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I try not to. Very rarely do I get a response I enjoy.

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It's real simple. It helps pass the time at work, plus I love games.

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@jjweatherman: Thanks! I know it's super cheap right now (well, not super cheap, but still pretty cheap), but it's still great to see someone actually buying it.

Yeah, that cover art. I made that myself. Not in MS Paint, even though it looks it.

I hope you like it. I'm fairly close to being done working on the first draft of the sequel (which has a much better title, or subtitle, I guess), but it'll take me a while to edit it and whatnot. And I like to make my friends read it and critique it/tell me if it makes sense, and that takes time to get them to do that.

How far along have you gotten in the novel writing process? Just curious.

Always happy to support a writer.

I really do like that art. It's simple, but has a neat style.

That's awesome that you're doing a sequel. I've never liked an idea of mine enough to even get past the first draft stage, much less consider a sequel. I guess that answers your question about how far I've gotten into it, ha. Honestly, I've been thinking short stories may be more my cup of tea. Novels are amazing, but I just have a hard time writing them. A super short and focused story where every word matters is more compelling to me personally. Though, I've never really tried to write a serious short story. I think I went about this whole writing thing backwards, jumping straight into novels. Mistakes may have been made.

Anyway, I now have something to read on my breaks. I'll let you know what I think!

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Because I'm so terribly lonely.

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When I first started it was because it felt like a community. It was the first time on the internet that I actually enjoyed talking to others and wanted to take the time to get to know people by their avatars/usernames and for a while I started looking forward to seeing peoples POV's on various topics I could see on the forums. We used to be able to have conversations with each other and actually have discussions like adults for just about anything. Unless you thought the guys/the site did something bad and the Giant Bomb Defence Force would attack you like a crazed animal, but that's to be expected. There were always assholes trying to Troll but the good guys out numbered them and they were easy to ignore. As the site got more popular though the community got more people and that ratio went the other way and it got to the point where we couldn't have those conversations because they got drowned out by the people that based their entire replies on calling you names like a kid on the playground because you thought differently than them. While lightyears ahead of the comments and forums on other sites, I just can't be bothered to post like I used to anymore.

These days I mostly just do it out of habit from so many years of posting. I stopped caring to try and express my opinion most of the time because I got tired of all the foolish hate pm's and never getting to have a conversation anymore. From time to time I will still post my two cents for old times sake but nothing ever comes of it anymore. Plus there were several years where I was unemployed and GB was literally the only thing I had going for me. Every day I would spend hours thinking about and writing my posts. These days however I just feel like its a waste of time outside of the odd thread here and there that looks interesting to post in.

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I tend not to really talk to other people here, I'm not sure why. But I do post when I feel like I can contribute, and even if I don't reply to a thread or a post, I still read a most of a thread if it appeals to me. Also a lot of the people here are interesting, so that helps.

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@mooseymcman said:

@daveyo520: It's a sci-fi adventure novel. Self-published as an e-book on Amazon. Here's the link to the US version.

If you don't live in the US, it's probably available where you are. Only in English.

The title is bad. I should have come up with a better title.

Purchased and will read on whatever spare time. You should totally pimp this in a blog or something (unless you did and I missed it, in which case oops) since I didn't think twice about dropping a dollar on that. It's also nice to see someone actually succeed, relatively, when I've gotten to the "characterize" portion of a draft.

I guess this counts as on-topic, since I probably wouldn't know about this without GB. Also, boredom.

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@siroptimusprime: I did do a blog up about it back when I put it on on Amazon in September, but I don't think anyone saw it.

Thanks though! I should definitely try to do something else to get the word out there, I just need to figure out where the line is between getting the word out and spamming, and stay on the correct side of that line.

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Because I like to keep my friends close...