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I'm not sure who mine is, but I was looking at Uncharted 3 images on Google, and I saw Nathan Drake, and while I don't know if I'd say he's my favorite new character, it is what made me want to create this. I think my favorite character is arguably Isaac Clarke. Most people would probably disagree since in the first he has little to no personality, and in the second, some may think that as well, but I think he does have enough, and he has more potential to become even more. So yeah, he's probably my favorite. There are so many though. This doesn't mean who's your favorite protagonist, it can be any character.

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@Breadfan said:


Awkwardly he was in my head when I was typing this up.

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Estelle Bright

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Erica from Catherine maybe? she's the first to come to mind.

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Tie between Mordin and Wrex.

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Yeaaaah ... Garrus. Followed close by Johny Gat.

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So just to be clear this has to be a new franchise right? Not a new game for an old franchise?

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Ezio, Garrus or Legion/Wrex

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@jkuc316 said:

So just to be clear this has to be a new franchise right? Not a new game for an old franchise?

Right. For example, you can't pick Kratos or Solid Snake or whoever else comes to mind.

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Frank Woods.

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Tough call. I know I'll just keep thinking of better answers.

Mordin? The planet Pandora? Alan Wake?

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John Marston for me

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Oh man, so many choices!

But there can be only one...

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That would be a tie between John Marston and Adam Jensen. I like characters that do what they think is best in a morally ambiguous situation, as clear cut antiheroes and ''holy warriors'' break immersion and annoy me.

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Too many to choose from.

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Nathan Drake probably, he's the only one I can think of right now.

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@Socialone: John Marston automatically wins IMO, because Jensen is from an old franchise(Deus Ex)

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Ezio, Garrus, Wrex, Legion, Mordin, Thane (can you tell I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect lately?), Cole Train (because he's so ridiculous), Johnny Gat.

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Barry Wheeler.

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@GreggD: I was just thinking about him.

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GLaDOS, probably. Or maybe Cave Johnson.

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Johnny Gat, Ezio, and Scooter from Borderlands.

EDIT: Shit. Glados and Cave Johnson too.

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Gabriel Knight.

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Here's my least favorite

I'm glad you died, Petruccio.

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Oh man, Garrus Vakarian for sure.

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It's got to be a tie between Garrus and Francis York Morgan. They're both so excellent! Ah... but Tali is pretty good as well. A lot of great characters this generation!

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This is hard to say...John Marston is definately one of the best characters of this generation, along with the Uncharted Trio, Nate, Sully and Elena.  It's really hard but I'm going to go with John Marston on this one.

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@NTM said:

@GreggD: I was just thinking about him.

That's a great scene.

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Interview Girl from Rhythm Heaven Fever

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Garcia Fucking Hotspur and Johnson.

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@NTM said:

@jkuc316 said:

So just to be clear this has to be a new franchise right? Not a new game for an old franchise?

Right. For example, you can't pick Kratos or Solid Snake or whoever else comes to mind.

That doesn't seem right. Like if I were to pick Drebin for some reason that wouldn't be ok? And by that logic John Marston is out because of Red Dead Revolver.

Anyways my actual answer... darn I guess people from Persona 4 and Mother 3 don't count. I really have a soft spot for John Marston and Niko Bellic. GLados and Wheatley are great. And of course Mordin, he has a very humorous side and also he is responsible for the most interesting conflict in the Mass Effect games.

I like Garrus fine, but why is he such a favorite?

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How about Geralt of Rivia from the witcher series or maybe Vito Scoletta from Mafia 2. Garrus is a favorite because he always has your back, knows how to work the ladies and is one hell of a shot. He also has a cuddle bone.

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Shepard, Marston, Wheatly, Merril, Ryan, Drake, B. Mcfarlene....too many to name.

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@RedRavN: geralt was from a book series from the 90's though

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Is this from the random thread generator?

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@Breadfan said:


For some reason this response came way sooner than I expected, though I think I agree with it. 
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Liara T'Soni.

She's got it all together. She's exceptionally smart, she doesn't have major problems like the other female love interests (daddy issues, cultural dilemmas, emotional baggage, etc.), she can live for about 1000 years, she's basically got super powers, and she's really fucking gorgeous (I moved the camera on one of the missions so I can see her face up close and that FACE). I feel like a game where you play as her doing some Shadow Broker commando shit would be cool.