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#1 Posted by Phatmac (5720 posts) -

#2 Posted by Phatmac (5720 posts) -

As my month of my Giant Bomb Premium Membership is close to running out I've come to appreciate a number of things that make being a member so cool. This poll is just to ask folks on here the same questions I ask myself with my paid membership. Why do you keep paying Giant Bomb? Is it for any of these reasons listed above? Did I miss anything?

#3 Posted by _Chad (961 posts) -

Other well A and B. I like the subscriber videos and I like to support the work the guys do.

#4 Posted by forkboy (1107 posts) -

A combination of A & B. I'd probably not have subscribed if not for the subscriber exclusive content, but I like what the guys do & am happy to pay for some solid entertainment.

#5 Posted by harinosho (591 posts) -


I just dont care anymore, its only a few bucks. So.. why cancel it?

#6 Posted by audioBusting (1461 posts) -

I paid for my first yearly subscription to support the staff and have a reason to finally make an account. I'm glad I got it! Really loving the mobile site and HTML5 option.

#7 Posted by MEATBALL (3016 posts) -

Mostly to support a website I love but also because of the subscriber videos. I like all of the various features subscribing gets you, though, such as the lack of ads, extra video options and rss feeds.

#8 Posted by InsidiousTuna (373 posts) -

All of the above. Was originally to support the site and content that I love, as well as HD video. Then they started doing subscriber-only content, and opened up HD video for all, and that's way better. Pushing video content to my Apple TV is also pretty great. But mostly its to throw money at all the dumb shit this website does.

#9 Posted by Warchief (650 posts) -

Boxee App its just that simple. That app is the main way i consume the content on the site.

#10 Posted by rentfn (1276 posts) -

I LOVE spending money

#11 Posted by Korolev (1694 posts) -

Because I felt like they needed it when they were independent. But even though they are owned by a large company, I continue to support them, because I feel that they've earned my money. They have made me laugh very hard during some pretty stressful times. That is worth the equivalent of one night's dining out.

#12 Posted by ssdelorean (12 posts) -

I have a Windows Phone 7. A part of me really wanted the HTML 5 videos to work better on there, but when I realized they didn't, it's not like I was going to stop paying for my subscription. I'm happy to support Giant Bomb. I love this site <3

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I really, really, really struggled with it this time around. In the past it has required no thought, it was all about supporting the staff. In the end it came down to me really wanting to watch spookin with scoops as Patrick is one of my favourite things about the site. I guess it was just being entertained by Drew and Alexis for all of those hours that really pushed me into getting it again, despite that not being a premium stream. also FUCK those stupid NASL and laser tag adverts.

#14 Posted by AndrewB (7438 posts) -

For Random PC games and because I save Giant Bomb and myself a ton of money in bandwidth fees by being able to download their videos. Also, Vinny and Dave.

#15 Posted by Vexxan (4612 posts) -

Subscriber videos/live streams.

#16 Posted by Gamer_152 (14049 posts) -

Because I think it's important to support a company I think is doing the right things in their field and even if I don't have time to watch a lot of it, I do enjoy the subscriber content, particularly Jar Time with Jeff.

#17 Posted by RioStarwind (477 posts) -

When they first started the subscription model I just had to throw money at them since this is certainly one of my most viewed sites I go to. Until something drastic happens to the bombssquad I'll keep giving them my support.

#18 Posted by Maajin (1052 posts) -

Because I like what they do and that's one of the ways I can show that.

#19 Posted by Christoffer (1742 posts) -

I love the content and the staff so I pay to keep the site going, plain and simple.

#20 Edited by Cubic (171 posts) -

Because they're one of the few internet companies I don't feel dirty giving money to (I guess that's A), and also because the subscriber content is pretty awesome (B).

Also, I ended up buying a couple of years of subscription when they went on sale, so I don't think I'm going to be having to make that choice again until 2015 or something.

#21 Posted by GeekDown (1170 posts) -

Because it's one of the sites I visit most frequently and the amount of money they ask for is perfectly fine. So basically it's both for the support and the premium content I guess.

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Poll should give the option of more than one. Flawed.

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A and B are my main reasons, but it's mostly A. Without the amazing staff, where would the amazing content come from? Also, this is a site about personalities, and I think that these guys understand that very well. I've liked and trusted a lot of them since their GS days, and I will continue to support them with my subscription in the future.

#24 Posted by dungbootle (2454 posts) -

A, I love those fellas

#25 Posted by EvilKatarn (465 posts) -

For the subscriber videos I guess. I hope I'll get more use out of the mobile site too once the new Lumias come out.

