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Alright, so I been meaning to get a Nintendo System for a while. But then I remembered I barely know anything about Nintendo, as they seem to have good games on both, but the support for them seem to be split. So I am wondering what system seems to be worth it more.

I never played any Mario game, practically ever, so I though the Wii U would be the best choice since it plays Wii games too, and the Galaxy games are supposed to be amazing. But the 3DS has some crazy exclusives. So I can't really decide what's worth it.

So as someone trying to get into the Nintendo "life," what would be better, Wii U, or 3DS?

(I'm not new to gaming, just never owned a Nintendo system.)

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this e3 was about 3 games for 3DS. Fantasy Life, Project Steam and Monster Hunter 4.... but even Smash Bros looks better on Wii U. So yeah this E3 makes me feel just like I'm not going to have games on it.... at least that's my impression. The system is fun, like really charming, Street Passing is an excellent feature that's rewarding the more you use it.

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I have both and I have to say that while I do love the 3ds, I rarely use it for anything other than playing Fire Emblem and Pokemon. The Wii U has more upcoming games that I'm personally interested in too.

They both can play previous generation games and there are some great Wii and DS games out there so regardless of which you go for you should have quite a sizable catalogue of games.

.... This wasn't helpful at all, was it?

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Why not both? Or say screw it and get a Nintendo 64.

I got a 3DS because I'm a PC user but specifically wanted a handheld. I went with the 3DS because I go where the Pokemon is at; so forget you, Vita. But the Wii U is looking better and better for a casual console gamer and I plan to get one in the near future.

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Yea, get a Wii U. It has way more games and they look beautiful. You should also be able to appreciate the New Super Mario Brothers games unlike other people who came in with nostalgia clouding there vision. Plus you can download all the old NES and SNES games that you missed on the eshop.

My 3DS (it is actually a 2DS) is just a Pokemon machine.

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I'm probably gonna pick up a Wii U. This kinda strengthened the thought of me only playing Pokemon if I got a 3DS.

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I take it this is the year where the Wii U comes into its own? The 3DS pretty much did the same thing last year. If you really like JRPG's, then the 3DS had plenty of great releases last year. Fire Emblem Awakening, the two Etrian Odyssey games, Bravely Default, Shin Megami Tensei IV, etc. The Wii U still doesn't seem to have a ton of releases thus far but it has built up a bit of a back catalog and it might have a bigger leg-up on the 3DS if you're interested in playing old Wii games and Virtual Console games.

I'll say this: If you do not like JRPG's at all, then that pretty much cuts what the 3DS has to offer you in half.

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The Wii U will be nice later.

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3DS has Phoenix Wright, Fire Emblem, the newest Kirby platformer and SMT4.

Wii U has Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101.

That's just my opinion on it though.

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The Wii U is looking increasingly worth it, but the 3DS already has so much good stuff on it.

Compare the games and see how you feel.

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Both are definitely worth having. Since this will be your first Nintendo system, I say go for a Wii U first. Mario Kart 8 just came out and it's awesome.

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But.. if you get a 3DS you will have to decide between 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS.

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3ds if you want to play a lot of stuff right now. Wii U if you're okay with waiting a bit longer for some cool stuff to come out. I have both, they both are really enjoyable, but 3DS has a larger library of great games that are already out.

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I would say 3ds, but if you haven't played any Wii games either than the Wii U is probably the better choice.

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Yea, get a Wii U. It has way more games and they look beautiful.

I haven't counted, but I'm 99% sure the 3DS has more games :P

Anyway, I've had both for a while, and while the Wii U is gaining some steam, I still think the 3DS is way ahead. It simply has more, better games: great JRPGs as others have mentioned like Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei, adventure games like Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton and Zero Escape, Nintendo Staples like Zelda and Animal Crossing, puzzle games like Picross and Pushmo, and even some wonderful quirky games like Theatrhythm. It also has Mario 3D Land to match the Wii U's 3D World, Mario Kart 7 to match the Wii U's MK8, and both systems are getting Smash (which granted, will likely be better on Wii U, but still). Plus, if you've never owned a regular DS, you have access to that entire library, which may be one of the best library of games any system has ever had.

All of that said, there are some specific Wii U things like ZombiU and Pikmin that are cool, Smash will likely be better on Wii U, and the Wii certainly had a few gems you could play if you never had a Wii. It really depends on what you're looking for, but if the general baseline thing you want is quantity of quality games, the 3DS feels like the winner to me.

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I think the 3DS has the better unique, 3rd party and new game lineup, but if you want to play a bunch of Nintendo Classics might as well go WiiU and get them on the big screen.

I guess the better question is how much do you actually like to mobile game? I'd think that is the biggest factor here.

To give you the best answer it would help to know what in particular you are looking to play and experience. Because both are good but better at different things

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At the moment 3DS has the better line up, but Wii U is on its way. If you get teh 3DS you MUST get Zelda A Link Between Worlds, its a masterpiece!

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3DS has the larger backlog but the Wii U probably has more life left in it and more potential.

But because A Link Between Worlds exists, get a 3DS and that.