the Game is going to happen.

Also, #teamklepek

#114 Posted by hermes (1535 posts) -

Vinny and Ryan. I like them because they seem to be fair, are pretty enthusiastic, are more in line with my opinions, and are not too sarcastic...

#115 Posted by videogamesarenotart (121 posts) -

Vinny is kind of obnoxious in the way a child can be obnoxious.

Brad is just bad at video games.

Jeff at least knows how to handle people, but he's so bitter.

I'd go with Ryan, he isn't spiteful or bitter, is courteous and professional and doesn't have a grudge against any genre of game and is willing to get up and do some stupid kinect quick look. He's like the grounded center of the team, without him I think the crew would have went their separate ways a long time ago.

#117 Posted by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -

Vinny. It's Vinny.

#118 Posted by fujimitsu (23 posts) -

Vinny & Jeff make the best content.

Brad is basically me though.

#119 Posted by MocBucket62 (1245 posts) -

I'd probably go with Vinny. Though Big Jeffery is a very close second.

#120 Posted by PhantomGardener (464 posts) -

Brad and Ryan.

#121 Posted by NinjaBerd (221 posts) -

Despite the fact that Jeff basically is a total fucking crazy person, I relate to him the most. Vinny would be a close second for me.

Man Jeff really is crazy.

#122 Posted by endoworks (290 posts) -

Vinny is cool..... So is Brad.....more Sleeping Dogs now!

#123 Edited by Castiel (2662 posts) -

It's Vinny.

If you had asked me 2 or 3 years ago, I would probably have said Jeff, but over the last year especially I have grown more and more fond of Vinny, Drew and Dave actually. They might have become my top 3 favorite GB members. Jeff is good, and pretty funny most of the time, but both him and Ryan seem to have become slightly more negative over the years, and it's kinda sucking the joy out of some QLs. Brad is fine too, he doesn't seem quite as negative as Jeff or Ryan, and the breaking brad vids are pretty great. I don't actually hate Patrick, he is just the most serious of them all. Take for example the DmC QL where Patrick and Jeff spent a good 20 minutes talking about marketing strategies for the game, I honestly found that stuff boring as shit.

#124 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1787 posts) -

The way Vinny and Dave play games is more in line with my own habits than the rest of the crew, so I tend to pay more attention when they have something to say.

#125 Posted by h0lgr (909 posts) -

Patrick. Hah, no just kiddin'.
God, I'm such a dick.

#126 Posted by muthachugga (46 posts) -

Vinny. He is a great form of goofy.

#127 Posted by DoctorWelch (2774 posts) -

We don't need these anymore because the answer is always overwhelmingly Vinny.

#128 Edited by ProfessorEss (7450 posts) -

I appreciate Ryan's MCing skills, I respect Jeff's knowledge, and I love Brad's taste and enthusiasm for games. 
But, of course, it's Vinnie. He's the funniest, most positive, most easy going member of the staff. 
Plus his becoming a father has given me that much more to relate with him because I've been through that crazy gauntlet of highs and lows that a baby boy puts you through (and still going through it).  

#129 Edited by EvilKatarn (465 posts) -

Vinny because for him games are there to have fun, not to call things crazy or for insane people. Be it open world lunacy, a flight sim or an RPG with insane depth.

He reminds me of the Classic Game Room guy.

Jeff is cool too but he plays the for crazy people card too often when he just is not interested in a game. I think it's insane to play all the crap the american industry poops out.

#130 Posted by Galiant (2193 posts) -

I'd say Jeff. I don't always agree with him when it comes to games, but he knows a lot about them and like someone else already mentioned: He knows how to present his opinion in a very enjoyable way.

He is like the opposite of Patrick.

#131 Posted by Cheesebob (1243 posts) -

Jeff. He is such a funny dude.

#132 Posted by TopCat88 (177 posts) -

I genuinely like all the guys. I guess this would be my order:

Jeff, Vinny, Patrick, Drew, Brad, Dave, Ryan, Alex.

#133 Edited by mrfluke (5268 posts) -

Vinny, Drew, Jeff, and Alex are personally my favorites

if i had to pick one......obviously Vinny

Vinny is the one you can always count on to be entertaining and positive, and always just genuinely has fun with the stupidest of games, and it shows excellent on the videos, he needs to get on the encyclopedia bombastica going as well so people can see his intellectual side,

Drew is the Master Chief. nuff said, also hes one of the few that when you post on his wall or pm, he responds.