#26 Posted by Pimparooni (25 posts) -

I forgot to turn off auto-resubsription. As simple as that. I didn't even get the T-shirt Ipaid for last year, and this year I have to pay the same price for less GB content, and no Tested/Screened membership. I don't think I would have resubscribed if I didnt forget about that...

#27 Posted by TheVideoHustler (406 posts) -

I find the community to be awesome. The giant bomb crew awesome (because of their willingness to listen to the community and interact with them) And I really like the content they release.

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#29 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

A and B! Yeah, I just combined two of your poll options!

#30 Posted by Phatmac (5720 posts) -

@Cloudenvy said:

A and B! Yeah, I just combined two of your poll options!

You're such a rebel.

#31 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

@Gamer_152 said:

Because I think it's important to support a company I think is doing the right things in their field and even if I don't have time to watch a lot of it, I do enjoy the subscriber content, particularly Jar Time with Jeff.

This is how I feel about subscribing. GB seems like the only player in the field that really wants to break the mold of clickwhoring games review sites and I'll support that as long as it seems like the staff is committed to what they do.

#32 Posted by Phatmac (5720 posts) -

@Gamer_152 said:

Because I think it's important to support a company I think is doing the right things in their field and even if I don't have time to watch a lot of it, I do enjoy the subscriber content, particularly Jar Time with Jeff.

Jar Time with Jeff is probably my favorite subscriber video alongside the Giant Bomb Radio Show.

#33 Posted by Bocam (3667 posts) -

Because my avatar doesn't look as good without the little medal

#34 Posted by Labman (286 posts) -

To support the guys! The premium content and all the other cool shit is the icing on the cake.

#35 Posted by crusader8463 (14411 posts) -

While sadly I find most of the content that gets made these days miss more than it hits for me in terms of being entertaining, I still spend more time on GB then just about any site on the internet so $50 a year is worth it for me. For better and for worse I have spent so much time on this site over the years that I honestly couldn't imagine not coming here anymore. So to make sure it stays around I do the only thing I can and give them $50 a year. That said, if that miss to hit ratio starts going more into the miss side of things a lot more then it already is, I might consider myself dropping out of my sub for awhile.

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#37 Posted by YoungFrey (1321 posts) -

Mostly it's so I can download mobile-quality video. But the subscriber videos are nice too.

#38 Posted by Phatmac (5720 posts) -

@Bocam said:

Because my avatar doesn't look as good without the little medal

I'd hope that someone would vote for it! :)

#39 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7240 posts) -

Because the site provides me with heaps of entertainment for free and I come on here everyday, so I give them some money to support them.

#40 Posted by matti00 (668 posts) -

I don't watch movies or TV, so Giant Bomb is my primary source of viewing entertainment. The subscriber-only videos make it worth it alone, but the little extra features we're given, as well as a chance to support the team is totally worth £3.50 a month for me.

#41 Posted by Unequivocable (213 posts) -

A & B both!

#42 Posted by McLargepants (354 posts) -

I guess I have three reasons, for the amount of time I spend on this site and with the podcast each week, it's chump change. But also, I love being able to download the videos to watch later (my internet can be spotty sometimes, so streaming can get annoying), and of course the premium videos are fun!

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#44 Posted by Morningstar (2125 posts) -

Because it's fairly cheap, considering.

#45 Posted by Rongaryen (268 posts) -

I subscribe purely to support the site. The premium content is just a bonus.

#46 Edited by Bourbon_Warrior (4523 posts) -

They need to get rid of pay walling the video options. HD video and such is pretty standard for every other site and no HTML or Youtube player unless your a sub just drives away new people.

#47 Posted by SeanFoster (854 posts) -

I do it to support the website which provides me with so much entertainment.

#48 Posted by RazielCuts (2906 posts) -

I went for 'the cool little medal emblem on my avatar' because it's the most inane.

#49 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

It's purely for the videos at this point. Being that they are now part of a large media conglomerate the idea of subscribing to support the site goes by the wayside. Hence why I subscribe on a monthly basis. I build up a backlog then subscribe. Come December I'll probably cancel then pick it up again a few months down the road.

#50 Posted by StingerMK2 (386 posts) -

i put A, but to be honest it's to support the site in general, obviously having awesome staff is part of that, but its for everything the site offers. i probably spend atleast 70% of my internet browsing time on giant bomb, and i don't really watch TV beyond netflix, so i'd rather support something i like then pay £20- £40 a month on Sky that i just wouldn't use