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My favorite part is the bombcast, but I came for the community & reviews. I love the personality that comes through in the writing.

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I'm pretty sure everyone only visits GB for the Trivia section.

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Fuck, I don't have a motherfucking clue as to why... still thinking, get off my shit, I'm thinking here.

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Everything involving a camera.

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I don't think I can say I love a website but the staff is awesome, the videos they create are funny and informative...

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Quick Looks and Bombcast.

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For moments like this 

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  Because stuff like this happens.

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A: Quick Look format
B: Small and civil forums
C: Bombcast
D: Kane and Lynch
EDIT: oh yes, Brad's soothing voice.

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Its effin' rad
Ryan, Vinny, Jeff and Brad

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Nothing specific, but many laughs and good time has been had on this site.

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Because of the Bombcast, wiki, and the editorial/video content.

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Everything they do is hilarious and is fun to read/hear/watch.

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Cause those guys know how to make an awesome website.

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GiantBomb pumps out more original entertaining content than any other site i can think of.

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I might make a pie-chart with this info later :P

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Since becoming a paid member, it's gotta be the weekly hand jobs.

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Staff is entertaining and the forum people aren't dicks (mostly)

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the forums.

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@Aronman789 said:
" Staff is entertaining and the forum people aren't dicks (mostly) "
I like the forums and you're a keeper. Straight up and honest. Too bad we don't have +1 anymore. +1 to you in spirit.
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The video content and the conspiracy theory topics^^

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I came for the community, but now it's ALL about QuickLooks and Bombcast. Community's still cool, but those two things are above and beyond.

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It has a lot more personality than your average gaming site. Sites like IGN and stuff seem bland and boring by comparision.

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The video content, reviews, and there are some people in the community that are pretty cool.

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It's got these awesome forums filled with an awesome community that is closer than any other community on any other gaming website.
The staff also has personality, and they are dedicated to their jobs.

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The staff, nuff said.

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Because of the community is has created. Kudos on making a place that both scares the everloving shit out of me and I find so darn entertaining.  
I love nothing more then to laugh at the people who would gladly let any of the GB crew dump on there chest cause it means getting close to them. 

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The Community is the best. 
Filled with awesome people who are just friendly all the time and helpful. 
This place makes you feel welcome all the damn time like you're part of one big fam....AHAHAhahahahaha I'm fucking with you, I couldn't even write that without almost laughing my ass off. 
Bunch of fucking cunts! :P 
A little more serious: 
The video features like Quick Looks, Endurance Runs and all that stuff are great and the live stuff is also great, especially the stuff like the Kinect live stream and TNTs.  
Bombcasts are also really great.

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I like the part where it's a website about video games 
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Bombcast, video content, and the community because I have been here since the beginning.

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It's easier to list the things I don't love:

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The Bombcast! When I listen to it, it's like I'm surrounded by friends...
...that sounds incredibly sad....

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Because they're fucking hilarious.

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Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Brad, and sometimes Dave.

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the community is great. the quick looks and the reviewers. they are great people that have smoothing voices.

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Well... in no particular order
1. Hamst3r
2. Hirashin
3. Crazy ass bombcasts
4. The bomb squad and the personalities they've got goin on
5. Community song, though that would tie into Hamst3r.
6. The unabated honesty of this whole site.
7. Insanity that happened during the New Super Mario Brothers Wii quicklook
8. Insanity that happened during the Kinectathon live stream
9. General repeated insanity that is caught on camera and consequently posted up here for our viewing pleasure.

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1. The Bombcast 
2. Personalities of the Bombsquad  
3. The Quick Looks 
4. Everything Else

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The Staff and the Community. I love everything about this website and is why it is my favorite website. Thanks All

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Most recently?