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@hazbazz said:
I'd let her fire me a face egg. Wait, what?

you do know that its a dude. dont ask my why, but he is

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Yukiko and Rise....DON'T JUDGE ME! I will wait till they are 18 of course

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Baby got back!

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#159 Posted by RPGee (759 posts) -

So is this now the point where we bring back the "GIRLS" thread from the beta? Because let me tell you:

That was funny.

#160 Posted by Rotnac (780 posts) -

The answer is simple.

Waka Waka Waka!!.. am I right!?
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Enough said

#162 Posted by McGhee (6094 posts) -

Kind of feel like giving a serious answer would just look creepy and making another joke by posting some ugly dude would be lame.

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There is something insanely attractive to me about Francis York Morgan. He's handsome and is super fucking weird. Things I like.

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Just wanted an excuse to post this

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I'm taking this thread to its logical extreme conclusion...

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I'm taking this thread to its logical extreme conclusion...

Fuck. By which I mean, no, don't fuck.

#168 Posted by joshwent (2289 posts) -

@iburningstar: Somewhere, right now, Vinny just got really sad and he doesn't know why.

You are why.

#169 Posted by TehPickle (504 posts) -

Nathan Drake, Chris Redfield.

Mario may have sufficient enough moobs to provide a titwank. Think about it.