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Well, im just sitting here in MN getting ready for the long drive back to Ohio(750 miles). I would fly but ive got time to kill so why not. Anyway, i will mainly be lounging, eating, watching football, and cruising Amazon and Steam sales with some serious game time. When i go home i usually keep the gaming to more casual titles so i figured i would finally break into those that have been idle for a long time in my steam library. Some of those probably will be Stacking, Quantum Conundrum, Puzzle Agent 2, Dear Esther, and i might also have to jump into Little inferno, and Scribblenaughts Unlimited.

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I think I'll finally try to polish off Eternal Sonata this weekend, but I've got a gig Saturday night and a Pathfinder session all Sunday so...

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I sometimes take the train instead of flying. I love to just kick back with some movies or shows, music, books, and I always bring som food and snacks to enjoy.

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I already did my international traveling for the year. Going to try to cram a good amount of Person 4 Golden and AC 3 pc version this weekend.

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Finals aren't next week, but the next, so I've got college work to wrap up as well as fucking chores my dad decided I was going to do.
But I will still have some free time to beat some short games. I just brat FEAR again last night and I'm going to beat its sequel. I am getting close to Syndicate's ending so that as well. And, finally, I plan on beating Bastion. I also plan on checking Steam and Amazon for good deals on stuff I want.

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Also, I am not traveling.

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Thankfully no serious traveling for me and my family, which gives me more time for some delicious leftovers, The Walking Dead Episode 5, Borderlands 2, and other miscellaneous Steam games I've neglected like Alan Wake's American Nightmare. I'm going to try my hardest to avoid an impulse buys...

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I'm at home and all my friends are back in town and I cook dinner so I won't have a ton of time to get games in but when I do it'll be P4G.

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Not travelling, but if I were I'd be playing Kid Icarus probably. I still haven't been able to finish that game because holy shit it gives me cramps. 
But as it is I will be playing the Sly trilogy and Resident Evil 6.

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Thankfully not going anywhere and staying home to play all these video games and work on my research project!

I should get my Wii U today with Zombiu and Mario, so I'll play those some, then finish up Hitman Absolution at some point and then also thinking about picking up Little Inferno as I've heard awesome things about it.

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I'm canadian, so no travel. But ZombiU, and maybe some more Halo 4.

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We don't celebrate thanksgiving in Australia, so I won't be travelling. As for what I'm playing, it will be XCOM, Most Wanted and Hitman 2.

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No travel for me (not going home until January) but I'll be catching up on some games..Dishonored, Halo 4, Black Ops II, hanging out with friends and seeing my girlfriend a bit (we had Thanksgiving dinner last Sunday since she works through the holiday).

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Nope. I work from home, always work holidays, and am 1,500 miles away from family. So, like every other holiday every year, I'll be at home working at night and sleeping during the day. Probably have a can of Wolf's chili and a grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe play a little Planetside, Black Ops 2 (don't judge me, you bastards!), XCOM, and finish Walking Dead. Also, maybe catch up on the last three seasons of Fringe. Also, do a lot of organizing of my old content on Evernote.

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I went to Japan last month and had fun checking out the UFO machines and the Pokémon Centers, did this two days after pokémon white 2 came out in England (already had Japanese copy) so that was my main travel and play really, i haven't really spotted anything coming out that holds my interest much