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I'm down with the Pach-Attack.

#52 Posted by Shadow (4980 posts) -
@Truant19 said:
" @Shadow said:

" I thought it was funny at the time, even if 99% of the site view anime the same way Nazis view non-whites and non-Christians.  Now, I would just feel weird changing it. "

Thats a terrible comparison, Hilter did not mass murder atheists, also you would be odd to view Nazis twisted version of Christianity as part of the traditional christian faith (you know the whole removing the old testament and adding the nazi mysticism). Anyway, mines Raiden, because hes my favorite MGS character, and i am PUMPED for rising. "

well I was going to say "jews" originally, but thought it would be too much.  I had to complete the analogy with something.  No way was I going to re-write my whole post in a thread I'm already just barely interested in.
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Her name is Artemis, and she is my lady. More specifically, my tabletop roleplaying game lady, as drawn by my BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Spike Wible.

#54 Posted by Baillie (4173 posts) -

I'm the only person with my face in my avatar? I'm weird. 
WilliamRLBaker has his too. We're awesome.

#55 Posted by itsmadness (143 posts) -

I may possibly threaten to stab you.

#56 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3484 posts) -

I loves Omar!! ;)

#57 Posted by conrow (68 posts) -

Cause I fucking love Back to the Future
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#60 Posted by JJWeatherman (14558 posts) -

Because Rick rocks it real.

#61 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

My profile picture?  
Because I like the design for the character

#62 Posted by superpope (129 posts) -

Because Im like the Pope, but super.
#63 Posted by jorojoserojas (258 posts) -

My friend was playing with the macro settings on a new camera of his, and took this snapshot of my 360 controller.

#64 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2220 posts) -

Well this picture was artwork of Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel for the GBC. To this day I still believe this game is the best portable MGS game, especially compared to Portable Ops.

#65 Posted by InfamousBIG (3201 posts) -

Because why the fuck wouldn't I want this as my damn avatar?

#66 Posted by YoctoYotta (541 posts) -

It's a $15 burger called Tom Sellick's Mustache. Honestly, I can't believe GiantBomb doesn't force everyone to have this as their avatar.

#67 Posted by harinosho (596 posts) -

its bad dudes vs ninjas.. niff said! 

#68 Posted by thaijedi (139 posts) -

Cause I met the Giantbomb crew!

#69 Posted by smitty86 (698 posts) -

The Simpsons is the greatest show of all time. Period. So why not pick the greatest game of all time. (Minus Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge of course...)

#70 Posted by JusticeCat (113 posts) -

I opened paint, closed my eyes and tried to draw a JusticeCat, this is the result.

#71 Posted by Fattony12000 (7416 posts) -

Because I saw King Kong flipping the bird (incorrectly, of course) on the new Cinemassacre trailer for Monster Madness 2010, and I had looked at the hilarious/disgusting website for the Michael Jackson free-to-play MMO earlier in that same day.
The two work well together, I feel...

#72 Posted by Devil240Z (3368 posts) -

I will have this as my avatar until GB gets trophy tracking data again. 

#73 Posted by Farley_Lives (278 posts) -

Because I made it myself and I like it.

#74 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7617 posts) -

Because it's Guybrush Threepwood.  Mighty pirate.

#75 Posted by HadesTimes (804 posts) -

I really like Starcraft and the Zerg.  Also, I have trouble coming up with Profile pictures...

#76 Posted by Meltac (2002 posts) -

Because Rad Spencer is rad!

#77 Posted by GetEveryone (4455 posts) -

Ken has style. That's all...

#78 Posted by KingBroly (1645 posts) -

Because Lords of Shadow is coming out soon.

#79 Posted by Psykhophear (939 posts) -

Because this chick is hot.  ^_^

#80 Posted by Pinworm45 (4088 posts) -

My name is Pinworm, that's a pinworm. Simple.

#81 Posted by Choi (540 posts) -

Because I made it (for another topic).

#82 Edited by Addfwyn (1925 posts) -

Naoto is my favourite Persona 4 character, and I use some variation of her on all Whiskey sites, slightly different ones.

#83 Posted by Naughtydogmania (44 posts) -

Something something dark side... and reminds me of assassins creed but with a naughty smile =D
Anyway it's-a me! Just toyed with the photo

#84 Posted by ZeroCast (1869 posts) -

I was looking up a trailer for SF IV when I saw Seth's face and I just loved the badassness of it. Especially the "I am going to fuck you up" look.

#85 Posted by SubwayD (501 posts) -

Profile Picture: Because Crack Down has stupid box art.  

As for my Avatar... it's of a blue cat lady from Avatar. Figured it'd be amusing. Oh how I laughed.  
Drawn by this bro right here:  http://random-domain.com/
#86 Posted by wonderhare (350 posts) -

Because I can! >D
No, seriously, it's Thane in Lyra's clothes. Why wouldn't I use that pic?

#87 Posted by natetodamax (19207 posts) -

Actual profile pic or my icon? The former: it's a screenshot I took of me blowing up in Halo: Reach. The latter: I love Rise Kujikawa so much <3

#88 Posted by Shirogane (3574 posts) -

ESREVER, if you're still here, please explain for me, cause i can't be bothered with these people who don't understand the greatness that is Noel.

#89 Posted by jrodrz (155 posts) -
@superpope: Hahahaha, very good
#90 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

Avatar: Cary Grant is awesome. 
Profile: I was getting heat for the Swastika so I changed it to Will Travers from the awesome new AMC show, Rubicon. 
Background: It's awkward trying to get background pics that look nice and not just cut off so I thought I'd go for something that's pretty much completely hidden besides for that split second of loading.

#91 Posted by me3639 (1760 posts) -

When Vinny and Ryan went to Amsterdam, which was the best GB video of all time, they stopped by some developers showing off some computers that immersed your whole body into the environment/game ala the scene in the movie Disclosure. Still makes me laugh to this day.

#92 Posted by FirePrince (1763 posts) -

I like the idea of me being represented by an insane video-game villain that has "Blades" in his name.

#93 Posted by nickux (1385 posts) -


#94 Posted by uniform (1835 posts) -

I really like that stained glass Zelda picture.

#95 Posted by CaptainObvious (2998 posts) -

Because Johnny Cash is god.

#96 Posted by iizcallum (606 posts) -

Because The xx are kinda good... :D

#97 Posted by JamesBoyce (295 posts) -

It's my face.

#98 Posted by natetodamax (19207 posts) -
@Shirogane said:

ESREVER, if you're still here, please explain for me, cause i can't be bothered with these people who don't understand the greatness that is Noel.

Our 100 message PM begs to differ!
#99 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

Cause Godspeed You! Black Emperor is having an American tour early next year.

#100 Posted by Mesklinite (804 posts) -

Because plants vs zombies was awesome when I made my profile here. Then I got lazy.