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Hey guys.
Easy. Why did you pick THAT as your profile picture? 
Me, I just loved The Darkness, and how cool a character Jackie Estacado was, I kinda felt identified with him.

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It was at a time when I was interested in Assassin's Creed. Still am ofcourse. 
Also, Altair is just BADASS
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cuz i like seeing me and my girl :) 

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Because... well... anime dude. Anime.

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You're calling me a that? So hurtful...

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I thought it was funny at the time, even if 99% of the site view anime the same way Nazis view non-whites and non-Christians.  Now, I would just feel weird changing it.

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Because I like The Chronicles of Riddick. 

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It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to see the Amiga 500 boot up screen. Also makes me feel old as shit.

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I think people are confusing profile picture and avatar.  
My profile pic is me when I got back from Hawaii 3 years ago. Not sure why I put that there... I'll probably replace it with something more sexy. So something with Noel most likely.

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I like black & white avatars, and watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly recently put me in a Lee Van Cleef kinda mood.  I like seeing him with the GB medal around his neck.

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Me and my girlfriend literally replaced the word "sex" with "snu snu".

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because it's bob ross.

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I drawed it and felt like using it.

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These things remind me of the Raving Rabbids.  
So if everyone thinks how I think.  Maybe they'll think I'm crazy every time they see my avatar.  Plus no one else has anything remotely close to it.

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That's such an easy question, seriously.
Darkstalkers is amazing, and Jon Talbain is my main, though sometimes I'll play as Victor or Felicia. I beat Darkstalkers on 8 star difficulty in 10 MINUTES on the PSP, I haven't played it in a while, but I love that game so much more than any Street Fighter or BlazBlue.

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Do I really need to explain myself?
Because I think the reason why I chose this image is pretty obvious.

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because street sharks

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It's a video game site.  I like ladies.  Video game lady.  Her name is Lady, or Mary if you want to get technical.

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Deja Entendu is a great album!

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@Shadow said:

" I thought it was funny at the time, even if 99% of the site view anime the same way Nazis view non-whites and non-Christians.  Now, I would just feel weird changing it. "

Thats a terrible comparison, Hilter did not mass murder atheists, also you would be odd to view Nazis twisted version of Christianity as part of the traditional christian faith (you know the whole removing the old testament and adding the nazi mysticism).
Anyway, mines Raiden, because hes my favorite MGS character, and i am PUMPED for rising.
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Molyneux  because my face is stupid

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Avatar: Why? I like Gone With The Blast Wave.

Profile Picture: Why? Because SCIENCE!

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I have been using a Fortune Cookie as my avatar since the CS 1.6 days, where my spray was a Fortune Cookie.
It started as a joke in the sixth grade or something, where friends and I came up with goofy trucker names, and mine ended up being Fortune Cookie. 
Cut to eight years later, and everyone on the internets calls me Fortune or Cookie. Except GB, where Fortune Cookie was taken.

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@rjayb89 said:
" It's a video game site.  I like ladies.  Video game lady.  Her name is Lady, or Mary if you want to get technical. "
Devil May Cry needs more Lady in it. That brief cutscene that you get for protecting Kyrie at the end of 4 wasn't enough.
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Because Seaman was an interesting and crazy game and people should be cautious of me and Zero Punctuation is funny and I like the imagery.

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@ESREVER: I have the 4th game but haven't gotten around to playing it.  Nice to hear she makes another appearance in the game rather than just in the opening cutscene, or at least that's what I've heard.  But more Lady in any game is cool with me.
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Because Agent Dale Cooper is the man.
*thumbs up*

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To remember, and never forget.

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Avatar: Because I actually get it.
Profile pic: Because I'm hairy.

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@cnlmullen said:
" Because Agent Dale Cooper is the man.  *thumbs up* "
How's the coffee?
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@jonnyboy: A: This is a awesome profile pic, i so remember booting up my Amiga 500 to play ANOTHER game of Defender of the Crown.... loved that game 
B: Im Lordborg909, ergo the pic of the Borg... We will assimilate and all that jazz 
Dammit boys take that castle!
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It's Craghack from Heroes of Might And Magic 3..   Craghacks just BADASS

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Because it seemed quite appropriate for this site :o

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I like mutes.

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@Playgu said:
" It's Craghack from Heroes of Might And Magic 3..  to quote Conker "  Also, Craghacks just BADASS" "
Cuthbert is where it's at brosemite look inside your heart
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There was a reason, but I don't remember why.....

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it's my car and I miss it.
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I kept tying in a Tic-Tac-Toe game in the forums against BestUsernameEver so he made me a custom avatar. I quite like it too.

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Kingdom Hearts, BOOM!

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@Zafmg: Say what now? 
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Because they're my favorite band. 

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Cuz like, 
I felt like it.

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Because Baraka is BEAST.  
....and I like 2 letter words with a mouth screaming them, in an Andy Warhol sorta way. 

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@Zafmg: Ah... :)
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Cuase Jim Root of Slipknot is kickass!
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Persona 3 Portable rulezzzzzz

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Because it is an explosion of epic awesomeness.