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I think X-Com would give me more bang for my buck but i hear Dishonored and Sleeping Dogs are really good. Thoughts?

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I know you don't want to hear the "you can't go wrong with any of those" answer, but I can speak personally for Sleeping Dogs and XCom at least. Totally depends on the type of game you want to play, not really on how many hours you'll get out of any of them. Sleeping Dogs is fairly lengthy, especially if you like the open-world collection aspect of getting and unlocking every little thing. XCom can last you as long as it takes you to get bored with the mechanics.

I'm not deep into XCom, but man do I personally love tactical games, and it's been a blast so far, so if you need an answer besides what appeals to you, get XCom.

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Sleeping Dogs is really fun, XCOM is a great strategy game that works with a controller.

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If you like turn based games then grab X-Com. Sleeping Dogs is great for that open world itch. I did not like Dishonored as much as the other two.

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I enjoyed Dishonored, and Sleeping Dogs is next on my list. But I can't recommend either of them over X-Com.

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Oh man, those are all great games. It comes down to what type of game you like the most I guess.

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Can't help you on this one, and I'm not going to vote either.

They are all great games, so when I know nothing about what games you like I can't give you any accurate advice, but in the end you can't really go wrong with any of them.

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There is no real wrong answer here. They are all very good games. So it really depends on your mood. What type of game do you want to play?

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When you're done with the story I feel Dishonored is spent, it never felt special to me, or different. I feel it is a little different in XCOM as it sort of proved that there is an audience for factors of luck/unfairness in games still coupled with the turn-based gameplay that has been absent for a long time, although I do recommend spending quite some time between playthroughs of it though. I hope some of the quirks can be patched. I can't advice on Sleeping Dogs as I've not played it.

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I haven't even played XCom but there's no way it can be worse than Sleeping Dogs.

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XCOM dude.

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Those games are wayyyyy to different to really make a recommendation. Of the three I had more fun with Sleeping Dogs but I also am biased because open world/sandbox type games are probably the ones I like the most. If you want to play a good tactical game that is about planning tell her X-Com, if you want to play something "similar" to a GTA go with Sleeping Dogs, and if you want to play a Bioshock spinoff Dishonored is your choice.

I can personally attest that both Sleeping Dogs and X-Com are great games.

Also if she wants to save money I think X-Com might still be on sale with steam, as well as Sleeping Dogs. Dishonored not so much.

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I haven't played XCOM yet, but between Sleeping Dogs and Dishonored, it's an easy choice: Dishonored. That said, I'd expect your assessment of XCOM is accurate based on what I've seen and heard, so if you want best bang for the buck, that'd be the way to go.

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I always though the point of gift selection is that it is a statement between the gift giver and gift receiver. Don't let a message board do that job for you where instead you should talk about it with her.

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XCom. Sleepy Dogs is ok but gets really old really fast. Dishonoured I just hated the entire time and once you play it once you will not want to play it again.

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I haven't played XCom, I played both Sleeping Dogs and Dishonored and liked them both a lot. If you like Strategy games go with XCom because fucking everyone ever says it's a really good game.

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I went with Xcom but honestly, you'll be fine with any of those choices

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I haven't gotten around to playing any of them, but Sleeping Dogs looks the most fun.

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Well, the choice is clear from my perspective: XCOM.

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I haven't even played XCom but there's no way it can be worse than Sleeping Dogs.

What didn't you like about Sleeping Dogs?
I voted for Sleeping Dogs, but I haven't played the other two. Still, I don't think you could go wrong with Sleeping Dogs, I only beat it a month ago but I'm already wanting to do it again.
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Sleeping Dogs one of my favorite things of the year.

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XCOM most definitely.

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I haven't played X-COM yet, but I'll say X-COM anyway. Why? Because that's so me.

Sleeping Dogs and Dishonored are both great games, but if you only can get one and just one, the won't feel like they are enough. You can finish Dishonored in around 10 hours if you don't play very steathily, and Sleeping Dogs in around 20 if you stick to the main story quests (and possibly some of the more important side stuff). But X-COM? Sink your life away, duder.

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Dishonored is a good game but I really can't recommend it at full price, haven't played the other two but I have to assume they are better overall games.

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XCOM, because its the worst game of the year in the past like 15 years. Note: It's still a fun game.


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I've played all three and even though they are all amazing in their own rights, I would say XCOM is the best.

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I have played exactly none of these games. That said, I bought Sleeping Dogs when all three of those games were on sale today. I feel like it would be the most fun (and least stressful) of the bunch,

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Went with XCOM for $25! Can't wait to spend some time with it. Thanks for the advice.

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Throw up them Xs

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Sleeping Dogs. It's one of my favorite games this year, and a possible GOTY.

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I really, really have yet to love my time with XCOM. I'm generally terrible at strategy games, and XCOM isn't helping with that very much. It's very well-made and most people seem to adore it.

Sleeping Dogs is really neat, but I wouldn't say it's special. If you like games like GTA and Saints Row, this is definitely a good one of those games. But it doesn't hold up against the best games in that genre.

Then there's Dishonored, which is fascinating and I still think about a lot. That would be my pick, for sure, and to someone who doesn't play strategy games, it'd be my recommendation. If you do play strategy on the reg, though, XCOM is what I'd pretty much have to recommend to people.