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and it looks like a combo of GS and Youtube for some reason

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No, it's a fusion of Wikipedia, Gamespot and Comicbook website

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actually right now it's not as slow as yesterday night.

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yeah, yesterday it was uber slow

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Well, for one, if you would read the post or search for the answer on why this site is slow, you wouldn't waste the space.  But, since I am posting here I might as well give you an answer.

This site is new, and is in the open beta stages.

There has been a great influx if people adding articles, images, reviews, blogs, posts, etc. etc.  So therefore the back end server I am sure is under a lot of stress. So yea.  There is your answer for the slow.

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Seems to be pretty fast now, and I'm in the UK. Where are you?

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Much faster today than it was yesterday. There are just too many people on the site right now which makes it run a little slow.

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Yeah and BTW, it's also super fast for me now

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Its picking up pretty well

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Do they even have a mod team around here or it is just over run

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The performance is way better to day.

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The site just launched...it's going to be slow initially. Get over it.

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BlackWaterCO said:
"Yeah and BTW, it's also super fast for me now"
yeah, moves like really fast...guess this means I cant leave Giantbomb to another slower forum or I'll spazz out on my computer xD
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_F_ said:
"and it looks like a combo of GS and Youtube for some reason"
It doesn't look anything like YouTube. And if you think it's slow today you should have been here yesterday. In fact I think it's running perfectly today.

This site is pretty original for what it is -- it's a video games Wiki but with a stronger community than I've ever known on a Wiki site. And it's only been open for one day.
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i'm thinking if the site being fast now has anything to do witht he fact that it's still early in the morning and most of us are either at work or sleeping.

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By youtube I mean the Wall thing in profiles

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It seems faster now i agree. Very slow in the beginning but they seem to have worked it out.

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_F_ said:
"By youtube I mean the Wall thing in profiles"
thats just how we roll
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The profile lay out is a big smelly something. I havn't seen something so bad since well I'm not sure when

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_F_ said:

The profile lay out is a big smelly something. I havn't seen something so bad since well I'm not sure when

I havent even bothered to look at it

thats not what the sites about anyways xP
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It's quite fast for me atm. It was much slower yesterday.

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It was slower yesterday.  Now it's pretty fast.

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yeah. I think those guys with the 200 posts must have been really determined yesterday if the site was this slow

I mean, holy crap

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It was rather slow yesterday, but it was the first day. It appears to be running much smoother today.

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It was really so for me yesterday and would not even load sometimes. But now it seems to be running smoothly.

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As above, it was a LOT slower yesterday, today it is humming along quite nicely.

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This is still a beta launch, so slowdowns, crashes and bugs are to be expected. The site is becoming more stable, though.

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It's the beta version and add the fact of the big traffic of users.

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_F_ said:
"Do they even have a mod team around here or it is just over run "
There isn't currently a mod team at the moment but they will be contacting people in the upcoming week or so about possible positions. Its only day two so calm down. Its not going to be perfect in the opening week.
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its fast today

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Yeah, the mod team should start to appear soon enough

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Termite said:
"Yeah, the mod team should start to appear soon enough
Yeah I really think they need some mods, at least a few, and I'm happy to help out lol. Just so that they could keep the forums clean and get a little pressure of off Jeff , Ryan, VInny, and Brad.
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Have you ever been in an open beta before?  I was in three for the various incarnations of Gamespot, and this is no worse than their first one. (lithium) This is GB's first one as well, so you have to grin and bear it.  Some people can't, and thats why they just registered their user names and left, to wait for things to settle down.

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You think today is slow? Should've been here yesterday >_>

Everythings fine for me as of now =]

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I know that CitizenKane fellow was made one of the first mods, so I'm sure full moderation isn't so terribly far off.

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It's supa fast now, compared to yesterday.