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The unofficial price drops continue. UK retailer (HMV) have just dropped the price of the Wii U Premium Pack including ZombiU from £339 to £199 (£140 saving).


When I was shopping around for one during late December, I had a feeling retailers were having a hard time shifting units, the clue being it was available everywhere. This was in contrast to me trying to find an iPad mini for my girlfriend, which was near impossible to get hold of at the time.

I'm not sure how things are outside the UK, but the last couple of months have been pretty bad. Retailers over here seem to be distancing themselves from the Wii U, and with good reason.

With Zelda and Mario being at least a year out, and let's be honest, I can't see us getting Zelda until at least 2015, and without much on the horizon, what do you think Nintendo is capable of doing to claw back gamers in 2013, with next gen looming and all?

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That's a very good deal.

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Wow I didn't realize they were selling it for £399 but then again I haven't really been paying attention to the Wii U at all.

I have no doubt that there will eventually be great games on this system and it will be successful but at the moment I don't really see any reason to buy it.

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Sales and lower than MSRP pricing are actually pretty common in the UK, from what i've heard. GBP139 is a pretty hefty discount though.

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If I had £200 to spare right now, I'd probably go get one and a copy of ZombiU.. Pretty good deal.

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oooooo that is kind of tempting even if i dont really want one

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I just bought a premium Wii U full price from GAME today to play monster hunter, I guess I was pretty unlucky and should have held out for a few more days.

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I'd love if they made that Virtual Console a bit more desirable. Like, flooding it with old N64/GameCube releases for cheap, I'm talking a few quid a pop, I'd be all over that.

And while a bit pie in the sky, I wish they could round up some engineers and build a HD emulator app to play Wii titles in HD.

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I had about a 3.5 second window where I thought "shit, I should pick up a Wii U" before I realised I have literally no reason to do so.

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They were actually trying to sell it for £339? Wasn't it going for something like $350 when it launched in the US?

Uk prices are really ridiculous. This is probably worse than the £60 PSN charges for games.

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Oooo that is extremely tempting! Best of all that HMV in @willy105's photo is very near to me! How recent was your purchase duder?

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The thing isn't worth more than $99...When 8 year old consoles can outperform it, paying more than the price of a PS3 or Xbox 360 is sort of a dumb move.

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I've been thinking about a Wii U and at a price like that I could really go for it. Shame the nearest HMV is quite far away (1-2 hours by train) and I don't drive.

I'm hoping some other retailers try and match that price as I could easily drop £200 on a Wii U right now. I think I'll probably hold off for a few weeks and see ...

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It's still overpriced, it has been revealed that the Wii U has the same performance (if not less) than the previous console generation, add to the fact that it don't have many quality games yet, I see no reason for me to see this "deal" as interesting. But I'm sure gamers who wanted the console will be very happy for the discount.

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Still £199 too expensive!

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@vanek: Why not just make a day of it if you are interested? Spending an afternoon to get a console doesn't seem like a terrible waste of time to me.

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Damn it. Was going to sell my WiiU this weekend. I bought it on Day 1. This will probably mean I will get less money for it.

I was willing to wait for the recently announced games. (WiiU Nintendo Direct). Some of them sound great. But I live in Europe. Fire Emblem 3DS is still not out here yet. 2015 release on the Wind Waker port here would not suprise me.

Maybe I will keep the WiiU and buy either Monster Hunter or Lego. It's a cool system, but I haven't used it in months.