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#101 Posted by Stonyman65 (2596 posts) -

I just don't think they are that fun. Just not my kind of game. I've tried to play them but I just can't get into it.

I totally understand how someone could go crazy over it though.

Same way I feel about MMOs

#102 Posted by cutyoface (541 posts) -

There really is nothing I like about them.

#103 Edited by forkboy (1116 posts) -

@davidwitten22 said:

Please stop using MOBA as a genre term. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena means nothing. DotA is just as much of a MOBA as Call of Duty, Halo, and Unreal Tournament. I like the genre of game you are describing (ARTS) but just please people, don't use MOBA as a genre. It's meaningless.

Sorry but MOBA is the accepted term for the DOTA/LOL style of game now. You'll just have to learn with that massive burden.

Anyway, the OPs question. I don't hate MOBAs. I'm just not interested in them. I mean I like strategy games, but not really the Starcraft sort of thing, I tend towards a much slower & more considered pace of the Paradox Grand Strategy games. But I've never played a MOBA. I've seen a couple of Daily DOTAs, I've listened to other people write/talk about it, & from things like the steep learning curve to the less pleasant nature of a considerable part of the community I just don't really feel compelled to go down that wormhole. If I want a time sink I've already got Crusader Kings 2, with Europa Universalis IV dropping in the next fortnight. MOBAs, they just don't seem like my kind of game, & I've no real desire or reason to prove my assumption wrong.

Oh, also, I don't really play multiplayer games very often unless I am playing with friends. Multiplayer competitive gaming is really of limited interest to me at this point.

#104 Posted by Hunkulese (2650 posts) -

@pyrodactyl: You've never played it but you know the exact level of quality to make a statement that it's not good enough to play over other games?

#105 Posted by TrollishMcTroll (1 posts) -

I don't hate them. I've played the original DoTA mod a few times as well as LoL and DoTA2. It's just the same old shit over and over with zero story that kills my interest. That and the hardcore player base. More power to those who enjoy it though, it's just not my thing.

#106 Edited by CreepyUncleBrad (166 posts) -

I played DOTA back when it was Warcraft 3. Not much, had a couple of friends who tried to get me into it. I just don't like the flow of the game I guess. I don't really know, but it boils down to me not having fun while playing it. Also, the community seems like a bunch of assholes from the limited exposure I've had. If you play MOBAs and aren't an asshole, sorry, I know most of you are probably very nice people but the assholes are louder.

#107 Posted by BenLuke (66 posts) -

@forkboy said:

@davidwitten22 said:

Please stop using MOBA as a genre term. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena means nothing. DotA is just as much of a MOBA as Call of Duty, Halo, and Unreal Tournament. I like the genre of game you are describing (ARTS) but just please people, don't use MOBA as a genre. It's meaningless.

Sorry but MOBA is the accepted term for the DOTA/LOL style of game now. You'll just have to learn with that massive burden.

The proper name is and will always be "Lords Management Game". :P

#108 Posted by RonGalaxy (2875 posts) -

I dont like the extreme competitive nature of it. It suffers from "taking this way too seriously/personally esports syndrome".

#109 Posted by jgf (383 posts) -

I can't say I hate them. I tried dota 2 and it was kind of ok. You can fiddle around without too much stress. But somehow it doesn't click with me. I think its because I don't feel like I'm in control of stuff going on. There are so many heroes with so many different abilities and I barely know 2 of them. And then there are the items. I buy whats initially suggested and after that I'm lost. Everything has weird names like monkey king bar or so. I guess I would need to study all available items for several hours only to get some kind of overview, but studying weird names and effects is nothing I can enjoy and do for fun. So I'm left in this unpleasant void: I know the absolute basics (click here, don't die, destroy tower...), but to advance from there I would have to do stuff that is not even remotely fun to me. So I just keep clicking around and buy random stuff. And thats where the game falls flat.

I guess I'm more into purely skill-based games, like quakelive. In dota I feel like my performance is not hindered by my lack of skill, but by my lack of knowledge.

Weirdly I somehow enjoy watching dota games.

#110 Edited by Hero_Swe (1112 posts) -

Dota 2 is too zoomed in with it's camera. LoL has a pretty perfect camera distance, Starcraft 1 Aeon of Strife is still the best.

#111 Edited by danmcn12 (86 posts) -

@juzie said:

I like DOTA 2 but since kids just rage at you when someone they fed kills too kill you even though there's nothing you can do about it at that point it makes the game unbearable. I partly blame LoL because DOTA wasn't near as bad as DOTA 2 is. I prefer to just play fighting games so I can whoop peoples butt and they can tell themselves it was lag instead of blaming me.

You must be miss remembering. Early Dota was much worse. Dota you got matched with levers, games with huge skill gaps, games with noobs, the community on average was much worse, and not everyone knew the "meta".

#112 Posted by Verendus (348 posts) -

I haven't played one nor am I interested playing one to be honest.

#113 Posted by chiablo (905 posts) -

DotA2 is great. I love the fact that it's a complete game that doesn't have a disgusting microtransaction business model. LoL has one of the worst online communities in any game, and all of the other MOBAs (or ARTS) games stink of companies trying to milk money from the DotA cash cow while the genre is hot.

#114 Posted by RenegadeDoppelganger (406 posts) -

Because most people take them way too seriously for it to be any fun.

I die in Battlefield, nobody cares but me. I die in League or Dota, and suddenly it's a four man rage-fueled inquisition on my playing habits.

Death in Dota has huge penalties attached to it. In a 5 person team, losing just 1 of your teammates is a 20% loss in strength. Imagine a 5v5 hardcore conquest mode in BF3 where every death helps buff the other team. How significant would losing just one teammate be? How about 2? Instead of attempting to keeping pace with the other team, you now need to shore up the leak your teammate(s) sprung.

