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#51 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

Because it adds to the cost of manufacturing the console, it complicates the design, there would be more pieces that would break after a while.

There's a reason the NES is built for the ages while Xbox have been breaking down since day one, moving parts.

It's a also an extremely clumsy solution to a problem we've already solved with digital distribution. I wouldn't be surprised if every game for the next gen of consoles had a download option.

#52 Posted by Skel (23 posts) -

MS should have allowed the old external HD-DVD they released serve this purpose. My brother has one, and would love to be able to keep a second game in that drive. Even if it's just for validation of a game that's installed to the HDD... ;^)

#53 Posted by alternate (2723 posts) -

HD consoles do not come with a HDMI cable, so that they can save a dollar per unit. Why do you think they don't have multi changers?

#54 Posted by Nonapod (126 posts) -

@Ravenlight said:

@Nonapod said:

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Personally I wish more consoles had lathes built in. What does Nintendo, Sony, and MS expect me to do when I find a nice burl in the woods and I want to turn a new chair leg or whatever? I mean WTF?

More importantly, how are you playing console games while tromping through the woods?

With a portable generator backpack and an end table strapped to my front with a console and a small TV on it obviously (the gorilla suit and roller skates are optional)

#55 Posted by TMBaker (242 posts) -

Because people are lazy enough as it is and it's the only exercise some get.

#56 Posted by NTM (7682 posts) -

Yeahhh, that's dumb.

#57 Posted by dollfaces (5 posts) -

No reason to have a disk changer. We are not so lazy that we cant just change the game out ourselves, or at least I hope not. The system would be larger and require more space, for little gain.

Besides at the way console systems are going these days most games are going to be downloaded. They are becoming more and more like computers.

#58 Posted by BlueLantern1995 (101 posts) -

Because they want you to buy only their station...they want your money and don't want their competitor to get it...

#59 Posted by Sarkhan (1196 posts) -

Gotta be kidding me.....

#60 Posted by Inquisitor_Sif (60 posts) -

@sjs2401: Well, if you consider that the HDD is the substitute for disc changer slot number 2 and above, then it all fit together. More compact and no need to change disc.

#61 Posted by Recall (103 posts) -

Hard drives are multi disc changers

#62 Posted by Danteveli (1225 posts) -

@ValiantGrizzly said:


Have you tried? Mine makes great fries.

#63 Posted by GiantBomber (353 posts) -

Everytime I see this, I'm having a laugh.

#64 Posted by Zleunamme (730 posts) -

Welcome to 2012, duder. Are you that lazy to change out a disc? As other people have mentioned, digital distribution is making physical media obsolete. A large hard drive can store a number of games digitally. There several reasons why consoles do not have multiple optical drives or a disc changer. There is not enough space to house all the parts. It would jack up the price of the console. It would make the console bulky--making it look ugly-- and complicated to use. It would waste energy and computing power to complete an impractical task.

If you want to switch from game to game with touch of a button. Buy the games digitally, it's that simple. Ownership of digital media and backwards compatibility is a separate issue that should be tabled for another time.

#65 Posted by mitsuko_souma (134 posts) -

This is possibly the worst suggestion ever made, which means Microsoft will probably do it with the next xbox :)

#66 Edited by Zenogiasu (192 posts) -

Digital distribution, 'nuff said. Might have been a good idea for the PS2?

EDIT: Or Jesus Christ, just get up off your ass and change the fucking disc yourself, it's like right there, man.

#67 Posted by Galiant (2197 posts) -

I don't have a "factual reason", but my guess would be:

  1. Money (duh)
  2. Moving parts = more likely to break -> have to replace console -> expenses -> money

So, hey...