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I am a fan of the wwe and Edge is my favorite wrestler.
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I like Chrono Trigger.

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I really enjoyed the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie (and the graphic novels that I'm reading through), and this is the picture that I liked the most when searching through the Scott Pilgrim images a few months ago.

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Because I love the Darius series... also because it's a neon laser shooting space fish!

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Because WipEout is the greatest thing ever and Assegai is my team.

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I thought it was cool so I used it

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A friend that I don't talk to anymore made this for me a while back. It's supposed to be a pixel art version of me.

Decided I'd use it, since I kinda miss her :(

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I drew mine and I believe I may have been drunk at the time. I've drawn myself as the French tickler and I appear to be tickling my girl's ass...I think...I just decided to keep it because it was unique lol

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A character voiced by Samuel Motherfucking Jackson himself in the stupid-but-awesome Afro Samurai.

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I chose this profile picture because I was tired of constantly changing profile pictures before this one. As somebody put it a very long time ago, "you change avatars more than Ron Jeremy changes sex partners." Now that you mention it, I have a desire to change this avatar, it has lasted quite a long time...

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Why not?

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@Afroman269 said:
" because it's bob ross. "
Fuck yes!
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Because Id is badass.

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I like amazonian librarians....from space

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I don't know, I have to switch back to a Japanese girl soon.

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Well, it is MY profile. Might as well be a picture of me.

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It's christmastime. note the santa hat.

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I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I'm a fan.

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I like Death Note.