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So i went in and changed my cc info to renew my yearly membership and after it had processed it took to the thank you page where there was a link to go back www.giantbomb.com but when i clicked it, it took here. Now is this just a inside thing that i don't get or a intention broken link? Has this happen to anyone else?

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...I thought BermanBraun was the company that got the other sites and CBSi got Giantbomb and Comicvine. Weird that it would take you there.

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@Calitar: Oh OK, i guess i missed that.

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@DeanoXD said:

@Calitar: Oh OK, i guess i missed that.

Well it's still weird considering that Giantbomb/Comic Vine has no affiliation with BB

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Ha. Weird. That shouldn't happen at all! It should go to the thing where they cheer you.

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Looks like you just bought another year of premium Screened content.

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@AlisterCat: @Kidavenger: I did go to the cheer page and thats where the link was, i don't why it happened my yearly membership was renewed overnight everything seems to have worked correctly other wise. So i just bought two new tee shirts and all is good, except i will have miss most of the BLLSL this year.

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AFAIK: as Giant Bomb is running on an old version of the same platform that is running Tested.com (and Screened), it's likely that this is just a case of someone forgetting to point a link away from BermanBraun - probably something that's needed to be fixed/changed since the split, that may be using a code snippet from Andy and co.

Seems like the most plausible, and less conspirational explanation, at least.

(bring on the tin foil hats!)

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What conspiracy is there to be seen in this? They accidentally linked to the company which owns the other half of the business which I can only speculate is sharing code? I can understand the OP for not realizing the business behind the split of Whiskey Media,

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I don't and didn't mean to imply anything other than i didn't know what was up with where the link took me.