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Just interested to know what bombers are going to be in Reykjavík, and if there is going to be a meet up during eve fanfest.

I am not an EvE player but live in Reykjavík, and would like to meet up if there is something happening.

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Yeah, me too. I live in Reykjavík but won't be going to the Fanfest. I'm interested in meeting up.

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Same here. Not partaking in the EVE Fanfest but interested in the meet up.

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@thejollyjoker, @jsindri. Patrick talked about that around 25 persons have shown interest in I love mondays, so I guess this is going to happen. So who is going to bring enough hákarl for all. ;-)

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I'll be around!

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I'll be there

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Awesome guys! Does anyone living in Reykjavík have any ideas for a place where 25 people could show up at?

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I'll be there!

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Við skulum gera þetta !

I am super interested in meeting some icelandic giantbomb members ! should we try looking into some of the bars around the fanfest ?

We could also just take over a restaurant like roadhouse or 73,

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Ha ha ég get líka talað íslensku

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73 is bad ass, not sure if they can seat 25 people though. I don't think it'll be a problem finding bars, plenty near the venue.

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i was thinking about thorvaldsen, close by Harpa and should be able to room us all. Drew said he was interested in tasting allot of strange things so what do you got beside shark. Hrútspungar eru alltaf vinsælir.

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Not to derail but am I reading it wrong or am I just going insane but I cannot decipher the thread title at all

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@humanity: Misspelling on my part should have been of instead of off.

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@hrmagni: Oh alright, you can actually edit thread titles now with the Full Edit button (I think)

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@humanity: Thanks did not know that, its fixed now. ;-)

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What about KEX Hostel? I think they might have a large open room with a bar.

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@hrmagni: That is actually a pretty cool idea. íslenski barinn should also offers stuff like that and should also accommodation a large group of people.

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@hrmagni: I'm curious about Reykjavík - whats that situation like with the night and day cycle? Do you guys really have only like 3 hours of darkness each day now? That seems really crazy if true - do you just get used to it? I imagine the window shutters/drapes business is booming over there!

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The nights are still quite long. I think the sun is setting around 10-ish pm (22:00) and it's probably getting a little bright around 6am (06:00).

But we're only two months away from the longest day of the year where the sun doesn't set so it stays bright the whole day.

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Not going to the fanfest but interested in meeting up with you duders downtown. (Brennivín einhver?)

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I'm interested in meeting up =) Shouldn't be to hard deciding on a place to hang out together.

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@humanity: As Jsindri says the sunrise is about 4:20 now and sets around 9:30. And it gets shorter each day, when i was younger i loved the fact when I went to a bar late around sunset and stayed for a couple of hours I could catch the sunrise on the way home. In the summer it is fantastic, if the bird song dosent keep you awake. But the wintertime is terrible, when the sun rises around 11:20 and sets 15:30, not to mention the cold, it can get very depressing and we start to communicate with grunts instead of talking. ;-)

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Hopefully the weather will get better, been a little wet this week

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I'm in Reykjavík, I'm up for a meet

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I live in Reykjavík and I will be there to watch Patrick and Drew eat a sheep's face and balls.

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I already messaged Patrick and suggested some slightly less loud bars, but all of these are pretty great ideas, KEX Hostel didn't occur to me.

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Well it seems Iceland is out of Hrútspungar (not the season), so unless anybody here has some stored away for rainydays they will have to miss this delicacy.

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I hope you guys have a lot of potholes.

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@arcadem said:

I live in Reykjavík and I will be there to watch Patrick and Drew eat a sheep's face and balls.


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@hrmagni: We must have enough weird shit for them to eat.

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Is there even any place that sells súrmat out of season? All I can think of is shark at the Kolaport.(These conversations going in and out of Icelandic are messing with my brain.)

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@sveppi and@thejollyjoker: No, its out of season, i have asked all over no balls at all. I think the shark should be enough I dont know what the bar is going to say if we fill it with súrmat.;-) We can give them svið they can can snack on later, i can get that in Nóatúni. I will look out for shark you can get it once in awhile in the big supermarkets, if anybody can get some that would be great as well.

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It would be cool to meet up somewhere and have a beer or 8. Pick the place!

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@hrmagni: I'll keep an eye out for stuff, might even swing by the Kolaport tomorrow.

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Also, are we settled on where we want this shindig to take place? Seems like Íslenski Barinn or KEX are the best candidates.

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@sveppi: well since Íslenski barinn dosent exist longer, it looks like KEX is the best option. Now we just have to hear from Patrick and Drew regarding when they can meet up.

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@sveppi: Isn't the Kolaport closed on weekdays?

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Maybe someone can make some time to call KEX and check if it's okay for a group of people to show up and hog some tables and chairs for an evening - maybe even get some info on possible opening hours during the weekend.

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@hrmagni: KEX it is then! Hopefully Patrick will respond in the morning when they land.

@thejollyjoker: That's a real possibility. I've literally been there like three times.

@jsindri: I can handle that, a friend of mine works there so now we just need to figure out when this is happening.

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I got enough hákarl for all, and i will bring svið as well.

@sveppi great regarding KEX.

And in the honor of @patrickklepek i fell three times on my bike on the way to work. ;-) Today is not the right time to be on summer tires.

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@hrmagni: Nothing like random snow to set the mood !

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@hrmagni Sounds good, I can bring some harðfisk as well.

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I might be able to get some hrútspungar...

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@humanity This is how Reykjavík is, at least today

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@hrmagni: Wow so that looks like there was a blizzard at 8am and a perfectly clear sunny day by 3pm? Thats nuts.

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Well then it is decided its ølsmiðjan friday 8 o'clock. Patrick just tweeted.

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Cool - cya guys there.

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Hey guys i am about to head out soon, hope to see a lot of fellow icelandic bombers there tonight :D !

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I hope some of you guys that where at the meet up see this. It was incredible to meet you all, i had no idea there where so many Icelandic Giantbomb members here in Iceland.
I was the weird dude getting everyone steam ID. If any of you want to do something like that again at some point please hit me up here on the site !