You've probably heard the term snowball used to describe matches in Dota and it is a very apt description. You can feel the momentum shift around a single confrontation. Every time you act or do not act, the scales tip one way or the other. Dota is a tough balancing act but the sensation of your whole team being lifted up (or being dropped) is why I play.

Let me say this though: Just because mistakes are significant in Dota it doesn't excuse people who get verbally abusive with their teammates. People like that are huge jerks. They spoil a lot of the fun of the game and make it much tougher for new players to improve. These types of people are not exclusive to Dota and to be honest I'm not sure if they exist in any more significant quantity there but with the teams being small I imagine you tend to hear their voices a little louder.

#115 Posted by Kr7stof (74 posts) -

Like some others have said: because i'm not good at them.

FYI, I don't hate MOBA'S;)

#116 Posted by zenmastah (879 posts) -

I dont hate them, im just indifferent about them.

#117 Posted by Karkarov (2993 posts) -

Why do I hate MOBA's? Because they are a spin off of a game that is already a dumbed down version of good RTS games to begin with. If they are your bag that's great, to me they are unfun, boring, and nothing matters but match ups and what order you get what buff/items in a lot of the time. I see absolutely nothing appealing about them.

#118 Posted by Dacnomaniac (440 posts) -

I don't hate them. I hate a majority of the community. Not the game itself.

#119 Posted by thatdutchguy (1271 posts) -

Because i fucking hate them.

#120 Posted by jakob187 (21644 posts) -

Why do I hate MOBAs?

It's because there are people that play them who are fucking TERRIBLE, do not wish to coordinate with their team, do not listen to the more seasoned players with more knowledge of the game, and do stupid shit then blame it on everyone but themselves.

It doesn't stop me from playing them, though.

#121 Edited by 34f3ecwdc3 (162 posts) -

I don't hate them, actually this year I learned that Dota 2 is a MOBA, because I thought it's some strategy game; that much I care to not make an effort to check it out.

I know that many people lose themselves in LoL and Dota 2 to escape reality. They never attracted me enough to even watch the gameplay.

#122 Posted by magicwalnuts (81 posts) -

I don't hate MOBAs, but I hate how MOBAs and tower defense games are replacing RTS's in terms of talent and funding. So many RTS devs have gone on to make MOBAs or MOBA-likes. Then there's the financials. We all know how publishers are always trying to chase what's big at the moment, and MOBAs are big right now. I can't even imagine how many RTS devs went to a publisher to have them say, "Hhmmm, think you could make this a MOBA? Or at least F2P?" This is coming from someone who prefers RTS over MOBAs, and is rapidly seeing their favorite genre go the route of space sims.

#123 Posted by slyspider (1156 posts) -

I dont hate all MOBAs, just dota 2. That isnt a bad thing about DOTA, i hate the movement feeling, last hitting feels like my hero is covered in slowly drying tar, team fights are extremely hard to tell what the fuck is going on due to overblown effects (looks like Michael bay directed the damn game).. i could go on. But who cares what I like and what you like, we like or hate them for our own reasons.

#124 Edited by Corvak (902 posts) -

It depends how you consume games. Do you prefer to just play through a whole pile of different games, or do you devote lots of time and effort into completing each one? I will say, I have never understood the group who are constantly rushing through games and reselling them.

Is an active community something you crave? Even if MOBA communities are known for being hostile, players often form their own small group of like minded friends and teammates within the raging hordes - not unlike an MMO guild.

After eight years of World of Warcraft, I found that the community was both the worst thing and the best thing about the game. I shuddered every time I had to look at trade chat - but I had a group of close friends in my guild that took the place of the local friends I haven't had, largely as a combination of frequent moving and my own difficulty in social situations. When that guild died, so did my interest in any serious progress through the game. The community, or at least that small piece of it you choose to interact with, is what a multiplayer game exists on.

The biggest surprise to me, is the immense audience MOBA streams have gained. Unless it's got really good commentary, i've found watching MOBAs to be incredibly boring.

#125 Posted by Demoskinos (14574 posts) -

I don't hate them. I just don't want to invest the time to learn them to a point that im actually having fun.

#126 Posted by Apathylad (3066 posts) -

I found LoL frustrating at first, but I think it's finally growing on me. I can't just pick a random character and 'wing it'. And just like with any competitive video game, I'm mostly put off by the thought of playing with strangers. The other day I was in a bot match, and a random player said he or she would report me for stupidity if I died a lot.

It seems like the only time I can play LoL is in the night when I'm certain I have nothing going on. Because the matches are so long, there's been a few times I've been called away to do something else, or what have you.

#127 Posted by AlexanderSheen (4930 posts) -

I don't hate them, I just don't like it how dependent it is on player performance. For example, one player can ruin a game by "not playing it right." And the amount of knowledge you need to have is intimidating. Knowing all the characters, their abilities, how to counter them and the all the items. Just like a fighting game but 4 times worse.

#128 Posted by project343 (2812 posts) -

I love DOTA2, but the answer is obvious: the communities for these games are toxic, and the genre has a steep learning curve. Taken together, you spend a lot of the 'initial impressions period' being on the receiving end of a lot of vile vocal spewing.

#129 Posted by TheVeteran13 (1197 posts) -

Because they increase my chance of being called a "faggot asshole" tenfold.

#130 Posted by GERALTITUDE (2951 posts) -

Why do people cultivate an irrational hate towards anything they know nothing about?

#131 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

Like 90% of multiplayer games, the people who play MOBAs are generally assholes. And I don't play games to be screamed at and called homophobic slurs. If I had a large enough group of friends that played the games and therefore never ever had to play with random people I'd probably enjoy them. Similar to MMO's I never enjoyed them until last year when finally enough people I knew started playing SWTOR.