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Last week I posted something about Silent Hill 3 selling for over $50 on Amazon.con. Now, this week I find Dirt in my wishlist selling for $77.99. I can understand an older, last generation game...but Dirt is an Xbox360 game. And as far as I can tell, it is not a hard game to find.
P.S. I put "is" in the title because it was such a hit with the last post.

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The typical Amazon error.

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Once again, Hit Gaming is the only featured seller for the game, and they're asking for a ridiculous price

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@bizsumpark182: Amazon normally have other vendors using it site to sell items.  Hitgaming is one of those vendors and very often they will sell games way way too high.
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@bizsumpark182: It comes packaged with Colin McRae's hand.
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I bought Silent hill 3 at my local gaming store a few weeks ago for like 8 bucks. It´s was in the "trash bin" with other old ps2 games like onimusha and jak.

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@creamypies:                                                                                           Oh no he didn't! 

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No offence dude, but 'why is dirt cost this much' maybe the greatest sentence I have ever heard.

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@dbz1995: I know. If you go to the Silent Hill 3 forum and look at my thread that is there you will see why I went with "is" instead of "does".
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It's probably hard to find these days. It's a cool game, though.  I picked it up for $30 like almost a year ago, but I wouldn't advise paying $80 for it. Dirt 2 is looking like it'll be a lot better anyway.

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@TheGreatGuero: It isn't that hard to find. You can pick up a copy at pretty much any game store. And I see it at the likes of Wal Mart and Target everytime I go through the videogame sections.  
I don't plan on buying it, as you said Dirt 2 looks like it will be pretty awesome.
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@creamypies: Too soon.
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I love this game. I hate the whole X Games motif of the new one, although the gameplay is great.