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I tried their main whiskey media support email and form they have on their premium accounts help page. Are these emails still checked/valid? I'm trying to get a hold of someone about an account issue, so I sent an email about 3 days ago but still no response.

Anyone know how to get hold of someone about this stuff?


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Dave. His user name is Snide. Or Alexis who is alexisg, I believe.

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Alright, I'll try PM'ing him - thanks

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Still no luck, tried support e-mails, tried PMs to , , and .

I realize they're all busy, but still, there needs to be some line of contact for user account issues.

I didn't try or yet.

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Try contacting Dave on Twitter, he should respond.

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@TripMasterMunky: Dave is your best bet, but he's been on vacation this week, so give him some time to respond. And no, the Whiskey Media email isn't valid anymore. Don't know why some things still link to them, but they should all be fixed with the site update.

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Thanks for the suggestions, ya'll. I tried them all and hopefully someone can back to me sooner than later.

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Feel free to contact the mod team if there is anything you think we may be able to help with :)

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@Hamz: It's more a payment-type of issue. So the only thing the mods could really help with would be to get me contact with someone. Thanks for the offer though.

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You mean, when you signed up, you didn't get the e-mail with Dave's personal cell phone number?

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I know it seems weird, but the best way to get in touch with people who work on this website is to use another website...Twitter.