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I've been thinking about this for the past few hours, but I can't decide. They seem evenly matched, but I think OG Norm'd easily overpower Hardcore Dave with rage if he made a comment that could be construed as racist.   
I'm a few days away from graduation so I'll probably find more productive uses of my time soon.

OG NormHardcore Dave
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Hardcore Dave obviously. Have you seen that wife-beater? Holy moly!

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Hardcore dave, norm seems like he will do a lot of slapping, or weak slashing.

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@zameer said:
I've been thinking about this for the past few hours
thinking about this for the past few hours
for the past few hours
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HD, easily.

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Am I missing something... or does the OP have too much time on their hands?

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Hardcore Dave. Easy.

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Dave is hardcore man! He can't lose.

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OG Norm or Tomonobu Itagaki? You decide.

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Hardcore Dave cannot be beaten.

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OG Norm. Because he already stabbed people before it was cool.

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Hardcore Dave!

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Asian people like to make you believe they don't ALL know Kung Fu..... It's a lie. They do. 

Norm for me.

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Hipster Norm would take all

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In a fair fight Hardcore Dave for sure, dude is mad tough. In a fight with no rules... OG Norm. He will win at any cost.

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OG Norm would be much too busy remixing Linkin Park songs to fight Hardcore Dave.

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Hardcore Dave, and he wouldn't need the knife.

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Hardcore Dave looks like he beats people half to death on a daily basis and then rape them. He would't even bring a knife to a knife fight. It's either his fists or an AK, there is no middle ground for him. Norm looks like a wannabe gangsta' in comparison.

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OG Norm for sure.

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Oh God! OG Norm?! That's pretty fucking terrible.

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Hardcore Dave.

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It is called a wifebeater for a reason you know.

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Baggy jeans do not maketh a man.

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I would hope they would both stab each other. Then they both win.. or lose.  
I say win.

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What the hell? Where did OG Norm come from and does this mean we are going to go through all of the Whiskey staffs younger photos? (I vote for Hardcore Dave). 
@GlenTennis: I can't unsee that now.

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Hardcore Dave would lift OG Norm into the air and destroy him with a guttural roar. 

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Not a fair fight. Norm got his arm replaced by a fan. That's illegal and racist.

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Dave will choke a bitch.

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Hipster Norm did knife fights before they became mainstream, so he wins by default.

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It's threads like these that remind me why I love Giantbomb.

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Hardcore Dave, and this should be a poll.  He looks like he's shanked a few people in the streets in his time.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: That's easily one of the most hilarious forum disses I've been on the receiving end of. I'm waiting for commencement, cut me some slack :(
@xobballox: I think I might have dropped the ball on that one. Although from the looks of it it seems that this fight would have too many variables and possible outcomes; a simple poll might not be able to capture all those possibilities.
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Whoever wins, we lose.

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@jorbear said:

It is called a wifebeater for a reason you know.

OG Norm does lady up his drinks...
The winner is clear.
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Hardcore Dave!

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@Atramentous: I'm guessing that's what the HD in @HDJoey stands for.
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Hardcore Dave. I think Dave is the only one that was in a sports type thing in school. Probably more than Norm. Especially OG Norm.