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I logged in after a period of inactivity and was surprised to find out I couldn't log in because the site told me my username was unavailable now and I'd have to change it. My old username 'Thomas' which basically broke my f5 button to get when GiantBomb first launched is now gone and I can't even get anyone from the site or Whiskey to email me back to explain why. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Whiskey Media no longer exists (at least, not in an upfront capacity as it used to).

I think it happened to a few members in the past due to a bug with using a username across the various websites, but now I'm not sure there's a way to fix it.

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well I PM'd some of the original staff hoping they could do something, but I'm not expecting them to really do anything now that you've said that this has happened before. :/

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Did you PM Dave?

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Inserting annoying remark right about...

Look on the bright side. You've still got your health

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@tec3297: As a fellow user who also had to replace his F5 key, I feel you man . . . and yeah, I'm pretty sure Dave is the one you're going to want to get ahold of. Expect to wait a while though, from what I gather, they're neck deep in the redesign of the site.

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Yeah I had to get a new username, old one was Moeez, but for some reason had to get a new one when that whiskey media merger happened a while back.

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How long since you last logged on? Was it before all the whiskey sites were merged into a single account?

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Well I've been coming back for the last few months now trying to get in contact with someone from the site without actually having to change my username but it had been at least a year.

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@tec3297: The fact that the "Thomas" profile doesn't currently exist indicates that some weird voodoo has been taking place. It seems most likely that the account was lost during the merge and then split between the other whiskey sites, as oppose to someone going out of their way to remove it. I'ma shout at & and they will look into it for you.

An alternative would be to give snide a shout on twitter, as he checks that a lot more frequently than he does his PM's here on Giant Bomb. He's one of those people that just lets his inbox grow madly out of control T___T

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What is is twitter account? I can't find it on his user page.

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@tec3297 said:

What is is twitter account? I can't find it on his user page.