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I'm a gigantic pervert and I like Half-Life!

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It's my logo thing. I use it so you can recognize me on just about any site. 
It's framed differently here on GB though so it can wear that medal around it's neck.

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So Moonshadow is a name I've used on forums forever. There's no origin story, it's just a couple of words that my teenage boy self thought sounded pretty cool.  
At one point, someone said to me, "That's stupid. The moon doesn't even have a shadow!" 
And I thought, "Yeah, it does, that's what an eclipse is! When the moon's shadow is cast over the earth!" 
So now I associate my forum name with solar eclipses and associated imagery. 

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Because Abe is awesome.

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I thought it was hilarious.

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Because MC is one of my fav game characters and he is awesome plus I like his face never knew it was soo yellow
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@LibraryDues said:
" I like black & white avatars, and watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly recently put me in a Lee Van Cleef kinda mood.  I like seeing him with the GB medal around his neck. "
Awesome movie, good choice
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@Zafmg said:
" @cnlmullen said:
" Because Agent Dale Cooper is the man.  *thumbs up* "
How's the coffee? "
Black as midnight on a moonless night.
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Uncle Sam in party shades is the modern renaissance man, that's why. 

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Because I live in Baltimore, MD and we have crabs.  Lots and lots of crabs.

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@YoctoYotta: wow! that is a sick burger!
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Because I think it looks badass. Others may say different but hell I don't care about them. 
Edit: Oh shit I forgot I put this pic on, my bad, because it looks creepy.

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Because I <3 Kokoro. She's one of my favorite videogame characters.

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Because Valve is god!

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Because it's Pikachu...
getting a Pokeball to the face.

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I'd like to think it's from a U rated version of "The Hills Have Eyes". But it's probably not

#167 Posted by RollingZeppelin (2426 posts) -

Because Porcupine Tree is the best band ever! Plus it looks badass.

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Because it's the Mother-Effing Count.

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Because it's Murray. And he's present.

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because Dead or Alive 4 is fun and Ayane is pretty cool

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Icon Pic: gender identfication issues? 
Profile Pic: That scene is still one of the most shocking things I've ever seen, and I saw it when I was like five.

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Because it's Tom Servo...in the '80s. Need I say more?

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I like The Beatles. It was really the only thing I could think of. 
I'm thinking of changing it though.

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Because he's my little skittles. YES HE IS, YES HE IZZZZ. 
As far as my PROFILE profile picture, I made it.  it looks kinda cool.  

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I loved Dragon Age: Origins and I'm ridiculously  excited for Dragon Age 2.   

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@Chokobo said:
Carn the fucking Pies!
Mine?  "Last night, I had a dream about you.  In this dream, I'm dancing right beside you"
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Cause I want the profile views achivement, then I'm going back to my medic profile img

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Because I would have sex with her.

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To remind myself to never piss off Happy the Dragon. You just don't do it...

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Because Dunsparce.

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Umm. Keeley Hazell.  
Nuff said.

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It's the main character for the game I'm making. :)

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Because Vagrant Story is tits.

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I loved both Mass Effects so I used Sheperd's N7 tag

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Because Angel Beats is an awesome anime. Call me a jerk all you'd like for liking anime.

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Because C. Viper is my main in SSF4. And its a beautiful girl in a good cosplay.
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Go Team Venture!

#189 Posted by Hector (3539 posts) -

Just thought it looked pretty badass!

#190 Edited by Jaresk (165 posts) -

Because I drew it and it is video game related.  Apart from Brad of course.  The "I drew it part" I mean, not the "video game related" part.
Edit: I'm gonna pretend that people actually click on peoples name to see the profile pic, instead of just glancing at the avatar and say;  I drew those crystals long ago, even before joining the site, and I wanted to have something else than the default so I used it as filler.  Never bothered to put anything else there.

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It's the Mayor of Metro City giving a piledriver to a shark.

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@Afroman269 said:
" because it's bob ross. "
I was Bob Ross for Halloween last year. Props to you sir.
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Cause Lovecraft and Cthulhu are awesomazingly-splendid

#194 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

It's my mass effect character that looks like agent 47

#195 Posted by SpudBug (708 posts) -

Kuribo's Shoe
No explanation necessary

#196 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -
@Tonic7: Very nice, I hope you thought some people on how to paint little bushes next to the river.
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Persona 3 is one of my favorite games of all time.

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Because I made it.

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It's an early concept sketch of MGS4's Drebin.

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Cause I like being naked :"D