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There are too many MMO's!!! I need your help duders! Whats a good MMO for an MMO noob like me to start with. I cant really stand the WOW type MMO where you have to go out and find 5 berries, or kill 6 chipmunks! Im looking for a fun and action filled MMO with a good community! I want something that I can invest hours into on the weekends. I have no problem paying for subscription fees or one time box purchases.

There is somewhat of a barrier of entry and i am sure im not the only one who thinks this.

Thanks Duders


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If your the kinda guy who likes homework and research and mechanics for the sake of mechanics then EVE Online is for you. You mentioned an action filled MMO that probably isn't a spreadsheet simulator so I would say Planetside 2 if you can stand FPSing all weekend. If you need something with less attention committing guild wars 2 has some interesting gameplay concepts.

Since every free to play game seems to describe itself as an MMO I can make a couple of suggestions out of the realm of a traditional MMO. I would recommend Warthunder and Warframe. They are both free and fun to play. I don't know if they have longevity but I find them fun nonetheless.

I don't commit when it comes to games unless the multiplayer is good. I find most MMOs gameplay mechanics absolute garbage. As a fan of games and not MMOs those are the ones that come to mind.

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I'd murder someone to play an MMO where I can freely kill chipmunks.

Seriously though, I'm not sure if there's a lot of MMO's out there if any that don't require the player to fetch and kill.

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I would recommend GW2. If you find a good guild and get on a good server, the community is great. Plus, they update it every 2 weeks now.

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There's so many MMOs because back when WoW was new a shitload of IPs and ideas were started to try and compete with WoW; of course virtually every one of them used WoW's exact interface and at least a somewhat similar quest system (with a few notable exceptions); some of them did okay, others didn't; but essentially every single one of the WoW clones was financially disastrous even if they had good elements to them. MMO barrier to entry is all time investment; the learning curve is generally pretty short and the road to "mastery" is pretty simple: if you're good at any other type of game you'll be a God in MMOs. If you're not good at other games you'll still be perfectly competent and functional; provided you put the time in.

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I know :/ maybe im asking for too much haha

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@blackbear: Based off your description, I'd actually say maybe check out Star Trek Online. The storyline missions are pretty great, the space combat is pretty unique, and they made the ground combat pretty good with "Shooter" mode.

Otherwise...maybe DCUO? It's all fighting, but it's superhero fighting.

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An action-oriented MMO...you'd probably like TERA. I haven't played it myself due to access restrictions for my region, but those who love it seem to tout this one aspect.

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I appreciate all the answers! :D

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I mean it's not an MMORPG, but if you want something actiony with a good community, there's always the MMOFPS Planetside 2. It's free-to-play and you can get it through Steam. You're probably not going to find an MMORPG without fetch quests for the simple reason that when games have a core combat mechanic, they're going to implement scenarios in which you have to do that core thing a bunch of times.

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Planetside 2 is pretty sweet!! thanks guys!!

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Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2!

And if you can wait a few weeks, Final Fantasy XIV is being re-released, and is actually awesome this time around!

I played the last Beta phase and it is actually awesome. I would recommend playing with a controller, though. Combat makes so much more sense with a gamepad, versus just the mouse and keyboard.

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Guild Wars 2 is pretty incredible! That and RuneScape are the only MMO's I've actually sunk some time into.

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Guild Wars 2 is phenomenal, and there aren't monthly fees. The endgame isn't as expansive as other games, but the gameplay alone is just so good and classes are very distinct from one another. At least all the classes I've played as.

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Give Planetside 2 a shot, if you want an outfit on the west coast, EXE (Execution) is looking for good troops for the Terran Republic.

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@duskwind said:

An action-oriented MMO...you'd probably like TERA. I haven't played it myself due to access restrictions for my region, but those who love it seem to tout this one aspect.

I'd say Tera as well. There's a lot of things that might turn you away, but it probably has the best action in an MMO outside of Planetside 2, and still one of the best looking if your PC allows you to max it out. Last I saw you can play basically the entire game for free now too.