Jeff is the all knowing sage of videogames, i find him to be intimidating though, but its also mesmerizing to watch him spit game about the videogame industry

and Alex strikes the best balance out of the bunch of snark and seriousness.

Alexis needs to be on camera more, as the dude seems to shy to let his inner nerd out, but hes a cool dude though

I really like patrick, i definitely dont hate him, with his indie game agenda, ive been introduced to cool games i wouldnt have even noticed, and he goes out the most to listen to the community feedback about him and silently acknowledges the feedback and silently adjusts accordingly, its like him and drew are the ones that always respond to Pms and Wallposts, so ill always respect that, but stuff like the dead island news story that was just overblowing something stupid way out of proportion, i just think his time and energy is best spent elseware, like if you care about videogames so much, why not champion them rather than vilify aspects of them?

As much as brad goes out and fucking kicks ass when hes ready, hes also one of the most negative ones out of the bunch, its ups and downs for me on him, sometimes hes real vinny levels of jovial and thats fantastic, and then sometimes hes a fucking grumpy old man complaining about tropes in a videogame.

Dave is good when hes on something that genuinely interests him, when hes on something that doesnt interest him, it just drags the video down,

and then its ups and downs as well with ryan,

#134 Posted by JordanK85 (140 posts) -

Dave's sister

#135 Posted by BillyTheKid (486 posts) -

Vinny all day every day.

#136 Posted by ThePickle (4186 posts) -

Vinny, because he genuinely seems like a good dude. Always gives games a fair shot and looks on the bright side.

Jeff ranks the lowest because of his stubbornness when it comes to games like Red Dead or Demon Souls. Give a game an hour and if it doesn't meet your insane requirements blast it till the end of time. No thank you sir. I still think he's very funny, but every time he opens his mouth to talk about video games my skin burns.

#137 Posted by kalmis (1559 posts) -

Jeff no doubt. I don't necessary always agree with him, but respect his knowledge and just find him to be the most funniest.

#138 Posted by claybrez (80 posts) -

This thread reminds me, when are we gonna get another Jeff and Vinny endurance run?

#139 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2053 posts) -

Vinny is my favorite, followed by Jeff, then Brad / Ryan. I don't like Patrick at all.

#140 Posted by Brendan (7842 posts) -

It's Vinny, because he doesn't do a lot of editorial stuff so I don't get the chance to see what he doesn't like, unlike the editors who have significantly more chances to display differing opinions from their audience.

Oh wait, I just answered for all of Giant Bomb, didn't I?

#141 Posted by Hilbert (349 posts) -

Brad All the way. WhOOOO HOOOO.

#142 Posted by Oldirtybearon (4850 posts) -


#143 Posted by huntad (1955 posts) -

I don't know. They all seem to balance each other out for the most part.

#144 Posted by JZ (2125 posts) -

Vinny of course what are you drunk?

#145 Posted by Fawkes (249 posts) -

It's Vinny because he's the funniest.

#146 Posted by TrashMustache (452 posts) -

Lol no mention of brad at all

#147 Posted by Legion_ (1408 posts) -

Brad all the way.

#148 Posted by Legion_ (1408 posts) -

@KoolAid: You can't compare Brad and Patrick. One is likeable, smart, cool and able to grow a beard, the other one is just annoying.

#149 Posted by Robo (807 posts) -

@KoolAid said:

One thing I really like about Jeff is that he seems like he has figured out how to frame his opinions in a really enjoyable way. He hates a lot of things. Normally that kind of personality turns me off. But not so much for Jeff. He knows it's his opinion. Almost jokingly so (Like anytime he brings up Red Dead Redemption or Metal Gear Solid).

Now with Patrick and Brad... I get the feeling that they feel like opinion is the end all qualifier for what's good and what's bad. I'm sure if you asked them, they don't feel that their opinion is all important. It's more just the way it comes off. Like when "It's terrible! Terrible!" I like all the guys a lot. I just respond better to Jeff I guess.

And Vinny is the best.

Yep. With Patrick in particular, it's often more than his opinion on games. It extends to his stances on issues of ethics or morality in the industry. His view is the only correct one and his reaction is the way you should respond [insert 10 pages of long-winded explanation as to why].

Jeff seems to be more easily reasoned with than them. Far more open to other opinions, even if he adamantly disagrees. Ryan is almost the opposite in that way, as he is just purposefully an asshole about it if he disagrees with you. Oddly enough, I appreciate both more than saying you're not trying to tell someone what to think then coming off like anyone who disagrees is a fool.

Vinny and Drew are both great.